Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Everything seem like the usual today.

Zeus is in his Palace study reading some documents about distribution of troops, supply lines and letters from other nobles and other Kingdoms.

He looks at it and read it but one could see that his eye is unfocused. It almost seems like he hated every minutes of it

Eric is also in Zeus study supervising him

"Argghh, this is boring" Zeus complained as he throws one of the document to the wall. Eric shakes his head and crouch down and took back the document and put it back up on the table.

"Zeus. You are the King. No one says being King is fun" Eric said sensibly

"Arghhh, this is boring. I want to go out"

"You mean you want to go to the cell again?" Eric said knowing the true intention of Zeus.

A couple of months ago they captured Lady Amy of Vanheim Kingdom.

She was captured by Kyle when Kyle found out that Amy has been assisting Asgaroian with deserting the troops and helping them by smuggling them out to Vanheim.

Since then she is put in the cell.

Zeus seems infatuated with the girl.

He always goes to the cell to speak with her. But not once the girl pleads to be let off.

She has too much pride, and Zeus don't know how to give up. Eric mused.

Eric on the other hand has other reason for keeping her prisoner.

He knows that Amy is in Aero trusted circle.

He was hoping to get some information from her about Aero.

Eric has heard the story of how Aero was elected as Chancellor, successfully gaining the Karak Four Families to swear fealty, and his involvement in the wedding of Princess Helena and Prince Edward.

All incredible feats. Aero of the East, he mused.

Truly, not one to be underestimated.

"No, I'm not" Zeus said flustered when Eric expose his true intention. Eric sighed hearing this denial from Zeus

"Yes, you are. Don't you hear what people are saying behind your back?" Eric said. Zeus snorted and said

"I don't care. I'll kill them if they dare." Eric glares at Zeus and shouted

"Kill, kill, can't you stop that attitude?" Zeus only humphed and refuse to talk anymore

Eric sighed. And Zeus shows an apologetic expression to Eric and then he finally decided to tell Eric the truth

"Okay. I'm just seeing her for a while. That's all" He finally confessed. Eric looked at Zeus and there is a complicated feeling in his heart

Then he asked Zeus

"Do you like the girl?" Eric asked. Zeus just smirk and answer

"Well, yes. Of course I like her. Or I wouldn't waste my time speaking to her don't you think?" Eric was shocked at this honesty and then he asked back

"So, does she like you?"

This time Zeus looked nervous

"No." Then, he quickly added

"Not yet" Eric don't know what to say about this. Then he shakes his head and said

"Fine, if you're that stubborn go see her" Eric finally allowed Zeus to go. Zeus is overjoyed and he is smiling

Zeus is just about to rise from his chair when he heard a scream so loud it was like thunder strike.

The sound echoes through the entire capital city like a bell tolling that could be heard all across the continent

They could hear it from inside the room and they are not the only one that is hearing it. The entire capital city heard it and every citizen of Veva heard it.


They could hear it even from this distance and this elicited response of shock and awe.

For the people of Veva this is the first time someone has challenged Zeus in one on one fight and not to mention he is challenging Zeus on his home territory.

And everyone knows who is Aero.

Aero of the East.

And everyone was reminded of that poem by the poet in Duvar.

If Aero of the East did not come forth,

Who could stop Zeus of the North?

However, for the players and NPCs that resided in Veva there were much more in shock of how Aero could scream that loud.

How much lung strength does Aero have to produce such loud scream?

Zeus quickly rushed from his study and they arrived at the top of the wall in a matter of seconds.

So did Eric who followed behind Zeus.

Then they looked downwards below the wall.

They could see a tiny dot from the heights of the wall.

A golden chariot is riding towards the wall. The man is in a chariot wearing a white armor with dragon design.

He is shouting in the middle of the empty space outside the city wall for Zeus to meet him in battle.

Zeus smiled and laughed

"So, this is the famed Aero of the East?" He said impressed. Eric look at Zeus and there is a bad premonition in his heart

"What are you thinking, Zeus?" he ask, looking alarmed.

"I heard that Aero of the East is more like a strategist so I figured he would at least be diplomatic or a coward"

Eric hearing this assessment of Aero from Zeus frowned.

A coward does not conquer a country nor lead one, Zeus, Eric wanted to say but he held his tongue

"Who would have thought he would dare challenge me in direct battle?"

Eric nodded. At least he is in agreement on this matter.

Zeus is undefeated in one on one battle. This is not an opinion, it is a fact

Never before he lost any battle to a person. Eric look at that figure below the wall and he thought to himself.

Is Aero mad?

Zeus started this game earlier than anyone else so his level must be also higher than Aero and not to mention Zeus is a talented fighter and warrior.

But this does not mean that Eric dismiss Aero entirely.

Only stupid people challenge Zeus on one on one fight. And Aero of the East, the Chancellor of Vanheim and as strategist that defeated Vetten he is clearly not an idiot.

Or does Aero have some trick? Eric mused.

It doesn't feel like the sensible Aero.

And it's not like Aero wants something important like prestige or something like that. He just wants Amy.

How did he know that we have Amy? And why is she so important to the Chancellor. Could it be that the woman holds some important secret?

Spies, Eric concluded.

The Chancellor of Vanheim has embedded his spies in Veva. He gritted his teeth. It seems that Aero have always been targeting Veva.

Eric has always viewed Aero and Vanheim as the obstacle to Zeus hegemony of the whole continent and one day must face them one way or another.

Aero also thought the same thing about Veva and Zeus.

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The area between them spans a large area yet, Aero stills end spies to kept him informed of the matter in the North.

Then Eric think of another matter and he wonder what this girl deal. For the Chancellor of Vanheim to go so far for this girl.

What is his relationship with her?

From the report he got from his investigators it just indicates they were always adventuring together. That's all.

'Or is there something I missed' Eric began thinking of that possibility.

'I missed something' Eric concluded.

There must be something more. Before Eric could think of it some more, Zeus word shocked Eric

"Bring me Lethalion Sword" Zeus commanded to one of his soldiers. The soldiers around the top of the wall gulped.

They know the sword and they quickly order their men to bring the sword. Ten of their soldiers with great strength went to the throne room to bring the sword to Zeus.

Zeus waited as he looked at that man standing on his golden chariot his voice echoing through the entire city

Bart is also on the Wall tower. He rushed to Zeus side and stand beside him looking at the same scenery that Zeus and Eric is looking at

"Aero, Zeus!"

"I know" Zeus said smirking.

He hasn't been challenged for long. He almost forgets this happy sensation

"What will you do?' Bart asked. Though Bart could actually guess what Zeus would do.

"Why! I'll answer his challenge. I have a reputation to uphold" He said smiling a mischievous smile

Then the troops that went to the throne room came carrying the sword.

It is a large sword about five feet in length. It took ten soldiers of great strength to bring it to him as its weight is heavy.

Zeus looked at the sword and grins. He picked it up with ease with one hand and as he brought it and swing it the wind rips part.

The soldiers that brought the sword dropped in exhaustion.

"We'll open the gates" the Guard Captain spoke as he already could guess what their King intends to do.

'No need' Zeus said and he snickered. Then without any warnings or reminder, he run forward and jumped down from the wall.

As he falls down from the wall, Zeus is screaming in excitement

Aero of the East or Zeus of the North?

Who is the strongest? This question burns all other thoughts in the people that will see their first battle.

The famed Great Pillars battle begins.


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