Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Aero look at the sight before him and he could not help but marvel at it. Aero and Deria carriage have arrived at the outskirts of the border of Veva.

It is true what they say about the walls of Veva

A wall so high that it almost reached the heavens. He looks at the sky and thought to himself.

'A kingdom blessed by Olympus'

They are now in a workshop. This workshop belongs to one of the sleeper agent of Vanheim. So, Aero could freely use it.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Deria sometimes look at the wall and then he exclaims

"Whoa, that's big. And thick. And full of divine blessing" Deria said marveling the structure. Aero shakes his head.

This is the seventh time he heard Deria said it. He must have truly admire the structure. Then he ask Deria

"Is it finished?" Deria look back on his work and shakes his head and smile and reply to Aero question

"In a while longer"

Deria is making a chariot for him. His hands are adept in making things and flames sometime comes out from his hand.

Son of Hephaestus, Aero mused

Aero has already changed his cloth. Instead of the usual white robe he wears, he is now wearing the White Dragon Armor.

He looks fierce and commanding in the armor. The Howling Dragon Saber is placed on his side. He is clad in white metal and looks like a gallant and powerful Knight.

The driver of the carriage has already gone back to Vanheim

This is the most reckless thing Aero have ever done in the game, Aero mused.

No preparations, no sufficient information, no nothing.

He is just improvising right now. As Aero look at the walls of the Capital City, Deria words startled him

"It's done" Deria announced. Aero look toward the chariot and he smiles. It is golden and majestic.

Aero liked it and he liked the art that Deria carved on the chariots

"The horse?"

"I'll bring it from the inn. Wait here" Deria said.

Deria went riding. A few minutes later he arrived with four large horses they bought yesterday to carry the chariot.

Then Deria tied the horses to the chariot and began reviewing the plan. Deria is the mso worried about the plan

"You're sure this plan will work?" Deria asked worried. Aer smiles and said

"Well, I'm pretty sure"

Deria just tilted his head and he laughs after that.

"Good enough for me" Aero smiles and then he went to the stables. The horse neigh and the chariot shines brilliantly as the sun shined down on it.

On Olympus, Hephaestus saw the chariot and smiles.

He blows a hot wind from his mouth and in Veva, a wind blows over Aero and the chariot and Deria could feel the blessing of Hephaestus to his chariot.

He smiles bitterly. Deria could see the lines of powers imbuing itself into the chariot.

Thought Aero could not see it; he could feel the presence of something divine just passes him by. It was like he is in the presence of Athena all over again.

Aero look at Deria and Deria nodded. Aero nodded like he understands. He went to the workshop fire and then throws a lot of meats and gold into the fire and he offers his prayers

'This is my offering to you, the God of Blacksmith, the God of many devices for your blessing'

the meats and the gold instead of melting in the workshop prayer dissipated into golden light that floated to the sky as a sign of his offering being accepted.

Aero smiles and jump onto the chariot. Then he looks once again at that tall wall and he smirks. He pulls the reins and the chariot began moving as he rides the chariot to the great wall.


Hehehe. You thought this chapter woudl end the mass release right? You are wrong! Enjoy the next chapter that will come in a few minutes
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