Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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She passes by the bushes and push it away as her feet keep on running, breaking the branches as her body pushes it away.

The blood on her body is ignored and the small wound around her shoulder and the cut on her robe is left unattended as she keeps on moving her feet

Her heart keeps beating faster forcing her to run even more and the adrenaline pumps like an overdoes demanding that she run, right now, no delay.

Don't stop, she whispered to herself. Even the whisper now turns to just a faint voice.

As she runs her feet slip and she almost tumble over into a cavern, it shakes her for a moment a she looks down.

But she got up, ignore the fear as she keeps on moving forward.

Because she could not the fear slow her down because that is more time she cannot afford.

Then she hears the cat-calls behind her, the sound of their footsteps they are out of there now and running down this narrow path seeking her

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Amy is tired and thirsty. And she couldn't log off now. If not she would make herself an easy target because the soldiers had just to wait her here and catch her when she logged back in.

 After the fall, she ran and kept running

Because of the distance between them, the soldiers still couldn't catch her. Aero threw her really far.

But the soldiers did not stop chasing her. 

They shouted for her, calling her, wearing her down in this wilderness of the jungle with monsters and beast all around.

The soldiers are persistent. Persistent and fast.

Then having no choice, she ran without stopping, her throat parched, her feet sore and blister are all over her feet

As she ran, she saw the forest in the distance. She ran and enter the forest. The forest is big and green, and the trees are high that some of them reach the clouds.

She enters it not knowing nighttime is coming.

In her clothes she is dripping with blood. But the blood does not belong to her.

It's the blood of the soldiers that she killed. And Aero kills. And Deria.

Amy is not a warrior. She never was.

She is a healer.

She saves people and not kill them. Saving people is her job. And saving people she did. She saved many people.

The young, the old, man and woman mostly Asgaroian, smuggle them out to Vanheim so they will not be forced to enter the military of Veva.

She just did not think that her job would landed her in today situation.

She is a healer. She reminded herself.

Yet she does not know how to heal this feeling. This suffocating feeling of helplessness. It is choking the life out of her.

It is time like this that she remembers her sister. It is always in times like these she remembers her sister.

Her beautiful and strong sister.

Brave and smart, adventurous and inquisitive.

Her proud older sister. She scoffed at herself.

She is a healer and her ability is geared towards that.

And her ability is mostly healing. Her mana is almost depleted casting healing skill at herself this past few days as she keeps on running and even encountering a few monster.

Some of her wounds are still not healed but she kept on running. Her hand is trembling and her knees is about to buckle.

She couldn't fight the soldier's might nor could she save Aero.

She is helpless again. And she didn't like this feeling. It reminded her of those moments years ago

She decided that she will do what Aero suggested. It is the most surefire way to save Aero.

She will return to Vanheim and ask the King to negotiate Aero release.

King George and Aero are good friend. He would not let his friend and the Chancellor of his kingdom to rot in a foreign kingdom.

'Find the King, save Aero' she muttered like a prayer even with her throat dry and her lips cracked.

It wasn't until the surrounding nature around her turns darker that she realizes it and a different kind of noise now fills the forest.

She feels the chill and the cold and she began looking all around her. It was darkness all around her.

The sun has set and darkness set in.

It's nighttime. Amy wanted to fall down. But she didn't let her feet stop.

Amy could hear the wolf howling in the distance. She is not sure whether that is really a wolf or a monster.

She could not die here.

If she dies here, she will be spawn at the Kingdom Temple of Apollo. In other Kingdom when you die you will end up in your own respective Kingdom but not here.

The God Apollo will not let any of the enemies of Veva to leave that way.

The Gods favors Zeus. Amy knows this

Zeus left, Apollo came and with so many temples in the North dedicated to Apollo no wonder the Twin Gods favor Zeus.

The more people worship him the stronger he becomes. Apollo the God of the Sun. At least, now it is night. He rarely watches in the night

The moon was out tonight but its silvery rays would not penetrate the dense canopy above.

Dark...that is the only thing around her tonight

Amy looks left and right. Then she looked back. Still darkness.

She was in too far in to turn back; the twilight she had mistaken for night had passed rapidly.

"Hah, hah" she is breathing hard, panting in exhaustion. She rests her body at the black tree.

Not only it is dark she is thirsty and very exhausted. Her entire appearance is unkempt.

She is covered with mud and filth. The darkness pressed in on her from all sides and her body screamed for her to run.

For her to give up now.

But she could not. She promises.

She promises him. She strengthened her will.

She began getting up again trying to walk again.

But strength has lost from her body, sapped away because of all the running.

Her knees buckled from the exhaustion and she sank to the bottom of the damp ground.

Then she could hear footsteps.

Before her eyes close, she could see a lithe and graceful woman with a knife in both of her hips is looking down at her.

'Water' she muttered before she passed out.


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