Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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And Aero of the East display was while not domineering shows the different side of both of these combatants.

Zeus have always been known as a brute warrior because of the methods he employed in battel which is primitive but also effective

And while Aero is not exactly a weakling the image that the players have on him is that he is more of a strategist, a genius commander and leading the armies by giving plans or a politician that enacted policy for the kingdom.

He is clearly not Zeus match. Which is why some people even open a betting pools on top of the walls.

On the ground however, the battle has just begun and both people have not shown their full ability

Zeus charged forward again this time and swing his sword again. The dust around him rises up and the wind current changed courses around him as he slashes down to Aero head.

Aero received the full brunt of Zeus strength with his sword as their sword collided and a spark was produced before the resulting clash created a shockwave around their battlefield, producing something that sounded like an explosion

The ground beneath their feet cracked into a web like pattern because of the pressure emitted from the weight and the impact of their attack and defense.

Aero is concentrating on his defense but he still had time to check the status of his sword. And looking at it he was shocked.


Wow, Aero thought.

For a long time, he has used his Howling Dragon Sword yet never its durability dropped by a 100 in one slash.

Then he chuckles internally

'Ok, this may prove to be tougher than I thought' He thought. Then he put force on his hand and pushed Zeus sword backward.

Zeus eye shows there is shock in his emotions. There was a slight gap in their distance now and Aero would not let this chance to get away from him

Aero muscle settled and he took his stance in that one moment and without hesitating, he makes his move

Aero swung his sword towards the ground to slice Zeus's feet which Zeus quickly noticed and jumped.

The ground had a deep large gash that extend to ten feet deep as dust flew and raises up clouding Aero vision for a moment.

But while his vision was clouded he could still see the man silhouette and that is enough. But this is not the only counterattack Aero planned.

Aero already expected that Zeus would be able to dodge it so he was not flustered by Zeus dodging his attacked.

Instead he in a quick motion lunged his sword upwards intending to strike Zeus's throat with the sword.

The motion was fluid and ever-changing and if this was anyone else, their throat would have been pierced by Aero attack

But this is not the first day Zeus have ever been in a battle.

He notices that the sword is coming for his throat and even with the lack of movement he could execute his eyes is alive as he saw the hidden threat.

As he saw the sword on Aero hand slice through the dust and is about to approach his throat, he parried the attack with his left hand.

The crowd in the wall all froze for a moment as that sword slice through Zeus left hand.

Bloods spluttered from his hand but he doesn't seem like he is hurt that much from it. Aero stabilized his stance as he adjusted his bearing

Zeus is looking at Aero seriously now. But he is still smiling

"You're really fast" Zeus said taking some distance from Aero. Before he said that Aero was agile. Now he is saying that he is fast.

There is meaning in those words that only these two people understand. Aero only smiles politely like they both just didn't try to kill each other a moment ago.

Zeus tries to scout Aero side so Aero moves toward his other side and Zeus had to search other opportunities.

Zeus finally accepted that Aero is equal to him in strength

Not many people could withstand his strike and there is even less people that could push him back.

"You're strong" Aero answered while he began moving in circle with Zeus and him both searching places to attack.

"Will you release Amy if I win?" Aero asked while his eyes are watching observantly at Zeus movement

Zeus only smirked and then he asked the question he is puzzled for. He did not show so much emotions but it is actually an important question for Zeus

"Why do you go this far for that woman?" Aero did not answer, instead his eyes caught an opportunity

Sensing an opportune moment Aero got his body close to Zeus in an instant and strike him with his sword.

The wind around him almost break as his strength causes the land beneath him to instantly exploded as the sudden explosive strength was unleashed.

The wind seems to be roaring. Zeus eyes shines and there seems to be lightning in his eyes. It is his skill

'Got him' Aero thought.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

But Zeus is not that easy of an opponent. He smiles and lifted his large sword and blocked the strike creating another huge blast of shockwave that shakes the city wall.

Then as they are close to each other they began exchanging blows.

The only sound one could hear is the clashing of steels, and sparks of fire and shockwaves and dust that rises up because of their strikes.

Each blow sounds like a bomb that is being detonated and each of their steps cracked the very land that they are stepping.

People who are looking couldn't believe their ears or eyes. Some people take a breath and exclaimed

Aero of the East! Zeus of the North! The Great Pillars!' One of the people in the crowd exclaimed.

And many people were nodding in agreement looking at this magnificent battle that is unfolding in front of their eyes.

The title that they hold is not in vain

The reporter's players are recording this scene with their in-game player and their eyes did not leave the battle scene even for a second.

Those two right now, fighting with wind current turning their course, with the land around them broken and devastated, they are no different from Gods.

Everyone is boiling with feeling of excitement. Awe and shock could be seen in the expression of the people.

Aero of the East it seems is contending equally with Zeus of the North. Each time they charged the wall shakes and every strike sent shivers down the people who are watching.

Nobody could have thought that this battle would unfolds like this. This is a true battle between two man.

This is a simple and unalderated contest of strength

Even Deria who was looking at this battle from a distance, his hand is trembling with excitement and he even felt like he wanted to join in the battle.

On the wall however, there is a different reaction. Eric is looking at this battle and frowning.

He has come down to the lower part of the Wall with Bart and one could see his nervousness setting in on his heart

Bart however did not notice the nervousness that Eric is feeling

"Ok, I have to admit that Aero guy is pretty good" Bart said scratching his head, like he couldn't understand how Aero could be this strong.

Even Bart could not last this long when he spars with Zeus. Eric shakes his head, his eyes did not leave the battle and muttered

"No, that is not just good. That is Godly" Eric replied. He is becoming worried as time passes by

This is inconceivable in his opinion. Is Aero really that strong? Eric have never seen anyone that could ever held themselves to Zeus for more than ten strikes.

Eric knows that Zeus is a Demigod class which gives him a little control over weather and lightning gifted by Zeus.

His strength is also at top notch. But Aero, that person who just entered the Brave World have enough strength to force Zeus back?

This is inconceivable

'He should bring out Thunder Spear. That is Zeus gift to him. Zeus is underestimating Aero too much' He whispers to himself.

Bart who is standing beside him did not hear what he said.

"Look at that," Bart said. Eric looked up. Aero seems to be closer and closer to Zeus with each time they traded blows.

Zeus himself in the battlefield look shocked. They are now surrounded by dust and soil. And the people in the wall begin reacting to this shocking development of the battle.

The other players that serve in Zeus army are also looking at the battle and Eric heard their conversation

"What do you see, Kili?"

"I can't see anything. They're too fast" Even Eric had trouble keeping up with their speed.

One could only hear the sound of wind being ripped apart of the sound of steel clashing and see the sparks that fly off when their sword collided


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