Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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The wolf like creatures howls again and the sun has sets. The night comes again. But this time, Amy is in a much safer place than before.

She is still at the shed.

She is in front of the shed just watching the fireflies flying around hugging the trees and hearing the streams.

It soothes her.

But she did not forget what she had to do. Well, it is kind of hard to forget when she keeps replaying that kiss in her mind.

She did not waste her time here as she has has already contacted Dan and Raina with messages

Raina and Dan of course did not expect such development. Neither did they thought Aero would act so out of character and went to Veva alone without backup.

Both of them are shocked of course. But they could not go to the King right now and inform him as that would be against military order.

They are in the battlefield in Niovar fowling the First Prince. That is why they are not updated on the news in the forums.

They only logged out for a while and to eat and sleep before entering back in the game.

When people of high position like Dan and Raina participated in the war it is like they are working a 12 hour jobs in the game only that it is more intense and more interesting than sitting in a cubicle for twelve hours.

Vanheim forces have begun attacking Cavol in Niovar. The battel has been intense with both side incurring huge casualty on the other.

All the soldiers are there.

They could not go to the Palace right now but Dan said he will use his TV appearance this week to address this issue.

She contacted him in the morning. Now that is night Amy logged back in and she is back at the shed

She open her contact windows and press call.

-Initiating Call-

Then after a few second, the call connected. Amy quickly jump to the issue

"How about the troops?" she asked

'Can you send it?'

"I can't send it without it being called an act of war. We have already a war with Niovar. We don't have time to engage in another war" Dan replies sadly

Not to mention it is a direct violation of military order. Right now, the First Prince control the Council of War and anything must go through him

"I will address this matter in my interview but I don't know if anyone will volunteer. NPCs in Vanheim maybe but the players? They see Aero as both someone to admire and someone that is also their obstacle"

Amy ponder for a second and then she asked

"Did you try to contact him?" Amy asked.

"No. Either he is dead or he is imprisoned" Dan said. Amy shakes her head. He is not dead. That much she knows

"Can you just go back to Vanheim?" Amy said hoping

"I can't. Military Law. If I go back, I will be disciplined by Prince James which means I can be demoted or worse. And that would defeat the purpose of why Aero put me here in the first place. That man has many plans, and I doubt he will be happy if I foil his plans."

Amy sighed and nodded

"Alright then. Just inform me if you heard anything about it" Dan nodded.

She ended the call. She closes her eyes and then she tries to call Sarah but it seems she's offline

She needs to plan first before she does anything. As she is thinking, someone approached her from behind

Then the voice startled her. She could never hear her footsteps Amy thought as she looks at the person behind her.

"So, what's your real story? I noticed that the Royal soldier is searching for someone, combing the entire forest. I guess that person is you?" suddenly Tatiana asked.

Amy does not want to tell anything important because she doesn't know who she is. But she also did not underestimate the intelligence of the woman in front of her.

It is not that hard to deduce after all.

 "Will you turn me in?" Amy asked and at the same time admitting that she is the person the royal soldier is searching for.

Tatiana laughed

"Hahaha. To the authorities? You will not catch me dead doing anything that benefits this Kingdom authority."

"Can I trust you?" Amy asked.

"I don't know. I think the choice is yours. Tell me. Don't tell me. Your choice" she said girnning. Amy could never tell with her.

She looks like she's running from the authorities herself.

Can I tell her?

Sometimes you have to trust first. Maybe it is the night wind or maybe it is the fireflies, but Amy told her story.

Or one version of her story.

Amy tells Tatiana her story but not the whole story

"I was helping the orphan children, healing the sick and the elderly and help the Asgaroian fled King Zeus tyranny when I was captured by Commander Kyle, probably the most sick and cruel commander that Veva had. I was imprisoned by their King and I escaped and now I'm returning home"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Tatiana listens intently.

"Where's home?" Tatiana ask

"Vanheim" she said

"Are you going alone?" she asked

"I guess" Amy said uncertainly

"You'll be dead by sunrise" Tatiana declared

"I guess I have no choice. I shall accompany you to Port Verda" Tatiana said.

"You would?" Amy said puzzled

"Well, I am already bored in this forest and to be honest I'm also being chased by the authority. And it seems they already get a hint about my location"

"For what?" Amy asked curious what would warrant this woman to be chase by the authority

"For being myself? Or for my job?" she said mischievously

Amy couldn't help but being curious and asked

"What is your job?"

Tatiana inched closer to Amy and ssh her

"Now that is not a secret I want to share" Then she chuckles as she walks away

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