Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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The room is silent except for the sound of the mechanical sound.

Takashi is looking at the laptop with his coffee on his right and research notes on his left. He took a sip of the coffee.

'It's cold tonight' he thought to himself. He shivered under the blanket.

The heater is already on but he is still cold. But the cold did not deter his concentration.

Takashi is focused.

He was comparing the data he got from both Matsuo and Julia. All three of them are in different countries bonded with one objective.

At least it seems that way. The door opened and someone come inside. That person looks at Takashi focused expression and that person smiles.

That person approached Takashi work space and ask

"So, how is it?"

Takashi look to his left for one second before looking back at his research notes. The person that enters is Lila.

Lila looking at Takashi shows a worried expression.

Takashi has not been asleep for many nights now.

She worries about him.

Takashi put down the coffee on top of the table and then he took one of the documents lying around on top of his table and look at it for a few second before putting it back down.

He then grabs back his coffee and take another sip.

'Its fine. Though it could be better' Takashi replies to Lila question. Lila only sighed. Then she asked

'What are you doing now?' Takashi eyes did not leave the research notes. He then reply

"Well, I'm just reviewing Julia latest calculation. It looks promising" He said while still looking at the data

"Can it really be done?" Lila asked. Takashi smiles and turns to looked toward Lila. He then confidently said

 "It has to. There is no other choice" He took another sip of the coffee. Lila nodded like she understands the hard choice that Takashi had to do

"So, what now?" she asked

Takashi then saidFind authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Matsuo is in Japan working with the brightest mind in solving the equation. If only I can create it--" His voice trailed off as his mind seems to be working on overdrive.

There is something with his conversation with Lila that trigger something in his mind.

It was like something struck Takashi.

He put down the coffee cup slowly in the table like he realized something while looking at the calculation that Julia sent him.

'Wait, wait- '

He rose up from his chair while looking awestruck

"I've seen this before" he began digging the research notes in the cabinet on the right corner of the room.

"No, not, this" he said while looking at the document then he examined it again

"Here it is!" He opened the documents and examined it

"It was right in front of me all this time. How could I be so blind?" Lila almost got shocked with the sudden outburst of excitement from Takashi

"What is it?" Lila could not help being curious as her eyes also looked toward a paper full of equations

Takashi looked at her and smiled. Then he said

"Salvation, Lila. Salvation." And he laughed


On the large road from Vanheim to Veva, from the East a carriage is riding to the North.

Aero when he decided on something he did not shy away or hesitated before doing it.

Vanheim is at war with Niovar so Aero knows his limits of ordering the army to go for his personal quest. And his private army fs for something else.

So, he decided to go with Deria to Veva

Aero has been on the road for a few weeks now. He saw the marching of people in the countryside of Niovar, saw the architecture of Nero Republic and greeted their merchants and nobles and Aero and Deria is slowly inching closer to Veva.

There are times when he logs off and then logs back in only to stay in the carriage again.

There are times of course when he and Deria stop in taverns to get some information from the tavern keeper.

The tavern is hotbed for information after all.

Sometimes they are just rumors but sometimes it's the real deal.

He recalled the conversation he had with a tavern keeper four days ago.

"Did you know that United Kingdom of Veva has constructed a wall so high that it is said that it reaches Olympus. It was completed in seven days; with the mighty Apollo and her sister Artemis help building it? The United Kingdom of Veva is blessed by Olympus and the twin Gods of Apollo and Artemis"

Aero heard the stories in the taverns he goes.

Artemis and Apollo constructed a wall to prevent a prophecy. At least that is what he heard.

Considering that Veva is his place of worship it's understandable why Apollo would want to protect it.

The King of Veva, Zeus took Apollo and constructed a large temple for him only slightly smaller than of The Chief God Zeus

"Aero, want some water?" Deria asked handing Aero the flask and bringing Aero back to the current situation

Aero shakes his head and said

"No, it's ok. I'm not thirsty"

Aero then looked outside.

Grassy plains can be seen with tall grass waving to the distance as vast as the eyes can see and hawks fills the skies of Alfhaim.

Shining eyes look at the carriage from the tall and large forest in front of this grassy plains.

They have already reached Alfhaim Kingdom after many weeks

Aero knows that the population here is mostly elves.

Alfhaim kingdom bordered with Niovar and Loth kingdom. It is a large area and the elves could rarely be seen unless you enter their forest cities.

Aero estimates his location and how long it would take for him to arrive in Veva. Based on his calculations he would probably reach Veva in one day with this speed.

Aero is thinking of many things

He thinks to himself of how should he present himself to Zeus? Should he be humble or should he be dignified?

He didn't make any initial investigation towards Zeus because he doesn't have to.

One of his first orders as Chancellor was to spy on Zeus. He long saw him as a threat to Vanheim rule for hegemony.

He is a threat.

A sleeping tiger in the North that if allowed unhindered will swallow the whole Continent. Only an idiot King does not understand the danger he created.

It is why even though Aero and Zeus never met, Aero could somehow understand this man people called his rival.

Aero read the reports about him since he took office.

He understands Zeus personality and demeanor

He is impulsive, ruled by his emotions which makes him an unpredictable time bomb. He never forgets a mistake real or imagined.

He takes prudence and caution for cowardice and criticism as defiance. And nepotism runs rampant in his Kingdom.

After all the Prime Minister of United Kingdom of Veva is his friend Eric while the one in charge of the military division is Bart another one of his friends.

And Aero knows he is greedy. He is greedy for power and adoration.

How could he not be?

He usurped the King's position to satisfy his greed for power, betraying the very man that elevated his position.

He is unloyal, brutish and barbaric in nature

He decimated Asgaro Kingdom, a kingdom of great refine and culture with as much history as the Holy Land, slaughtered its people mercilessly, burned their villages and cities and looted their possessions.

He forced the other Kingdoms to submit or they will suffer the same fate. The other Kingdoms obeyed and United Kingdom of Veva is formed.

He is a hero King. But that kind of King is no doubt have many enemies. Because it is a Kingdom built on blood and death, on threats and destruction. A Kingdom built on the lives of the innocent.

He changed the country law just because he wanted adoration from the players and NPCs alike.

He wants both fame and love.

He is arrogant but unbelievably naïve on the game of politics

It is bad personality trait for any King. No, it is not bad. It is fatal

'No, humbling myself wont work' Aero thought to himself

humble attitude won't work on such arrogant man. Praising him would be seen as cowardice.

Aero immediately knows that he need to appear strong.

To appear as his equal.

Not a supplicant asking for a release of one prisoner.

Zeus respects strength and bravery.

So that is what Aero will show him

The bumpy ride in the carriage continued as they leave the grassy plains and the shining eyes on the forest retreated.


Part one of the chapter that would proabbly the chapter you all have been waiting for since the beginning of the arc
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