Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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As the matter of Veranis and Gerad war, it seems that the conclusion has already been written. But on the North Continent, the story is only just beginning.

Amy and Aero of the East has reunited. And what a reunion! Their kiss is watched over by all the crowd on top of the wall and people are hooting.

Amy blushed and playfully smacked Aero chest as Aero grins.

No wonder people like being the hero.

Who knows saving the damsel in distress is this fun. If the reward for saving a damsel in distress is a kiss, no wonder knights would not reject such offer.

Aero and Amy is about to walk away from the city when suddenly the soldiers moved, their weapons unsheathed from their side.

Aero looked at the soldiers as he looks left and right. He is surrounded by soldiers and they are all pointing their swords and arms towards him and Amy.

Their eyes are filled with determination to die. Some of them raises up their shield like they were creating a wall to trap Aero here

Amy was the first one that reacted.

She looks at the soldiers and then Eric like she didn't understand what is happening now.

But Aero, he looked coldly at Eric and he somehow understood what Eric is trying to do.

Aero and Amy looked at the soldiers as Aero pull Amy even closer and put her behind him

Aero sneered and ask Eric

'What is this? What are you trying to do? I've won. Fair and square' Eric snorted

'Yes, you've won, Aero of the East. And Amy is already released per your request. So, in other words Zeus has fulfilled his promise.'

Eric said. And Aero chuckles. He knows what Eric is trying to do. Eric is trying to renege on Zeus promise.

On the other hand, Zeus is on the back coughing blood and holding onto his side while Bart is trying to feed him something.

Aero eyes could see the thing that they are feeding Zeus.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

'Is that ambrosia?' Aero recognized the fluid. He smiles bitterly. It seems he is not the only one that have contact with the Gods.

Aero suspected that a long time ago but he never had a definitive evidence. Seeing the ambrosias was the nail in the coffin.

It was then a realization struck him. His eyes widened.

If it's really is ambrosia, then Zeus will heal almost immediately. Now, there is a feeling of urgency in Aero heart.

He is too vulnerable right now.

'Fuck, I can't do this right now' Aero thought to himself. He grips his sword tighter but he tries his best to hide his nervous heart right now to not alarm Amy that is behind him.

His situation right now could not allow him to relax.

His weapon is about to break, his ankle patch is already turn into thousands of pieces, his wounds and HP are only beginning to heal itself.

One wrong move, one right attack at the right place and he would die. And if he dies, his Curse is gone with it.

And Aero is not yet ready to part with the Curse. There is also the fact that he was struck by lightning.

If people think being struck with lightning will not give you any effect whatsoever, they are wrong.

Aero looked at Eric and calmly said without an accusation in his tone. Because for some odd reason, he could understand Eric feeling and thoughts.

If he was put in Eric position, he too would have done such thing. Promises and oaths are something that is unneeded in a politician.

It is not a lie if you're not caught on it. And even if it is a lie, as long as you win, nobody cares.

"Is this how you do things in Veva?" Aero asked. Behind him, Aero could see more soldiers is coming out from the city gate.

Aero shakes his head. Their marching shakes the ground. That scene alone answers Aero question.

Aero look at Eric and said

'Oddly enough, I understand your action'

Eric ignored Aero words. Instead he backed up and shouted

"Charge!" His voice shocks the entire crowd on the wall who thought that today event has ended.

Who would have thought that this matter is just beginning? The reporter that is about to log out cancelled their intention as they began to once again, open their in-game player and recorded these scenes

A new betting pool is opened. This sight must be hard for the native people of this world to understand.

Soldiers that was stationed on top of the wall were also summoned to reinforce the attacking soldiers if needed as they all climb down quickly from the towers and waited near the entrance of the city gate

Aero look at Amy and said

Run! Amy did not have to listen to Aero words twice as she jumps over the soldiers and run away from the direction of the city gate,

She knew she could not help much. Her powers are not suited for battle…. especially not by her lonesome.

And she trusted Aero. As she runs away, the soldiers come out from the gate. One hundred armed men, armored to the teeth charge toward Aero.

They began pouring out all of their strength trying to slash Aero of the East.

They know that is the only chance for them to succeed to defeat a man that was so powerful that they turned Zeus, their King into a punching bag.

They had to go all out. This one hundred soldiers are an elite squad under Eric. Aero could see Amy is running away and he knows what he needs to do.

He needs to delay as much as he can.

He pushed his feet and the impact causes the dust to rises up before it even exploded and like an arrow released from the bow, he arrived in front of one of the soldiers almost instantaneously.

Aero bring out his fist as the air around him crackles and he punched one of them in the face. The soldier face who was wearing metal armor exploded with the metal lodged deep into the soldier skull.

With one punch, Aero ripped apart all the flesh on the soldier face. It was a gory sight for everyone.

This is testament of Aero strength and also at the same time testament to Zeus endurance.

No wonder, he could defeat Zeus. Aero is practically a BOSS level monster

The sudden attack and the fate of that soldiers shock the soldiers and for one brief moment they hesitated in their attack.

Aero grins.

Frist lesson in a battle.

Never hesitate in a battle of life and death. And Aero would not let this opportunity go away. He spun around and kick another soldier.

Everyone could hear the soldier neck crack before he falls lifeless onto the ground.
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