Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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"Brother, come join me" Aero said joyfully seeing Deria. He looks at Deria and Aero shakes his head.

'I never understand how his hair always remains flawless even after he has just awoken from sleep. Demigod' he mused.

"An early riser, Aero. That is unexpected" he said

"Yeah, well when I have guest, I try not to sleep too much."

Deria laughed a little. He sat beside me.

"Where's the food?"

"In a little while" Aero said while scanning the hallway

"Are we waiting for someone?" Deria asked.

It seems Deria was not acquainted with Princess Helena yesterday.

Aero heard from the maid, the moment Deria was shown to his room he immediately went to sleep.

"Yes. A princess"

"A princess?" he smiled a naughty smile.

"Nothing like that" Aero tried to clear the air because it seems like Deria is misunderstanding something.

"Not yet, you mean" he chuckled. Aero regretted the stories he told Deria when they were in the underworld.

Like any man, he exaggerated his story. And by exaggerating, he means make up a story of how they were many women that loves him.

It is because Deria likes hearing those kind of story and Aero see no harm of entertaining the young man since there is not many things to be entertained about in the Underworld.

Who would have thought that would form a false image of Aero in Deria mind? Aero could only sigh and then they talked about other stuff

Then, after five minutes, Helena finally arrived at the room. The servants opened the door for her and she enters.

She entered the room and it felt like the room got brighter. In a way she is like the sun illuminating everyone with her brightness and life.

Every woman in the world envies her, and every man wants to be with her. That is the most apt description to describe her.

That is the effect of her divine beauty on people.   

Even Deria is not excluded.

Deria was looking at Helena when suddenly he shook his head.

"What, Deria?" I said puzzled by his weird reaction

"I almost got entranced. There is a divine charm about her. She is blessed by one of the Gods of Olympus, there is no doubt about this' he said and Aero nodded.

Even though there is a rumor circulating a long time ago that Helena is blessed by Aphrodite most regarded it as simple exaggeration. But the more Aero spend time with her, he doesn't think that there is no basis to that story.

Deria look at the woman once again and his eyes narrowed. Aero noticed it and then Deria whispers something to Aero.

'So, this is the famed Helena. Looking at her again, no wonder she is blessed by the Gods" Aero eyes shines and then he asks

"What do you mean, Deria?" Deria look at the ceiling and then whispers to Aero ears

"That princess is not of mortal blood. She is like me" Aero quickly grasp what Deria is trying to tell him

"You mean a demigod?" Deria nodded and then he quickly deduces a scenario.

"Yes. Probably the offspring of Vrandeus and Aphrodite. And her ability, if I have to guess is that her appearance bewitches people" He whispers looking quite curios of Helena

Her ability. It sounds like every demigod have some kind of ability. Deria is immune to fire or anything hot in particular.

And it seems that Helena ability is that it bewitches people. How appropriate for the daughter of the Love Goddess

Deria then look at Aero with puzzled expression and then he asks

"Then, why it didn't work on you?" Aero think of it for a moment too and then he thinks he got the answer

"I too have Gods blood in me. I guess, that is why I'm not that badly affected." Helena who just enter the room look at the two men whispering at each other like they are little girls playing telepathy

She immediately asked

"What are you whispering about?" Helena asked Aero and then took a glance at Deria. She sat on Aero left side.

Aero raise his head up and smile at Helena

"Nothing of interest to you, Helen" Deria also stopped smiling and flashed a smile to Helena.

"Hmph" she snorted. Aero shakes his head and then he gestures to Deria.

"Let me introduce you to my friend. This is Deria, Son of Hephaestus" Aero said. Before she could even begin to react Aero intercepted her as he quickly he began the introduction for Helena.

"This is Princess Helena, the daughter of King Vrandeus of Duvar, wife of the Second Prince of Vanheim, Prince Edward, and the only Princess of the Holy Land."

Deria nodded and Helena decided to not to press Deria about his demigod status.

Instead, they both shook their hands and sat down at their chair politely. Aero looking at this smile.

'At least this time both of them would be civil' he thought to himself.

Then he clapped his hands.

Then the servants came in drove bringing food after food like this is some kind of the Halls for Demeter

There are the delicious egg rolls, the chicken sandwich with a hint of some flavor sauce that even Aero couldn't identify, lamb roast with honey, spice chicken with red wine, ox soup and noodles with chicken curry fused together.

And that is just a few of the food on the table. Instead of letting them eat food, it almost seems like his attendant and servant is trying to kill him by overeating

"Oh, that looks delicious" Helena is smiling and beaming with her eyes.

Sometimes Aero wonder how could she keep that perfect figure of hers with the amount of food she keeps eating and then he was reminded of what Deria said.

The daughter of the Love Goddess. Beauty is kind of comes with the territory. Life really isn't fair he lamented in his heart

"Eat slowly" Aero requested to Helena and Helena pout her lips but when the soup is in front of her face, her expression turns happy.

Aero smiles a bit

Deria and Aero were just about to munch in when Helena said

"Pray first"

They both stopped at the same time

"You do it" Aero said

"Fine" Helena replied slightly annoyed.

Then she spoke the prayers to the Gods while Deria was clearly yawning which made Helena show her distaste by picking up the fork on the table and throwing it to Deria only missing a few inches from Deria cheek.

That got the attention she wanted

Even breakfast becomes such a hard thing to do, Aero mused

"Finished?" Aero asked

"Finished" she said but she is clearly sulking.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Now, we eat" Deria said on Aero right side like he couldn't wait anymore. Aero could kind of understand Deria feeling. He never had that much of a goodwill for the Gods anyway.

After all, it is Zeus that imprisoned him in the Underworld. It is no wonder, he found the prayer to be just noise in his ears.

