Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Every time their weapons clash, gust of wind is formed, and sound wave is released from their strikes.

While their footsteps created deep print onto the ground and even cracked the land.

Only high level players can understand and see their intense battle, Eric mused.

On the other hand, in the battlefield, Aero peek at the durability of his sword.


'Shit, this is bad' He cursed internally

It has been a long time since he felt like this. And it is very shocking that his sword is rapidly being destroyed by Zeus crazy attack

It seems the title of the strongest is not just for show. But he is coming closer and closer. He wanted to strike Zeus but Zeus response is fast that he either dodged or parry the strike away.

But Zeus himself is not having a good time. His eye is about to bleed because of the overuse of his skills and his hand and arm are numb.

For the lower level; player, they could only see at most a silhouette as their movement are too fast to be viewed in their eyes.

Aero is impressed. Which only strengthen his opinion that if he did not have the Curse of the Styx, he need to expend a lot of effort to kill this monster.

Both of their movements are fast like lightning and unpredictable like the wind.

If Aero strikes, Zeus blocks. If Zeus attacks, Aero blocks.

It was a game of slash and parry….in high intensity

Back and forth they were trading strikes with each other on the battlefield while Aero realized that the people from the wall are looking at them watching their battle.

He smirks a bit thinking about it. Zeus spotted an opportunity and tries to slash at his neck. But Aero agility is also high.

He leans backward, dodging it in time while pushing his feet forward as he glides through the side and try to slice Zeus feet.

Zeus jumped and keep his distance but Aero pushed his feet forward as he closed back the distance.

Both of them are fierce and fast in their attack. This is the first time in a long time that Zeus did not have to held back

But even if he uses all of his power he discovers that this Aero had a lot more strength than he thought.

Aero is faster but Zeus blows are stronger.

Aero also realizes something odd about the strike that Zeus produced. Aero could feel a little bit of jolt of electricity each time they trade blows.

That feeling was not that apparent in the beginning but now as he trades more blows he realizes it.

The battlefield is ringing to the sound of their combat.

Anyone who sees the battlefield would see it like Aero and Zeus both see. It was like a big battle between two large armies has taken place.

The land was like something big has exploded around it bringing destruction and devastation.

'That was from Aero slash' as one person pointed to a big tree cut into two. One of the people in the crowd told about it to the new people that join.

More new player logged in after hearing the news in the forum as they are joining up the crowd on top of the wall.

'The steep hill was flattened after Aero managed to avoid his head flying off from Zeus strike making him strike the pointy hill.'

Another player explained to one of the newcomers as the people swelled on top of the walls, standing on rooftops, and for those that is braver, they hide in the nearby large boulder around the battle site

And the betting pools is crowded with players

On the ground, Aero and Zeus is still battling each other intensely.

"Sweating, Zeus?" Aero said as his hand parrying Zeus strike to his right arm and the ground beneath them trembles and crack.

Aero also tries to strike at Zeus slashing at him.

He keeps trying to strike at Zeus vitals point and once again he is blocked

"You are a worthy opponent, Aero" Zeus complimented but Aero could see the trace of exhaustion in his voice.

And he smiles.

Now it's his turn. His eyes shines as he spotted the opportunity that is presented.

Zeus is a formidable opponent. And his weapon exemplified his strength.

The big blade should restrict his movement but he swings the big sword quickly and with ease not to mention the sword itself has a long reach.

But after a while Aero began understanding the pattern of Zeus attack and his weakness. It was at this time, he finally had the right opportunity.

He pushes his feet up and he jumped as Zeus slashes toward his torso.

Aero jumped upwards and to the shock and awe of everyone Aero landed on top of the blade. standing like a graceful cat on the edges of the big blade while smiling

It was agility of the maximum peak.

Some people who were betting on the wall look at the scene and was frozen. Could anyone really do that?

Standing on top of a sword, as light as a feather? Then after their initial shock, some people throw their gold onto the pile of Aero, betting for him to win.

The atmosphere in the betting pools heightened as the battle below become more intense

"Shit" Zeus cursed. Aero grins as he look down on Zeus. Zeus in that one moment look up and look at Aero and he could see the confidence in his gaze.

Zeus don't like seeing those kind of gaze in his enemies.

Aero smiles because he succeeded doing just that. He bet this move alone would attract millions of views if he posted it in the forums.

Now, it is time for him to attack.

He took a deep breath as Aero combined the forces of his legs, his hands, and his entire body and in a slashing motion, he slashes horizontally.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Aero is trying to cut off Zeus head! Someone shouted from the top of the wall.

Even though, the sword did not yet reach his neck, Zeus could already feel the draft of wind that is coming closer to his neck.

His decision is swift and decisive

Zeus quickly threw the sword away, using his entire army power before Aero strike even reached its target.

The sword trembled and the wind that is generated from Aero slash and the updraft created by the force of pushing the sword away created a squall of wind around the sword

Aero senses the impending shockwave and he jumped before he too would be swept by Zeus strength


With the sound of explosion, the sword sail on a straight line before it was stuck inside a large boulder, killing the person who was watching the battle behind the boulder.

The sword penetrated the boulder on a straight line.

Aero on the other hand had to dispel the wind squalls that is around him. He kicks the wind squalls as it exploded as he was thrown a few meter away.

However, he landed gracefully as his robe flutter with the movement of the wind. Right now, Zeus look at Aero in shock.

On his hand, there is nothing. He had to discard his sword to trade for his life. It was a close call for him

Then from the top, a sword fell from the sky with high velocity as it stuck on the ground near Zeus.

"TAKE IT ZEUS" A man wearing a robe is yelling to Zeus from the top of the wall. Zeus grins as he dived toward the sword and grabbed it quickly.

Aero just finished landing from his jump and he look at Zeus. They once again stare at each other while moving in a circular motion.

'Heh' Zeus scoffed

'Heh' Aero snorted

Then Zeus ask back that question

"You never did answer my question, Aero? What is she to you?" Aero once again scoffed as his eyes is looking for another opportunity

"Why do you care? She's your prisoner. Just give her to me and we can stop this fight. You don't have to lose"

Zeus scoffed at the idea of him defeated. Then he declares

"I like her and I intend to keep her here" Zeus said truthfully. He looks at Aero and he believes that this person is deserving of his respect.

He had the qualities that Zeus himself admire in himself and in others. Brave and strong. To him, lying to such a man would leave a bad taste in his mouth.

He thought it would be dishonorable of him as a king. And it is not something that he is ashamed of admitting.

Zeus idea of honorable is quite different from Aero ideas of honorable. And Aero certainly didn't think that Zeus is respecting him by saying these thing right to his face

Aero face began changing expressions. In the beginning he is calm but now he began feeling anger.

A furious anger that is slowly rising up from the pit of his stomach to his head.

He gritted his teeth and the hand that gripped the sword tightened even more like it almost breaks the handle of the sword.

Calm down, he said to himself. But the matters of the heart are not easily calmed down by saying to oneself to calm down.

Never in the history of the word calm down, when it is used, that it would instantly calms people down.

Because when he looked at Zeus his anger is bubbling and rising his heart. And for the first time in a long time, he felt that feeling again.

Jealousy. Envy.

'Ah, fuck it!' he screams

He charged towards Zeus, each steps crack the ground and created a deep print as he raises his sword and clash with Zeus with his feeling put on his attack


The battle is about to be over. Hope you like the battle so far.
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