Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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The sound of the hooves of the horses seems more terrifying than before as the eyes of these soldiers is trained on him.

But Aero only smirked.

Even on his back, there are potential threat not to mention his front. That is the circle formation. It is a trapping formation.

Aero even had the urge to laugh right now. Eric really thought highly of him.

To think he would employ military tactic to subdue three people. Aero thought to himself

'I must be a bigger threat than I imagined' Aero then look at Deria. He was determined and show no complaints.

Aero smiles bitterly at this. This man is really to kind for his own good.

Standing on the middle of the center of the formation while the horses are running around wildly around him Aero finally understood something

It does seem a little bit easy for Deria to reach him. Now, he understood that all of it was planned

Eric had planned for Deria to go to the center when he appears in the battlefield so they all would be trapped.

Catching them all in one swoop.

Aero could not help but admire the man scheme. Deria is looking around him, gripping his sword tightly, ready to defend and fight

Aero is also the same. But he is not worried about him. He is worrying about Amy. Deria nod to Aero and then ask

"What should we do, Aero?" Deria asked

Aero look at Deria and he could see Deria is gripping his sword tighter.

The sword on his hand belong to Kreon sword. Aero had no worries other than the fact that these soldier would know his weakness.

Aero is worried that they might attack him at his ankle. Poke him long enough and it might hit the right spot.

Of course his boots are still alright. But he didn't think that would still be true later.

He sighed. His battle with Zeus severely limited the durability of the boot. He knows what is at stake here.

If he dies, he knows that this strength of his that have enable him to beat down the strongest warrior in Brave World would also disappears.

The stake is different for Zeus.

 If he dies, at most he lost a few levels and EXP gains. He is still strong. But not him. If he dies, and Zeus desire to seek him to battle him again, Aero could guess his ending already

He has made too many enemies to lose this power now. He could not die here and not like this.

'I should have planned better' Aero mused now regretting

The sound of the horse and the clanging of shield come closer and closer.

He almost felt regret. But then he looked at Amy and he smiles because all of his regret washed away.

He laughs at himself

"It's worth the trouble", he muttered. By now Amy is no longer on his shoulder. She is now standing on his right, holing a dagger.

"What is?" Amy seems to hear Aero mutterings.

"Nothing" he said.

As they talk someone from the formation aim their attacks on Amy as bows, javelins and spear were launched towards her.

Aero jump as he kicks the spear, sending it hurtling toward one of the riders as the spear pierced the horse stomach

The spear pierced the stomach of the horse easily and the horse fall down, struggling to get up.

But the soldier could not let the formation be disturbed and they keep on going, as they stomped on the soldiers and the fallen horse turning them into meat paste in a matter of second.

The constantly revolving circle formation is like a meat grinder.

The arrows on the other hand is slap away by Aero as it hurtled towards another soldier, striking right at that soldier eyeball.

Deria on the other hand parry the javelins away, protecting Amy.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

More arrows and weapon were launched and Deria is waving his sword against the onslaught of arrows, javelins, rocks and magic, as sweat is forming on his forehead, slowly giving in to exhaustion

Aero swopped back beside Amy and Deria. He looks at Deria and said

"We have to break their ranks, Deria" Aero said giving his instruction.

Deria nodded in agreement. Amy heard what they say and shakes her head, looking all around her.

The battle that started because of her and now she is also the reasons why Aero could not easily escape.

She knows that if not for her Aero could successfully escapes.

Aero and Deria quickly enacted their plan as they fought charging forward like berserkers. Amy heal them from behind

"I really look like a damsel in distress don't I?" Amy asked when they broke through the second encirclement only to be encircled again this time by approximately four hundred soldiers.

They just keep on coming.

"Right now?" Aero was about to say more when suddenly a soldier jumped to him and he managed to land a strike at Aero's body.

The sword shattered.

Aero shifted his attention to the soldier. He did not waste time as Aero pierced the man chest with his bare hand and pulled out his heart from the man's chest.

He died instantly, blood spluttering. Aero throw the body back to the crowd as the horses trampled the man body, as the man body melded with the soils.

In the distance, Eric is in the background seeing the battle progressing, not lifting a finger while he is waiting for Zeus to heal.

Bart is beside him, saying something to him in heated conversation.

"Three hundred soldiers have already died fighting them both. And counting" Bart shouted to Eric, his eyes red

Eric sighed.

The he gives his thoughts

"Yeah, I never thought he would last this long" Eric himself couldn't have expected how resilient and powerful this person people called Aero of the East.

Today, Eric was humbled. No…...he is not the only one that was being humbled today.

From here, he could see the process of the battle perfectly and he could not help but doubt his eyes that all of this devastation and death was perpetrated by one man.

The battlefield is flowing with blood that could form a river and smashed brains matter that is underneath the hooves of the cavalry

Limbs and corpses heaped to form a hill and all manner of gruesome death was all inflicted by one man.

Eric could not have expected that Aero of the East possesses such strength that bordered into the realms of impossibility.

Eric could see now why Aero is so confident to challenge Zeus. Aero entire body is a weapon of war.

His hand could punch anything to death, his kick can break anything to fragments and pieces, his roar produces gust of wind so strong that he blew some of the soldiers away and scared away the horses.

This is a walking weapon of war. If today, it is a battle between armies, sending Aero to the center of the battle would tilt the battle into his side.

He sighed

'And that is why he must not leave here' Eric thought. He doesn't know what to feel right nw. He had always warned Zeus and Bart to pay attention to Aero of the East.

He had advise to crush Aero before he grows. He even planned an assassination before but Zeus ignore the order

They always ignored his warning especially when it is about Aero of the East.

Today, both of them had to acknowledge his foresight yet even when he is proven right, he is not happy.

'he could not leave' Eric said to himself as his hand form a fist.


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