Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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She went out from the house and walk straight to the harbor. She could see the morning bird just come out from their nest and as she approaches the harbor she could smell the sea

She sees sailors and adventurer around the harbor all in expectation to go into voyage to the unknown

She looks at the world in front of her, a world she did not know. The world that she used to live when she was a child.

She sighed and yet there is an expectation for her life now. She lost everything. She lost her reputation, she lost her home but because she is lost she is emptied.

And an empty thing could be filled.

'Today is a new day. My voyage is about to begin' she muttered to herself and for some reason unknown to her, the smile of her uncle flashed in her mind

The smell of fish and the shouting of fishermen and fishmongers, the whalers and the traders, selling their fish, cockles, shrimps and squids can be heard.

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The waves hit against the Port and the water splashed to the sailor who welcomes it with a smile like it is normal occurrence.

The adventurer on the other hand laughed when then waves washes over them. Tatiana shakes her head, not understanding the fascination of these adventurer to the most normal thing for the native people.

To Tatiana and to other native people of this world, the adventurer are weird and strange people.

Their culture and their words and demeanor is too different from any culture in Vilajeri continent.

They also love gold very much and would not mind dying over it.

They are disorganized yet for some unknown reason would organize perfectly and would not mind dying to save a city from some huge monster.

The adventurer always remains something that is mysterious to the native people of this world.

She ignores those adventurers and look up. The glistening sun illuminates the new morning and last morning of Tatiana in Karak.

She decided that she will heed her teacher advice.

She will sail to the North, and seek shelter in Veva.

Then she will think about what she will do. And there is many things that she needs to do

The Blood Brotherhood will not let her go that easily.

Blood is paid with Blood.

The Brotherhood believes that the killing of their recruits and members is Tatiana fault. It is on her head.

If there is an effect, there is a cause

Blood is paid with Blood. That has always been the case in the Blood Brotherhood

And usually the Brotherhood will get its due.

People were running around the harbor. Tatiana was looking high and low for the ship as she walks slowly and calmly. She did not want to be recognized by anyone.

Then as she walks on the right side of the port she finally saw the ship.

Big and mighty she is. She thought to herself

It is a large ship, made from some high quality wood which is self-evident and it seems strong like it could tide the most horrific storms.

In front of the ship is a figurehead of a woman holding the sun on both of her hand.

It is made from gold. Instead of Poseidon wooden angel it is more apt to call that sculpture on the bow of the ship as Poseidon Golden Angles.

And there is the name of the ship written in ancient script on the side of the ship.

StormStart, she read

The crew of the ship seems to be transporting product of trade to the ships. She could smell spices, fish and fruits.

She come closer to the ship

"Move, lady" One of the sailors almost run to her.

"I'm sorry" Tatiana bowed a little and flashed a smile but the sailor ignored her and keep transporting more crates and barrels into the ship

Tatiana look around the ship and she spotted the captain.

Wearing a silly hat that looks like it's too big for its head and wearing a golden robe with a sash on his hip, and a small knife on his left hip he ordered the sailors to hurry up.

Tatiana approached the man and then he asks

"Are you the captain?" Tatiana asked startling the man. The man scans her for a moment an then he smiles his most charming smile and ask

 "Yours truly milady. What can I do for you?"

"I want to go the North"

The man looked incredulous. Then he chuckles

"That I could not do, milady. There is only war and death in the North ruled by a crazy King as barbarous as the Orcs on the East." He said began turning away from her.

The captain clearly would not entertain crazy woman aboard his ship. He thought the woman wanted to buy something from him which is why he smiles so charmingly.

His ship is not some damn transport ship. And it is bad luck having a woman in your ship

"I can pay" she offered the captain as she followed him down the deck. The captain look annoyed but still trying to maintain his civility.

He turned around and said

"I'm sorry milady, but this ship is not going to the North. The New World has been discovered by some foolhardy adventurer and opened some new trade opportunities for us traders and merchants' he looked at the distant and vast sea in front of him, smiles and then he said

'StormStart will sail where there is money, gold and food. How do you think we could keep this magnificent ship? My StormStart, the dear of my heart. I love this ship even more then my whores"

He gestured to his ship dramatically and laughed and he walk away

"Wait!" Tatiana said and she grabbed the Captain sleeve. The Captain was about to get angry but Tatiana is quick.

She opens her purse and shows the black coin to the Captain. The Captain took a second to recognize it but when he does recognize the effect is immediate

"This...How did you…" He looked scared and his face turned pale.

"Akko Ammemat" she said

"Akko Adha" He replied

Then his attitude changed as fast as lightning. His face is solemn and he look at the skies above like he fears something.

"Of course, milady you shall have a seat in our ship. The Children of the Two Rivers is always welcome here"

Tatiana do not understand what the captain said about Children of the Two Rivers but as long as she got a seat in this ship, she would nod her head to almost anything.

Tatiana entered the ship and she is given a cabin on the ship. As she stands on the deck she looks forlornly at the Karak lands.

She could see the rocks besides the shore, beautiful rocks and sand, with the wind rustling, and the waves lapping gently on the ship.

After the last of the package has been loaded into the cargo, StormStart raised their sails and began sailing the sea

'Sail to the North, seek shelter at Veva' she muttered under her breath

She is at the front of the ship seeing the opening horizon, with the breeze of the sea breezing through her, feeling the touch of the wind over her face.

She could see the sailors are working hard rearranging the barrels and storing the supplies

The sun began to show its face and bringing light.

'My song begins'


End of Tatiana segment. Next chapter would begin at the battle between Aero and Zeus
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