Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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The clash of the Tiger and Dragon was all that anyone pay attention that day.

But elsewhere on the battlefield, on a foreign land, another battle is taking place that are as equally as important

 The Veranis have been applying pressure to the Geradians soldier and everything seem be going smoothly, but somehow the Geradians pressed boldly; and in one valiant and powerful charge broke through the Veranis line and began to plunder Alexander's camp; while others attacked Parme, another one of Alexander's commanders division on the flank, putting it in great straits.

Alexander is on the battlefield riding ordering his soldiers when the news reached him. Hearing the news, he frowned.

He looks in front of him and saw the ongoing battle but he had already made his decision in his heart

One of his commander is also beside him. The commander hesitated but he musters his courage and then asked their Prince

"What should we do, General?" Asked his commander. Alexander sighed and closes his eyes. He nodded to himself and then he said

"We turn back to help them. The line must be held."

The commander nodded in agreement

Then he looked at his cavalry squad and shouted his orders

"Follow me, men!'

They ride and follow their Prince to their right wing.

'Full speed. Let us help the right wing" Alexander shouted.

They circled the battle and they rushed to the right wing rescue. The moment they arrived, they charged through the infantry of Geradians, trampling them underneath their hooves.

Alexander cavalry went to the right wings and began wreaking havoc while reinforcing and trying to rebuild back the line

Here ensued the most obstinately contested cavalry fight in the whole battle.

The Druids and the other magicians couldn't keep up with the cavalry speed so they were left behind while many of the cavalry began their battle.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The battle was a mess and killing intent envelope the entire battlefield.

The squadrons, the Gerad cavalry wheeled round in deep column, and falling on Alexander's men face to face, no longer relying on javelin casting, or skillful deploying of horses, as is usual in cavalry battles, but every man for himself strove desperately to break through what stood in his way, as his only means of safety.

The battle and killing was the most intense of the battle since this war between Veranis and Gerad Stratocracy started.

"For Greater Veranis" one of the cavalry men shouted before his head was chopped off by a large broadsword.

Death and devastation ruled in this battle.

The sounds of yelling and screaming of warrior is filling the battlefield.

Stench of blood and death can be smelled and seen as it flows through the battlefield like the weeping tears of Titans

As Alexander entered the battle, it is not as easy as he thought when he first enters the fray.

The Geradians while their army are not as large as Greater Veranis, their military is not entirely composed of idiots.

The strategy and the formation they used slowly trying to entrap Alexander bold charge

The cavalry was attacked ferociously by the Geradians on all sides and slowly some of Alexander most loved men fall down to the throng of bodies

Alexander could not help but thought what motivates them so much?"

The sound of clanging irons and metal surrounded the battlefield.

Swords and shields clash while the support division is trying to catch up to the cavalry squad. Alexander is right in the middle of the battle.

It would have been more advantageous to wait until all of his forces arrives

But Alexander doesn't have the luxury to wait anymore. All around him, he could see his men is dying by the droves.

He knows what is at stake here. And the Geradians also know it. If he wins this battle, Gerad is finished.

His win is guaranteed. A hundred years of wishes, dreams and hope will be fulfilled.

Greater Veranis will be finally formed.

An old dream shall be fulfilled.

And it will be him that fulfills it cementing his name in history. With this, his position as the next king of Veranis is all but guaranteed

He rides his horse and fought with bravery and courage. He needs to win this not only for him, but for the people under him

He is responsible for the lives of the people that died for him in his battles.

He owed it to them and it is one of the reason why he fights. His determination is getting stronger

And his slashes are becoming faster. He rides to many places in the battlefield to relieve the enemies and ease up the attack when he saw that Geradians is trying to stop them from reforming the line.

Seeing their Prince, their general so full of vigor the others raised their morale and overcame the Geradians soldiers in a powerful charge

The Geradian soldiers however are not without hope. And they would not let themselves fallen so easily

They forced their way through Alexander ranks and fled with all their might.

Many of their men dies to secure this chance but they are frenzied and death seems to not shake them as they came in drove and would rather have the sword stuck on them instead of the enemies being able to used it to hurt their comrade.

But Veranis advantages in this battle could not be erased just by bravery and fearlessness. As they keep fighting, the outcome is slowly becoming clear

The right wing is beginning to be dominated by the Veranisian troops. Alexander saw the line stabilizing and then he returns back.

Alexander wheeled his horse again and started in pursuit of Theolonius once more, keeping up the chase while daylight lasted.

The other cavalry even though they were exhausted but they cannot and must not leave their prince undefended.

So, they followed him as Alexander hurried his horse and pursued Theolonius like a lunatic all over the battlefield.

He just needed his head. Without him, this battle would be easy to end. If he falls, the other commanders will agree to surrender.

The Old Dream can be won today; Alexander believes it with all his heart. And it what drives him to go past his limits.

But Theolonius is lucky that day. Alexander found him to be hiding all over the place.

At midnight he and his men rested opening campfire while planning for the strategy next day.

When the birds flew out from their nest, and the rooster crow Alexander army move out and slowly pushing deeper into Gerad territory.,

Alexander and his selected squads pursued Theolonius again next day, but did not find him for he went on fleeing without any rest.

However, the money and all his other wealth was captured, likewise his chariot; and his spear and bow were also taken.

He is slowly closing in

Many died that day and the intensity of battle surpassed the day before yesterday. On both sides the casualty is high and tragic.

"Should we stop pursuing him?" Valermo offered.

"Yes. Instead of pursuing him, we should guess where he will go" Alexander then sent out his scouts and spies and interrogated the prisoners of any information about Theolonius behavior, friends and families, loved ones, and any places that he might have.

Alexander is determined to end this war by next week.

"May the Gods favors us" Alexander prays to the Gods as he burnt offering to Zeus, Poseidon and Hades before he once again strapped and ride his horse to the battlefield.

On the sky, the sky is dark and thunder and lightning seems to cover the entire scape of the sky, while the sea is full of storms and the wailing of the dead could be heard in many dark places.

The mortal worlds are not the only place where strife is happening.

Up there on the sky, there is a battle of wills.


While there is thee fight on Veva, the whole evgents is still moving in other parts of the Vilajeri Continent
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