Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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She looks on the distance and she sighed. But her eyes like before are determined and her will is steel.

She gritted her teeth in anger and defiance. The wind blows and enter the carriage blowing gently on the woman face.

The woman takes a deep breath and inhale and exhale and enjoy the wind on her face. Little pleasure. She thought to herself

It is remarkable that she could still enjoy these little things

This woman is none other than Tatiana

After Tatiana ran away from the residence of the Chancellor she thought her hardship has ended.

Instead it is just beginning. Now she is chased night and day by her former brethren.

The order has been issued by the Blood Council

The Blood Brotherhood does not accept failure.

They accept cancellation but failure?

No, that will not do.

They have their own reputation. A killer that could not kill has no place in the Blood Brotherhood.

Though Tatiana could feel that she was never meant to survive that assassination attempt. She could feel that the Blood Council wanted to kill her

Last night as she was resting in an inn with her disguise she was nearly ambushed and killed.

It is thanks to her keen senses that she realized the two assassins hiding underneath her bed and hiding in the ceiling

Tatiana had no choice but to kill them.

Their blood is still wet on her clothes. What is unfortunate was the age of those assassins

They were young. The boy five and ten while the girl six and ten. They should not have to die. She sighed and her forehead frowned.

Tatiana spit on the ground.

She doesn't like killing children.

They had so much more to live for. And it leaves a bad taste in her mouth

The Brotherhood that sheltered her now is intent on killing her.

Tatiana knew the risk of trying to kill the Chancellor. What she didn't expect was that the Chancellor would spare her life.

To the Brotherhood it must seem like she has turn rogue. And with the Blood Council egging them on, there is no wonder she would be considered a traitor to the organization

If she knew she would be subjected to such treatment from the Brotherhood it would have been better if she just stayed at the Chancellor residence.

She is now disguising herself as a midwife and riding a carriage to Karak. There is a reason of course why she is travelling to Karak. There is an old friend there that could help her.

Agnaris is in Karak.

Her mentor. Her teacher. Her friend.

She needs to know what really happened that made the Brotherhood so intent on killing her.

Other than the fact that Blood Council wanted her dead, there must be a reason that even the Deacon of the Blood Brotherhood wanted her dead

It was moment like this she regretted leaving the residence of the Chancellor

'I should have just waited for the Chancellor' she thought to herself. She enters Karak entrance gate and order the driver to go a little bit further.

After a while they reached near the center of the city. The carriage stopped and Tatiana get up from her seat and the driver look back and said.

"10 gold, milady" the driver flashed his smile with his holey teeth and Tatiana just nodded

Tatiana opened up her purse and gave it to the driver the moment she stepped down the carriage.

The carriage rides away and Tatiana looked at it and sighed in relaxation.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

'It's lucky she grabbed this gold from the Guards' Tatiana mused or she would be really left with nothing

She looks around to see where she is at. There is a lot of people, merchants and stall owner all around her.

Karak is a nation that primarily depends on trade so it is no wonder even its streets is full with merchants with colorful garb.

Looking around she now knows where she is. She used to stay in Karak in the past. At that time, she was hunting a target. A Vor mercenary.

She killed him in this city after that mercenary went out of the whorehouse, drunk and high of Pyhreneseian herb.,

It was the easiest kill Tatiana ever had in her career.

She is now around the Builder Guild just near the Four Families Council.

She could see the great building that houses the ruling families every four years in the distance.

It is painted in white and many nobles with expensive garments and accessories, with diamond rings on their fingers, golden necklaces on their necks, with shiny boots on their feet could be seen exiting and entering the building.

Probably noble's business. She mused to herself

She then looked at her surroundings

Everywhere she looks she could see smiths, carpenters, sculptors, painters, builders and many more that is of the building profession hurrying around.

Some are selling something while others are buying.

Conversations and bargaining can be heard all around

Nobles and peasants congregate here searching for beautiful sculptures, paintings, craft and accessories.

Tatiana sees a painter in the corner of the street damp and the smell is revolting, for this painter sits beside trash.

The painter paints depiction of gore and blood.

People don't even want to come near the painter and they all whisper as they look at that painter.

Some people even thought that the painter is crazy painting such things

Other painters paint picturesque scene, of vast grassy plains, of the majestic high mountains, of beautiful flowers, of vast sand of the dessert, of woman beautiful as the Goddesses, of depiction of great Knights entering in a tournament, of great heroes deeds but none of them will paint like the man beside the trash paint.

But Tatiana knows better. And she smiles

The Blood Brotherhood is everywhere and they are ever-present

This must be one of their spies.

The Blood Brotherhood has its own spy division too.

There is the assassin which by the job definition is an assassin.

Then they have the spy division.

Those who dabble in the magic's of disguising themselves and have no talent for killing people off will be a spy to learn of information and to provide protection to Assassins member.

They take no part in killing of targets or rogue assassins.

Their sacred duty has always been to guide and shelter the assassins.

They shall not ask the reason the reason an assassin is running.

Their job, their duty is to provide shelter and no Blood Brotherhood member could harm the Spy Division because they shelter another assassin.

Tatiana knows this.

Agnaris himself was once targeted by the Blood Brotherhood for killing his own partner

Of course the penance was great but Agnaris did tell her that even at that time he could still receive the protection of the Clean Hand the spy division of the Blood Brotherhood.

They wear the face of nobles, of peasants, of merchants, and of learned men.

Why not a painter?

Tatiana came closer to the painter. She look at the painting and ask

"What are you painting?"

"Blood and skulls" The painter replied. The painter then look at Tatiana and then the painter asked

"Are you interested, milady?"

"No. I came here for a different reason"

Then she showed the painter a red coin.

On both sides of the coin is a skull.

A look of understanding dawned on the painter face. For a moment Tatiana could see the painter face distorted and then it became normal again

"Everyone dies" The painter said in a hushed voice

"But not everyone live" Tatiana replied

"Vrakara" the painter said while putting his two fingers to forehead

"Vrakara" she replied while doing the same gesture as the man.

Then the painter began rising from his spot, stored his easel and brush and without a word he gestured Tatiana to the dark alley.


I would usually post on the 6th but what the hell! I'll just post this today. Hope you enjoy it. i know you are waiting for the Great Pillars Battle but it will be in a few more days until it reached that point

For now, enjoy this chapter and leave some comments and you can check my other strories like Age of Heroes
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