Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Aero was yelling his heart out to the Wall, looking valiant and heroic riding his chariot. His shout echoes and reverberates through the entire city and the area surrounding it.

He is confident and he is fearless right now. He looks at the wall in front of him and then he looked at his ankle.

Something sparkles as the sun reflected on that thing. There is s shiny new equipment crafted by Deria on his ankle.

He looks at the sky and he tries to feel the weather.

Aero has heard about Zeus supposed power in the interview with Broly clan. Maybe he could control the weather.

And he doesn't know if that is true but it's better if he takes precaution.

This new shield in the design of an eye patch at his ankle is crafted solely to counteract his weakness.

The metal ankle patch is hidden by the greaves. There is many features and abilities that Deria had imbued in the ankle patch.

One of them is that it will absorb magic and physical attack.

Though Aero doubts anything can shatter it.

As he keeps turning around in front of the city wall yelling Zeus name he could hear something of a commotion on the top of the wall of the city

Something seems to be thrown from the wall.

'Hmm' Arial thoughtFind authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Then he could see something is falling. From his view it looked like a dot and then he smiles as he heard the excited yelling

Immediately he knows who this person is. Aero closed his eyes, take a deep breath and when he opened it back there is only a desire to fight in his eyes.

 "HERE I COME!!!" Zeus shouted as he jumped down from the tall Wall. Aero did not think Zeus is crazy from jumping the high walls.

Because it is Zeus. What seems to be insanity for other players, it would be a norm for the strongest warrior of Brave World

He is not startled at the least. He only pulls back the reign of his chariot as his chariot moved back from the estimated point of impact.

Like he expected a thunderous sound akin of an explosion could be heard moments later.

Many of the people on the wall flinched and even was shocked. After all, not the entire area of the Wall saw that their King just jumped down from the Wall.

A huge gust of dust and soils exploded on the area around the front of the large gate. Aero smirked.

'He love a dramatic entrance' Aero thought to himself. The dusts slowly scattered away and it revealed a huge crater around the point of impact.

He saw a silhouette that is slowly climbing up from the crater bottom. The sound of that footsteps seems to echo through the area

All the people on the wall look down.

Some players rushed to the top of the walls, some of them jump into the roof and then jumped right on top of the battlements as they sit on top of the walls, eager to watch what would probably be one of the most epic battle since the beginning of the game

Some players who were actually reporters for entertainment news also struggle to climb the wall and capture this moment

And then there are also other eyes that look at this development cautiously. Meanwhile on the ground, Aero seems to not notice the big crowd on the wall looking at him

He only pays attention to that silhouette that is coming out from the crater. He first saw the glint of light, reflected from the light of the sun

Then he saw the large sword on Zeus hand.

The glint that it gives off is murderous. Aero could tell that blade have reaped man y lives.

'It is really big, isn't bit? That must be the Lethalion sword'

Aero rubbed his eyes.

The clouds of dust are drifting to him because of the wind. And his eyes are itching. It would be too much to hope that he died from falling.

After all, if he did die from falling when he himself jumped that would be too much of a joke. The wind passes through his chariot and blow by him.

His chariot had stopped and even the horses has stopped neighing

Aero crack his neck, ready for the battle that is about to come to him. Excitement and nervousness fill him

And he is not the only one that is feeling this feeling.

A silhouette can be seen emerging from the dust, his armor shiny and intimidating. A tiger design can be seen on his breastplate.

And he seems to grin at the direction of Aero

"Aero Of The East! Finally we meet" his voice boomed as he swing his sword and the dust around him was blown away, revealing his entire appearance.

The top of the wall cheered. Some charred because they believed in Zeus, other because it didn't matter either way and just come to enjoy the festivities and this battle.

Aero look at Zeus and he too grin. Aero of the East and Zeus of the North. They finally meet.

Zeus has a straight blonde hair, tied in top knot, his arm muscles are bulging, and his vein on his hand can be seen clearly.

He is also handsome but compared to Deria he still has a long way to go. There is a mad glint in his gaze and even excitement

He is well built, about six feet five inches tall, no fat on his well-conditioned body. He looks like an action hero if Aero has to be honest.

Aero thought

The worst kind, Aero mused.

Handsome and crazy. Aero did not bow like he meets other kings. After all, he did not come and shouted for the King of Veva if he was interested in diplomatic solutions.

"It is an honor, Zeus of the North" Aero said not bowing like he usually does with people of higher status than him.

Zeus frowned but he did not say anything

Then he smirked.

'So, he sees me as his equal?' Zeus thought.

'How naive' he mused. His gaze turned into a killing stare but Aero did not flinch instead he is as calm as lake.

"You want to challenge me?" he asked his blue eyes glints dangerously. Instead of a question it almost seems like he is confirming Aero intention.

Aero was not angry at all, instead he calmly said.

"You have only to do one thing. Release Amy from your prison and I will return back to Vanheim and no battle will happen."

"What if I want one?" His tone challenging. Aero smiles and then he laughs. The entire crowd on the walls are waiting for Aero of the East reply.

His reply shocks the entire crowd.

"Then you will have your ass kicked." Aero replied and grins at Zeus

"You really believe that you can defeat me? People might call you Aero of the East but that does not mean you are equal to me. It is babbling of people who doesn't know better." Zeus said chuckling.

Aero ignore his word and said

"Release her and this all can end peacefully" Aero said ignoring Zeus questions. He knows Zeus. This is why he just stand his ground.

"I don't want to" Zeus said now his tone hardened.

Aero sighed. He already expected it but hearing it still fills him with disappointment

What a stubborn king. Then he calmly looks at Zeus and his large sword and reply

"Battle it is" Aero said

"Battle it is" Zeus replied.

Zeus took a deep breath. And then as he finishes taking his dep breath, he pushed his feet into the ground as the ground exploded and he swing his gigantic blade to the chariot.

Aero tap his feet lightly on the chariot as he glides backward elegantly

With one smash, the chariot exploded and the four horses that carried the carriage run to four separate directions.

Aero only smiles at this. He brought out his sword and is ready to fight. Zeus look at Aero

'You are agile. But that is not enough to contend with me' Aero replied with a smile

'Don't worry about that. I assure I have many more tricks under my sleeve.'

The crowd on the wall cheered even louder than before and some are even shouting the name Aero of the East and Zeus of the North.

To the soldiers and the player, this is the first strike of Zeus of the North.


The beginning of the battle. This is a long battle scene. So, I hope you like it and please vote and leave some comments for the story if you like it.
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