Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Some players on the walls can be seen cheering for Aero, no doubt winning the bet on the betting pools

Aero almost smiled.

In the tower, the scene in front of them is surreal.

They have the bird view so they could see the entire battlefield and they drew gasp of awe and shock as they examine the battle between Aero and Zeus

Their battle site looks like a war-torn area. The entire place look like it was attacked by a giant monster.

Trees were fallen, hill disappeared, and crater as big a baseball field can be seen from their point of view.

Some of them couldn't believe their eyes. Then one of them said

'This will be legendary!'

"This will be big" some of the other players muttered.

"Aero of the East won. This will make some news. Zeus streak ended." Another player said his face pale

The reporter on the other hand could not wait to log out and report this to their employer.

There is no doubt that today, the world will know that the strongest player in Brave World Zeus has fallen to the hands of Aero of the East.

"I guess Aero is the strongest now?" Kili said unsure

"Well, it seems so"

Then in the crowd someone said

"Don't they look like a tiger and Dragon?" one of the spectators pointed out.

"How so?" Kili asked

"Look at their armor" one of the soldier pointed out.

"Tiger, dragon"

"The clash of the Tiger and Dragon? Whoa, that sounds epic" another player said

The reporters ear perked up and they nodded. They already have a cool headline to use.

The crowd looked at that man in front of the tall gate of Veva Capital city

That is Aero of the East. Smart and strong. That's what they feel when they see Aero dragging their King.

Zeus record of never losing has finally been broken.

Below the wall, Aero grabbed Zeus by the neck and lifted him up for the world to see. Then he shouted again while looking at the wall soldiers

"Bring me Amy, or your King's life ends here"

He is threatening not only the Kingdom guards but the whole Kingdom. That is the implication of holding a King hostage

Who would have thought when Zeus jumped down that the conclusion of the battle would be like this?

Eric already ordered the Guards to bring Amy when he saw that Aero was pummeling Zeus. He could see at that moment Zeus have already lost.

This is no time to think how Aero could be that strong. He had to minimize the damage to the kingdom first.

The repercussions of this battle might be bigger than Zeus intended, Eric thought when he saw Zeus pathetic state.

Aero stand there, waiting. Moment passes by as the reporter did not yet log out as they waited until the conclusion of this matter.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The wind blows and the dust rises up as Aero stand there, his hand gripped tightly on the hair of the King of Veva

Then a sound startled the entire crowd. It is the sound of the gate being opened. Slowly, the gate is opened and Aero see a silhouette coming out from the front gate

He smiles bitterly. He saw a woman shackled in chains, escorted by almost twenty soldiers. Aero look at those soldiers and they all do not dare to match his gaze.

Behind those soldier is a man with a black robe, looking at Aero with a guarded expression.

Amy approach Aero

"Amy" Aero said.

"Aero!" she said not expecting to see him. Now, she understands why she was brought up from her prison.

"My name is Eric. I have done what you asked. Now, release my King" the man wearing the robe said his tone calm…. or as calm as he pretends to be.

Aero sneered. Then he threw the whimpering Zeus far away from him.

The soldiers quickly rush to the King aid and began attending him, performing healing technique.

Eric and another man in full armor can also be seen rushing to Zeus side.

Another soldier can be seen trying to pull out the large sword that Zeus threw during their battle from the ground.

He tries to pull it out from the boulder to no avail.

Aero approached Amy and one solider is in front of him

"Move" he said to the soldiers. The soldiers were a little late in moving away so Aero just slap him with his arm as the soldier flown away.

He look at Amy and seeing she is alright, Aero heaved a breath of relief.

"The keys—" Amy said but Aero grip the metal chain and with a light squeeze the chain fall down like brittle steel

She looks surprised. The soldier around her is even more shocked. Amy look at Aero and in her mind there is a lot of things she is thinking about.

She wants to ask so much of him. There are some question she needs answered. She travelled halfway across the map here to the North.

She thought she could find the answer here. But now…as she looks at Aero, she chuckles a bit. Because she found the answer

She was too proud to admit she had problem but in the end he's here…. right beside her.

She wants him to remember her as a strong woman, not a woman he needed to save.

She had all of these thoughts but now that he is here…. the only feeling she is feeling right now in her heart is happiness.

She then asked

"Aero, how did you kno—"

And Aero grab her close and then kissed her suddenly, unexpectedly in front of all the soldiers and all the crowd.

Violently, passionately.

"What are you doing?" Amy said trying to break free of his kiss, as her cheeks blushed. She is panting and out of breath which only makes her even more irresistible.

Aero with a grin flick her nose and said

"That's your punishment"

"For what?"

"For making me worried about you, for making me keep thinking about you, for making me lose sleep thinking about you. It's a problem."

"Well, that's not my fault" Amy still in Aero embrace as her cheek reddened listening to Aero words. Aero chuckles.

Amy then begins realizing the area where she is standing and she knows that something big has happened for her to be able to arrive here.

She looks around and she could see there is a big crater around the entrance of the gate, the land seems war-torn and there is traces of battle all around her.

Before she could examine it more closely Aero kissed her again. This time he kisses her gently. Like he was savoring every moment.

And she is liking it.

She couldn't help but chuckle slightly.

And then out of the corner of her eyes she could see Aero is smirking.

"And this? What's this kiss?" She asked Aero. Aero laughed and said

"Oh, this is to show them"

"Show them what?" Amy said almost whispering, still blushing, still hugging Aero

"That you're mine" He said as his eyes looked fiercely at her.


And thinsg are juts beginning. Anyway, hope you enjoy the battle between Aero and Zeus. Leave some comments below and please vote for the story. leave some review too if you like.
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