Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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She enters a house and then she took a seat

'Do you know, where is Agnaris, painter?' Tatiana is sitting on the chair shedding her disguise. She is tired and stressed.

Sitting, she looked at the painter.

Young and energetic with a noble feature of his face. But is this really his face.

A spy huh?

The painter after leading her to the abandoned house does not speak. The man picked up a paper and began writing with the pen he conjured up from his sleeve.

He wrote the address and gave it to Tatiana.

Then he spoke sternly

"You are a rogue assassin, woman. We, the Clean Hand take no part in the Assassins war and the Blood Council politics. Our sacred duty and job has always been to provide shelter to the Blood Soaked Division'

Then the painter said

'I have fulfilled my duty. You shall ask no more of me, nor ask my help. My duty is done" He declared

He walked to the door and swiped his face with his hand and his face changed to an old man with white hair

Then he pushed the door, looking as weak as an old man

Tatiana could not help but be surprised.

"Vrakara" his voice sounded like an old man.

Even his voice.

'Old and Dark magics' Tatiana muttered.

"Vrakara" Tatiana replied and the painter now an old man exited the room and as Tatiana blink her eyes, the old man disappeared from her eyes.


The next morning, Tatiana disguised herself again. Last night she sleeps in this house in the secluded corner of the city.

She though she is going to get the answer if she meets with the Clean Hand agents but it seems she still has to do it for herself.

The Clean Hands do not take part in Assassin Wars. For some reason she felt more assured.

If she has to even run from people like that painter who could change his face freely like that, Tatiana would easily be killed.

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This time she wants to meet her mentor. He must have some answers

The address indicates that her mentor is somewhere around Kurd city near the Karak Port. She begins her search from early morning. She looks around without showing that she is seeing someone.

It wasn't until she reached an alley, she sighed as she finally saw the man she is searching for.

After a day searching she finally found him in the alleys giving poor children bread and food. He looks like a good man. If no none knows his past that is.

He is heading home after he did his charity. It seems this habit of his still persisted.

As harmless as an ant in the day, as lethal as a sharp blade in the night

Tatiana moved slowly behind him, shadowing him when suddenly a knife passed her cheeks and graze her cheeks slightly.

She was in time to dodge the knife but blood still drips from the cut on her cheeks

"Who goes there?" Agnaris spoke his voice excited.

Agnaris has a muscled body; he has gray beard and gray hair. He looks confident and his eyes glint dangerously.

"Know that knife is a warning. Show yourself or you will die"

Tatiana emerged from the shadows.

Agnaris quickly recognized her. He smiles and greeted her joyfully


"Teacher" Tatiana said her emotions conflicted.

Agnaris looked left and right. There is darkness al around and no one could be seen but in the darkness of night, Agnaris knows many things roams and even the darkness has eyes and ears

"It's not safe to speak here. Let's go to my house"

Agnaris quickly rushed back to his house while Tatiana followed him in hiding. Reaching his home, Agnaris said

"Come in"

Tatiana entered the house.

The house is not too big but neither it is small. It is a comfortable home to live in.

There are paintings in the wall of some naked woman surrounded by flying fairies and aromatic smell from the kitchen.

Smells like chicken.

Her sense of smell has become more acutely aware after she spent a lot of time in the Chancellor kitchen.

A cat leapt at the kitchen table meowing realizing his master is back.

Agnaris seems to live a comfortable life.

"Sit down" He gestured. Then he took a cup and pour some water. He gave it to Tatiana and Tatiana drink it and then put back down the cup.

Agnaris then ask

"Now tell me child, what happened?

Then Tatiana told him everything.

Her botched assassination and also told him about the assassination attempt from her own brethren.

Agnaris is just listening. He just nodded. Then after a few minutes, he said

"Now, I understand" He then sighed and said

"I told you that you should not have taken that assignment" Tatiana smiles bitterly

"But I did." Agnaris shakes his head

'Yes, you did. Stubborn as you are. One of the rules I taught you, size your opponent. This man you tried to kill seems impervious to weapons and poison. Then I may know why he is like that"

"What? You know?" That shocked Tatiana


Agnaris said

Then he continued

'He is either a God in mortal guise which is improbable, or a son of a God, which makes him a Demigod giving him that kind of abilities or the most improbable he bathed in the River Styx of the Underworld'

Tatiana is marveled by his mentor vast knowledge

'How do you know all this?'

Agnaris smiled

"I have been around the world from the harsh lands of the Orcs to the Temple of Zeus when it was still standing, to the women dominated Kingdom in the North. I've seen many things; hear many stories, stories of wonders, stories of myths and legends. I see things that people do not see, experienced things people do not experience and knows that all the old stories are more than just stories. See the world Tatiana. Broaden your horizon. And you will see more"

Tatiana only scoffed and said

"Well, in my current condition, I doubt I'll do any sightseeing" Agnaris laughed and nodded

"Yes, that's true" Then Tatiana ask again

"Why do they hunt me so ferociously?"


'The Blood Brotherhood'

"Oh, that?" Agnaris sighed again.

'Maybe it is because of the killing. No, when I think about it again, it is precisely because of the killings'

'Killings?' Tatiana asked puzzled

Then Agnaris explained

"After you disappeared from the Chancellor residence, the Chancellor sent his private army lead by Justinian an elite soldier with all his trained soldiers and new soldiers to hunt every member of the Blood Brotherhood in Vanheim until they find you. Since the Blood Brotherhood is not really liked by the populace, after all, we do kill people for a living, their killing is heralded as cleaning the streets by the Kingdom criers."

"How many died?" Tatiana asked fearing the answer.

"One hundred and counting. Many have chosen to hide. Any operation or assassination contract in Vanheim might be put to a stop. Every adventurer that is a member of the Blood Brotherhood or registered as the Blood Brotherhood is in prison until they renounce their association or tell the name of the member. Most of the low level member has already been killed or captured. The Assassins Master and the Blood Brothers of Vanheim have fled from Vanheim. And you should too" Agnaris said handing her a black coin

"What is this?"

"Go to Karak Port tomorrow, Tatiana. Show Lyle the Captain of the ship of StormStart this coin. He will bring you to Veva. Veva has no branch of the Brotherhood since Zeus slaughtered them all. Speak the words and he will know"

"Can I not stay here?"

"No. They will find you. Veva is safe; child. This is the best thing I could do for you. This is the only thing I could do for you"

Tatiana nodded.

Then after talking about her plan and Agnaris offering her some pointer, she exited the house. She felt the cold assaulted her the moment she went out of the room.

Maybe because the house was warm, that she felt so cold outside. She sighed as she looks back at that well lit house and she said

Vrakara, Agnaris, vrakara.


Part two tomorrow. Hope you enjoy it. Leave some comments and reviews and vote for the story. Don't forget to check out my other stories like Lord Shadow and Age of Heroes
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