Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Today, the legend of Zeus invincibility ended.

Today, God bleed.

 Zeus flew backward until he hit a tree. The impact was so strong that the tree exploded into barks and pieces

Zeus coughed up blood and his entire body is trembling. His mouth is bloody, his nose caved in, and his head is dizzy.

Ouch. Zeus could feel his nose is broken and the pain that accompanied it was like nothing else he ever experienced before.

He is struggling to take a breath as he looks Aero in the distance. He is struggling to stand as he looks up at Aero walking towards him calmly.

He used to mock Aero in his court saying that if they were ever to be in a battle he could crush him easily. What's this?

The bitter taste of defeat. He finally felt it again. And just like in the past, it is not a good feeling

"GET UP! I'm not done!" Aero is already just three feet away in front of him.

Zeus tried to get up as he pushed his hand, but his head is dizzy. Aero walk to him and then punched Zeus's rib.

The sound of the bones breaking could be heard through the entire battle site.

Zeus…. screams…in pain. This is not a sight one would expected to see today.

The invincible and powerful Zeus that has never lost a battle and always mock the weakness of others, today is beaten down.

All the people that are looking at this sight have complicated feeling even for Zeus enemies. Because they know today what Zeus defeat signify.

It is the end of a legend and the beginning of a new legend. Today, Zeus era ended. The wind has blown and this is the way the wind is blowing.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

To the East.

Aero did not stop there. He uses the most primitive way to be at a person. He began pummeling Zeus.

Bloods splattered at the tree barks and turn the green leaves into red, the ground was shaking and cracking all over the places, deep holes were formed because of Aero powerful punches.

Almost every bone in Zeus body is broken and he was broken in almost every way. Aero is delivering a public beat down in front of his soldiers and his citizens and other players.

Aero is furious because not only that Zeus imprisoned Amy ( which already make him furious enough) but Zeus nearly destroyed his sword.

Not to mention that Aero himself almost died too.

If not for the equipment that Deria made that absorbs the effect of the lightning, he would be dead by now and his corpse would surely be trampled on by his soldiers.

The eye patch on his ankle is already shattered onto a thousand pieces.

That is why Aero himself is anxious to end this fight before anyone notices his weakness. His weapon is also almost at the limit.

It's durability is only 100 now.

One more strikes from Zeus would have shatters his sword. But Aero is confident that Deria can fix the sword later.

The other reason was because he noticed his health points.

HP 8000/ 99999

By the Gods, he almost dies. This is why he chose to fight Zeus barehanded

Fighting Zeus barehanded is also easier. After all, Aero strength is unmatched.

Sound waves can be heard every time he punches Zeus and the shock and impact of his punches shakes the entire city wall.

The sound of bones cracking and Zeus's screaming can be heard through the noise.

By now, Zeus almost looked lifeless and just one breath away from dying.

His entire bones are broken, blood is everywhere all over his body and his sweat is indistinguishable from his blood.

But even at this state, Zeus is glaring at Aero. His will is strong. At least that is something Aero must admit to himself.

He should have not underestimated him, Zeus mused regretting.

He should have brought out the spear. He should have fought with all his power. He spits the blood that began welling up in his mouth.

His bones are broken and the pain—the pain is unbearable.

Aero yelled to the people at the Wall.

"Bring me Amy here and I'll spare your King."

Aero dragged the King on the by his long hair, bloody and whimpering. He is dragged as soils and dirt was dragged alongside him.

To Aero, Zeus is a lion that lost its fang.

He brought Zeus to the middle of their battlefield to be seen by all. Like a parade of shame

Zeus is a prideful person; as he keeps trying to get up.

This time he managed to get up and he tried a sneak attack with his sword. Aero notices it and he thought to himself.

Quite the iron will, Aero mused.

After all that beating, he still managed to get up? Impressive.

Aero caught the sword effortlessly. He then squeezed the iron sword like it was plastic and the sword shattered into steel pieces.

The sound of it sound like glass fall down

Everyone who saw it is shocked.

The last glimmer of hope from Zeus eyes disappeared as he slumps lifelessly.

Then a thunderous cheer broke out.


The end of the battle....but this matter is not yet conluded. For thsoe who read my stroy before, they knwo what is going to happen to Aero later but for thsoe who didnt I dont want to spoil you guys. Anywya, hope you enjy it and please vote for the story and leave some comments
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