Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Athena is at her Palace siting on her throne, fuming in anger and fury

Her statue was torn down and her blessed city has fallen in destitute.

Athena is infuriated by this violation of her protection.

The Oracles of Veva attempted to placate her anger with sacrifices but she is not satisfied.

After the sacking of her temple, Zeus has promised her that he will no longer support the adventurer named Zeus.

Athena threatened Zeus that if he keeps shielding the boy, she will resign from her post as his strategist.

It worked.

Zeus relented and no longer has he sheltered the boy. But now that person have another backer.

However, Apollo and Artemis are still protecting the boy despite her dire warnings, saying that Zeus rules and gives proper respect to their Temple.

That makes Athena angry more than any other Gods and Goddesses could have expected

So she and the twin siblings are having a cold war right now.

So, she pins down her hope on the adventurer Aero. Athena have always been patron for heroes.

She was the patron of Alain and she was even the patron for Alva Delon.

And she is interested in the development of Aero.

She is his stern ally, but also the gentle... acknowledger of his achievements.

Aero cunning and shrewd nature quickly wins Athena's favor.

She is trying to determine Aero location on the mortal world but her ravens could no longer speak. She doesn't know who did this to her ravens.

She could not see Aero even when she knows where he is.

She can't contact him, or whisper to him.

Someone is shielding Aero from her.

And her eyes narrowed even more as she closed her eyes.




The sea is turbulent today. Thetis has always been shielding her son from the ever watchful gaze of the Gods.

After hearing the prophecy, she quickly employed her magic asking for Hecate help.

Hecate then used her magic and shielded her son from the Gods especially Athena.

Thetis knows Athena anger at Zeus and that she intends to start a war destroying the very Kingdom that dared sacking her temple.

But if the prophecy is right her son might die if the War happens. Thetis is worried as and such the sea is turbulent and chaotic.

Even Poseidon could not control this part of the sea. She walks under the sea with her Nereids, worry etched on her face.

She looks up and her eyes could see Olympus and she worries about that one particular God of War.

With the son of Hera speaking of war and strife, she fears that Aero will also share the same fate.

Yet, destiny has a different plan for her boy.

Her own son seeks Zeus.

Thetis fears a battle will happen that will set of the Great Prophecy. And she is not the only one that is worried about this.

Thunder and lightning fills the sky and the world is shaking and quaking, with storm erupted in many parts of the sea.

It looks like the sky and the sea is at war.




Olympus is not peaceful today.

Sound of arguments sounded over the skies. Four pairs of eyes is looking at the mortal world and then their feet moves.

They saw Zeus of the North is about to battle and they intend to lend their help.

Apollo and Artemis wanted to fly down and aid Zeus when thunder boomed in the distance.

"RETURN TO OLYMPUS YOU TWINS." The words boomed and echoes through the entire sky and sent shivers down their spines.

They look at each other.

They both nodded and flied back to Olympus to see their almighty father on the throne with Athena beside him.

Athena eyes is burning with fire, looking at them. With a sword on her hip that she would not hesitate to unsheathe, it almost seems like Athena had come for war.

They clicked their tongue

"Father" both of them said while kneeling

Zeus look at both of his twin, his eyes seem to be judging. Then he asks

"What do you think you are doing? Apollo? Artemis?" Zeus asked as thunder roar in the background, his expression hard and unreadable.

Apollo was the one that reply to his father.

"We wanted to aid Zeus" Apollo said

Zeus expression turns furious as he bellowed.

"NEVER" his father said and the thunder boomed again this time with lightning exploding in the sky, shaking the entire Olympus.

"Never before have the Gods interfered this much in the mortal's business. Forget the adventurer. You will stay here" his father said

"But—'Apollo tried to argue

Zeus shake his head and hold up his finger and Artemis look at Apollo and shake her head for Apollo to drop the issue.

"No, but. I forgave you the last time because you were new to the Old Laws. But now? Now you have known. Do you know how much complaints I got from the other Gods for your stunt building the Wall? "

But Apollo then said

"Aero has the Curse of the Styx. How can Zeus could hope to defeat him without divine intervention?"

Athena scoffed.

"He is not truly immortal; you know? He can be hurt and he can die. It just takes a wise man to seek out the means" Athena said answering Apollo question

She is smiling. Only a wise man she said. And Zeus is clearly not that kind of man.

Artemis on the other hand just held her tongue and kneels in front of the Throne.

Then both of them return to their Palace without any choice but just watching the battle that is about to unfolds.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

As the sea and Olympus seems to be in chaos, the world also seems to be in chaos. Minor Gods tries to peek and hears the news in Olympus or the Sea.

It seems like something big is about to happen.

And while all of this happening, three old crone spin, yarn and sew the threads that they have created and wove with an all knowing gaze.


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