Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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In the battlefield, Deria is beginning feeling tired and he slipped on the muddy soil dye with the blood of soldiers

As he falls he thought he is going to die as he saw a soldier began rushing towards him with his sword poised to kill.

His hand is trembling because of exhaustion and he almost gives up. He thought he is going to meet Hades again

The soldier shouted in anger as he was about to stab Deria heart when a sound broke through the din f the battlefield.

The wind whistles as flying spear sail through the space and pierced the soldier's head killing him almost immediately as the soldier body slowly kneels and falls down.

"Are you alright, Deria?" Aero yelled from the front.

Aero is in the front trying to break through the ranks while he is in the rear preventing the formation to close upon them.

Aero has resorted to picking up the enemy's weapons and began using them to deal with them.

If the soldiers threw him javelin, he would accept it and sent it back to the sender, with more lethal and powerful force.

And Aero knows that even though they could pass this encirclement then there will be another and another encirclement.

Eric is throwing an entire army on them

Aero looked towards Deria direction. And his heart feels for him.

He is fighting bravely, wounds all over his body, blood dripping from his sword.

He is sweating, trembling and sooner or later he will fall of exhaustion. Aero knows one thing.

That he can't be the cause of his death

Deria is loyal to him and he has helped him very much. He done more than what was asked of him

In the darkness of the Underworld Deria helped him and even now offered his help to save Amy.

And Aero knows how to repay gratitude. And he would not repay it by becoming the cause of his death

It would be too ungrateful of him to do this to Deria.

He could ignore Deria and run away with Amy leaving him in the rear. But, every man need to have a principle.

And he would never discard Deria. Being alive and all that is good…...but being alive and living with the worst version of yourself…...that is not the way he wanted to live.

If he decides to leave Deria here, he had to live with the knowledge he abandoned a friend. And while some people could do that, he could not do that.

'Heh' he snorted at himself

He could leave Deria. He could. Because even if he did that, Deria would happily sacrifice himself for him.

And that is why he couldn't leave him behind. Because nice guy like him should have a chance. And because, he had regarded Deria as his friend.

He is still a coward...but not in dying. If there is one thing, he did not fear is dying for the people he loves.

He trusted Deria enough to tell him about Amy.

In the rain of arrows and fire, Aero recall that moment in the shed before he battles Zeus

"Amy? Is that the person you want to meet after you reach the wall?' Deria asked his eyes sparkling.

"You like her?" He asked

"I…don't know, really."

"Be honest" Deria said his tone serious

Aero sighedFind authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"I want to see her, I want to hold her hand, hug her, kiss her. But I don't know why. How could I like her? One kiss shouldn't make me this crazy about her? I ask this question every time since she kissed me…Is this love?"

Deria is a good listener. He listened intently

"And before I knew it, my curiosity turned to longing. And I don't even know why I'm doing it. I would follow her to the end of the Earth even to this god forsaken place if I have to, without ever admitting that my feet are moving. I am an idiot aren't I?"

The sound of shout broke Aero recollection.

Aero has to make a decision now. Even if they keep going all of them will be captured again. They have thrown everything to capture all three of them

The encirclement itself has begun to be reinforced by new soldiers, as it enlarges the circle formation even more.

Even the people in the wall could not see easily because of all the dust that is rising up because of the horses that is running in circle.

If he ran and leave with Amy will die. If Deria dies he would die for real. Not like him and Amy. But he could not let Amy got caught by Zeus forces either. He did not have good impression of Zeus.

And the fact that Zeus like Amy contribute largely to that opinion.

Looking at Amy and Deria he makes his decision.

He slashed the soldiers that were standing in his way as he approached Amy and relieved the soldiers around him, and kicking a few horses out of the way

Then he grabbed Amy and look at her in the eyes

"You said before that you look like a damsel in distress, didn't you?" he asked Amy

"What are you talking about right now, Aero! Be careful" she shouted

 Another soldier rushed in front of Aero. Aero roared at the soldiers while Amy covered her ears.

A gust of wind was produced as the soldiers were blown away.

Aero continued amidst the sound of twanging bows and shouting and screaming behind him.

"You do look like a damsel in distress" Aero continued and she frowned a bit and was about to say something but Aero beat her to it and said

"But you're my damsel in distress and don't you forget it"

He then lifted Amy.

"What are you d—"

"Now listen to me. We don't have much time" Aero said urgently.

The soldiers that were blown away are beginning to get up.

"Return to Vanheim and tell King George to negotiate my release."

"What are you talking about? We're going to get out of this together!" she yelled

"We just met again!" Now tears are running down her eyes as she is protesting to be let down. But her strength compared to Aero is meager.

Aero smiled a sad smile and then he looks at Amy and said

 "I couldn't leave him behind. I just can't" his eyes darted again to Deria.

"Remember what I said"

Amy nodded and understand his decision but she is not going to go without a kiss. She jumped down from Aero grip

Aero was about to grab her again but she shakes his head and said

'I understand what you are talking about. But let me do this' and she grabbed Aero face and kissed him passionately

She kissed him with tears on her eyes.

Aero kissed her back as tears is also began welling up from his eyes.

I just met her.

I just met her.

After all that, don't I at least deserve a happy moment?

One happy moment.

That's all I ask. Is that so hard?

He wanted to know her more than he thought. He wanted to meet her in real life. He wanted to feel her embrace, wanted to embrace her.

Kissing her is like being in a spring breeze, and his touch sent his heart fluttering.

As he kisses her, everything fades away, darkness disappears, time stops, and in this place, it is only him and her.

It has been a long time since he felt this kind of feeling. And that fact, made him felt sad. This is a game right? He thought to himself.

Yet, why does it feel so real? They broke the kiss and they look at each other. Aero eyes is red and her eyes is swollen

"Are you ready?" Aero said

"I'm ready" Amy said holding her tears. Aero was about to lift Amy but Amy push his hand and said

"Wait" Amy turned around and looked at Aero eyes.

"I'll come for you, Aero. I promise you" this time her eyes turned fierce.

Aero just smiled and nods.

"Promise?" Aero asked


"Then I know it'll happen" Aero said leaving the last image of him in Amy mind is the image of him smiling

Farewell should not be too sad Aero thought

Then Aero threw her with all the strength he could muster.

And Amy flied high and far.

With Amy casting high level techniques at herself then even when she falls she will not be dead.

Aero looking at the sky and knowing that Amy went over the encirclement line, heaved a breath of relief.

Then he is looking at his surroundings. And looking at it. He laughed like some burden was lifted off from his heart

Some of the soldiers that is riding and near him is shocked by Aero display of strength.

In the distance Aero could see the huge cliff in front of him.

It is one hundred feet away, crowned with beautiful and big trees, green all around, the vague outlines almost dancing beneath the beautiful sunlight.

The sky now glowed with beautiful sunlight. The wind blows around him and it comforted him.

He had done well. It has been a long time. In the real world, sometimes it is hard to distinguish between the right thing to do and the wrong thing to do,

But he knows that he has done the right thing.

It was stupid, yes.

Stupid but right.

Then looking at the drove of soldiers that began pouring out again from the gate, Aero take a deep breath.

Then with his last look to the shining sunlight and feeling everything more vividly than ever before, experiencing it like it was the first time, as the wind caress his cheeks, feeling the sunlight heat, he screamed and charged the soldiers to get to Deria.


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