Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Another soldier finally regained their wit as they thrust a spear toward Aero. Aero did not dodge the spear.

The spear stabbed his shoulders but instead of the scene of blood coming out from Aero schedulers, the silver spear broke into two as Aero use two of his hand and smash his slap on both side of the soldiers face.

The resulting impact was that the soldiers face turns red and blue before his brain matter exploded through his ears and nose, and dying in such horrendous way in front of his other comrade have a way of making the entire squad felt horrified to their stomach

Aero did not stop even for a second. He slaps another soldiers in face as one side of the soldiers face cracked, his entire jaw broke and scattered into pieces inside his mouth.

In five seconds he killed people like he is stomping on ants.

Another soldier come to him shouting things as he stabbed the soldier with his hand and grabbed his beating heart and yank it out of the solider chest as he throws that to one of the other soldiers.

He saw in the distance that some soldiers are blocking Amy path.

He kicks another soldier before he spun around, rushing to Amy side like he is lightning. One of the soldiers tries to attack Amy with his sword.

But before the sword could ever reach her, Aero jump down from the top as he smashes his fist on top of the soldier's head.

The soldier head exploded as his brain matter leaked out from his eye holes.

'What are you doing here?'

They are blocking my path! And I could handle that!' She yelled back

'This is no time to argue' Aero said, urgency in his voice. He looked back and saw that the soldier is gaining back their momentum as they are rushing toward him.

He took Amy waist and then put him over his shoulder

'What are you doing?'

'Saving you!' Aero replied as he runs away from the city entrance

Behind him, he could hear the soldier shouting in alarm.

 "There's another one"

'Stop him!'

Aero looked behind him and he saw someone he did not expect to join the battlefield. He chuckles despite the situations that he is in now.

There is a person that is entering the battlefield to help Aero. That person is none other than the person who accompanied him in this journey.

Deria the Son of Hephaestus has entered the battle.

He enters the battle from behind, attacking them with his large sword.

He keeps slashing soldiers and with his incredible strength he has fallen down a few dozen people, killing them with ne swift slash

Aero was then reminded of a fact.

Deria might just enter the world of the living but Deria level is higher than him, Aero reminded himself.

He was agile and precise in his attack as one would expect from someone who had fought with many souls in the Underworld.

But he is also being overwhelmed right now. Aero frowned.

As he looks behind and saw Deria, one of the soldier who was hiding in the bush nearby jumped and attack Aero back, aiming at Amy.

Aero senses went into an overdrive as he quickly move his feet as he spun his back and he is now face to face with the jumping soldiers, who is about to smash his sword onto Aero face.

Aero with his reflexes extended his hand as his finger grabbed onto the soldier neck. The soldier feet is dangling in the air, trying to grasp for air.

"Amy, are you alright?" He asked fearing that something happens to her.

I'm fine; Aero nodded and then he twists his hand and the soldier neck bone broke and shatter inside his body.

His feet stopped dangling and he was frothing in his mouth area. Aero thrown the soldier body away from him

In front of him there were more soldier constructing shield wall to obstruct his escape. Aero scoffed looking at this.

Hang on tight! Aero said to Amy.

He charges forward as the shield wall brace for impact.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Aero slammed the wall with his other shoulder and like bowling in sin the bowling alley, they all rolled away in pain.

Most of the soldiers that hold the front wall had their shield cracked and broken. Some even broke into pieces.

Aero took one of the shield and throw it away as it slices three people head in succession. Aero treated the shield like it is a flying boomerang

Those who tries to attack him head one would be smash to death or stomped to the dirt. Bodies are flying the battlefield.

Both around Aero and Deria.

Deria is fighting hard in the front line to delay the soldiers.

And finally Deria has broken through to the encirclement. He rushed through the soldiers charging through them like a frenzied bull as he is slowly coming closer to Aero.

He finally arrived beside Aero as they look at each other and nodded. Then Deria took his place beside Aero

Eric saw all of this as he stands in a safe area. Behind him is people attending to Zeus. His injury is slowly being healed.

He is not flustered with this development. He looks at Bart and he nodded.

'Soldiers! At the ready! Charge!' The moment he shouted those orders, a lot more soldiers than before before are coming out of the city gate.

Aero notices this and he looked at Eric in the distance.

Eric is smiling. Aero take a breath

Eric is intending to flood him and Deria with so many soldiers that they will be exhausted.

This time, the soldier moves quickly. Some of them are even cavalry, riding in horseback, chasing him

This new batch of soldiers once again encircles him preventing him from running into the forest.

They are slowly circling the area and slowly morphed into a circle formation that could be replenished if Aero broke one line.

It is a triple layer circle formation as the dust rises up as the horses is running in circle.

And Aero, Deria and Amy is in the center of that formation.


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