"Now we eat" Aero echoes Deria opinion and Deria smiles.

Deria and Helena might not agree on much about the Gods, but they do share the same huge appetite. they quickly munched the food like it is going to run away from them.

Aero on the other hand is feeling something new as he eats the food

The texture of the food and the smell. It doesn't feel like he is eating fake food.

'Realistic as hell, huh' he whispers to himself.

Helena on the other hand is trying to eat gracefully and slowly and could not help but keep on failing.

Aero smiles looking at this. There is innocence in such an act. Deria is not any better, that glutton. He really looks like he did not eat for centuries.

They finished eating with all of the plate clean. Aero then amidst the tea drinking told Helena what she needs to do now. The next step

There are also a few things that Aero himself need to take care of. One of his plans is to elect Deria as one of the rulers of the state in Vanheim.

He has set this up the moment he created the Council and drawing the borders.

They both exited the room and Aero is left alone in the empty room. He better checks his level first. He had been delaying it long enough








Grand Strategist







Curse of the Styx
















9000+ 50
























99999 (MAX)
















+ All stats are added 20 points in battle

+ 30% increase to Stats on the Battlefield.

+ Enables equipped items for the secret class

+ Decrease mana consumption for Divine sword technique

+ Easier to raise proficiency in any area.

+ Affinity with scholars increased.

+ Affinity with wise men increased

+ Easier to influence statesmen and scholars.

+ Decrease in Mana Consumption for the Divine Sword Techniques based on level of INT

+ Gained ability to learn secret skills based on your level in Language.

+ Fame increase upon solving any quest involving the nobility.

+ Can talk to spirit and understand divine meaning

+ High leadership enables your troops to enjoyed 10 points of stats increase in strength

+ High leadership enables you to raise your troops marching speed by 20%

+ High Charisma enables you to establish rapport with townspeople quickly

+ High charisma enables you gain secret information (Orders Of Letters unlocked[Click to get more info])

+ High wisdom enables you to join Celestials Scholars [Click to get more info]

+ High intellect enables you to join Council of Athena [Click to get more info]

+ You have unlocked Baron status

+ You have unlocked Lord status.

+ You have unlocked Nobleman status

+ Intellect is added extra 100 points

+ 80 points added to Wisdom.

+ 10 points added to CHM

+ Strength is added 150 points because of the title effect

+ Charisma is added 100 points because of the title effect

+ Leadership is added 50 points because of the title effect

+ Attack and defense is added 40 points because of the title effect

+ Because you were blessed by Athena all your stats increase by 40 points

+ Curse of the Styx inflicted upon you.

+ Bonuses for Health, Endurance, Attack and Defense are void.

+ Chancellor title bonus added 20 to Intellect, Charisma, and wisdom

+ Bonus for fame and reputation when solving quest: Effect of Chancellor title.

+ Enhanced senses because of Son of Thetis title.

+ Known to the Gods as son of Thetis

 He looks at his level and he could not help but keep on smiling. He is now level 320 now. This is why he loves being the Grand Strategist.

Aero had no doubt this is because of his private troops. The order he left before he went away was for them to train themselves by killing the monsters in nearby forest.

And it seems that they reaped some high level EXP. It helps Aero indirectly and there is also the fact that Aero himself kills a lot of assassins during his chase

Then Aero check his skills.

Demonic Devil Energy Drain [2] Master

Mana consumption 1000 MANA for half an hour

The consumption of mana decreases. Can drain life force of monsters and people. You can also receive about 60% of your soldiers experience. Enables you to also drain mana by 50% of enemies mana. Can also receive soldiers experience even though you're not there with them in the battle.

Restriction: Must however have your own private army and it must be by your order that they fight.

Aero smiles are getting even wider.

Now…. That's what I'm talking about' he said to himself. Looking at his skill increasing in power is bliss for any gamers.

Aero is satisfied with us progress and he is getting up from his seat. He need to check the development of his private army.

Then he heard a sound that comes with the wind. Aero quickly turned around and ready to kill if it's an enemy.

Someone jumped in front of Aero.

But Aero keep his clam as he recognized the person entering his room. That person immediately kneeled the moment he saw Aero

" Your Excellency, I have returned with great news" The spy said with a low tone

"Oh, ok" Aero couldn't remember what this spy assignment was but he keeps nodding

He has so may spies that he usually just told them to combine their information in one report and send it to him.

"Like Your Excellency has ordered I have found her"

The moment he said that Aero ears perked up.

Her. There is only one person that Aero requested to be found to his spies.


He still remembers that he ordered some of his spies to find her whereabouts.

"Where is she?" Aero quickly said, and there is excitement in his voice.

The spy hesitated to speak

"SPEAK!" Aero yelled.

"In Veva, Your Excellency. She is Imprisoned in one of Zeus castles."

Aero shoulder slumped and he almost drop down back to his seat.

'Why him?' Aero thought to himself. Then he shakes his head and his eyes shines with fire.

Then with new determination he walked to the stables. The entire residence is alarmed with this sudden action of the Chancellor.

He also informed Deria asking him to join him

"Your Excellency" the stable master bowed.

Deria is behind him looking at him but Aero did not ask whether he would follow or not. Because he already knows the answer. Deria will follow him.

"Ready the carriage. I need to go somewhere" Aero said.

"Where, Your Excellency?" Aero look at the sky and looking at the sky and the heavens like they are playing a joke on him he said

"United Kingdom of Veva" Aero declared.

He and Deria entered the carriage.

"What are you going to do in Veva, Aero?" Deria asked in the carraige

Aero smirked and he replies with.

"Saving a damsel in distress"


Hehehehe. East and North...Now, you get it?
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