Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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She felt warm. Her entire body seems to be well rested. Slowly Amy open her eyes. She felt the blanket on her skin, hugging her tightly.

It is thick, made of some animal fur and it's wrapped around her body. She checks that she did not logged out.

After making sure she really did not log out from the game she examines where she is now.

She could see the outline of the place from where she is lying.

It is wood' she muttered. She half expected to see the outline of the Temple of Apollo.

This is a shed, Amy muttered. She peeked out the window that is beside her bed.

The hut is beside a big tree.

An oak tree. She tries to see anything that might give her clues where this is. The wind blows from the outside.

She once again felt the cold and shivered as she hugs the blanket tightly

She now remembered this is the North and its climate is cold. Their forest right now is still evergreen but when the winds of winters blows, then white snow would blanket the whole landscape.

The winter of the North is severely cold and the cold burns.

Amy is still looking around and her eyes look toward the wall of the shed which is primarily wood other than its pillars which is made of stones.

The walls of the shed were envelope by green moss that sparkled silvery with dew in the early morning.

The roof of the shed is thickly thatched with coarse straw

She saw a bird flying out from it nest searching for food in the morning. She looks all of this and take it all in.

She felt refresh in this shed.

After all the stress and hardship, she had to endure this couple of days, this is the first time felt at ease.

She looks beside her and notice the bed table beside her and the water jug on top of it. Beside the water jug is a ceramic cup

She took the jug of water, pour it into the cup and quickly take a drink. After that she began to rise from the bed and is preparing herself.

She still doesn't know who brought her here and for what purposes. If it is a good Samaritan than it is fine.

If it's some hunter hoping to sell her somewhere, then she would not let herself easily be captured.

It was then that a voice greeted her and startled her. Amy almost jumped up in fright.

"You woke up?"

A woman voice greeted her. It was then that Amy notices that she is on the middle of the shed looking right at her getting up.

Amy did not notice when she arrived there or even heard her footstep which is spooky in itself.

The woman is sitting in a chair carved from wood with design of weird runic language all over the chair.

Probably she carves the chair herself considering we're in the woods. Amy stop what she is doing and look at the woman.

The woman stares back at her, watching her with amusement and a smirk on her face. She is just watching her but Amy had goosebumps. It was like a predator looking at its prey.

She is lithe and for some unknown reason Amy could tell that she is someone who is graceful in her movement.

Maybe it is the way she sits or maybe it is the way she is looking at her that gives her that impression but she couldn't shake off that feeling

Her face is not overly beautiful, yet her face possesses a full feature that even Amy in her state couldn't help but feel envy.

Her clothes are tight and clung to her body like leather, accentuating her slender torso and her perfect body

She has a deep black eye and her eyes are fierce. And that eyes are staring at her. Amy gulped and then she asked

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She smiles first and then she looks outside like searching for something and then she look back up at Amy and reply

"I live here" she said shortly like it explains everything.

Amy looks outside the shed because the woman in fort of her look outside. Maybe there is something? Amy thought

She looks. But all she could see is tree. All there is, is tree. Green leaves, fill outside the damp ground.

The scent of earth and water drifted through the air.

Amy slowly begins to feel that her senses adapted to her surroundings. She could hear the streams of water nearby. There is a river near here.

I'm near a stream of water, she makes a mental note. The woman in front of her offers no other explanation. Instead she is waiting for her to speak

"Thanks for saving me" Amy expresses her gratitude to the woman, not forgetting her manner even in this kind of situation.

"It's alright' The woman said. Then she added

'Though that is pretty stupid"

"What is?" Amy asked

"I mean entering a dark forest such as this at night. Winter is here. Are you trying to kill yourself?"

Amy was about to answer but the woman just grins as she gets up from her chair and went to another part of the shed.

She is only gone for a moment before she came back and brought a bowl of fruits to her.

She put it on her side table and said

"Eat this. It will restore your energy"

Amy who was about to go sit back down and slowly took it. She is hesitating to eat and the woman in front of her could feel it.

The woman took one of the fruits and eat it. Amy thought to herself that if this woman wanted to kill her, she could have killed her when she was asleep before.

Confident of her judgment, Amy took one of the fruits and began eating it.

She begins feeling energy coursing back through her body

Not only that, her mind is also becomes clear.

After she finishes eating, she began introducing herself.

"My name is Amy. Amy of Vanheim" she held her hand out to the woman. The woman smiles and bow a little

"I heard of your name before Amy of Vanheim. My humble name is Tatiana" the woman said with a smirk on her face.


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