Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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The capsule slowly opened up and someone opened his eyes. Daniel just logged out from the game.

He slowly exited out from the capsule and stretch his body. But he felt refreshed.

Like always he showered first. As the water drops onto his body, his mind is thinking of many things.

'A war, huh' He thought to himself

'Another big undertaking'

He said while washing his body.

His muscles are still as firm as before. He trains both in the VR and in real life.

Healthy body, more money. That is what he believes. Even now, he did not have to worry that much about money anymore

He could not be considered rich but at least he no longer have to worry about putting food in the table.

After finished washing, he opened the fridge.

Thank God, he filled the fridge yesterday. Or he would be starved today.

'Ugg, rotten milk' he could smell it when he opened the fridge. He threw the milk to the trash bin.

He opened another pack of egg that he buys yesterday and began whipping a dish for dinner.

Fried rice, today.

After finished eating, he opened his laptop.

Other than checking the news he need to check the status of the items he auctioned on the forums of Brave World.

He almost choked on his drink when he finished calculating the overall profit of the items he auctioned.

He got a lot of items from Karak nobility when he visited the place and from the assassins that tried to kill him in the forest and he auctioned all of them off.

Five thousand dollars!

'I could be rich just playing this game.' He thought to himself as he laugh in happiness.

Well, the items are also good and considered precious in BW. It's not a bad bargain for the players.

Daniel accepted the transactions.

'Whoo! I'm rich' Then he sighed. What a pitiful life he thought to himself.

In Brave World, this kind of money is chump change of him but in the real world he already felt like he is flying on the sky with this amount of money

He sighed

'But what will I do with all this money?'

Suddenly Daniel is thinking about furthering his studies.

Last time he had to drop out because he needed to take care of his mother but now his mother is also getting better.

He also didn't have to worry about the hospital bill anymore now that it's been taken care off.

For now, I will just put it in the banks maybe I will open another saving account. He mused

It would be helpful for emergency use. Then he remembered someone he is really grateful to

"I should invite Michael to eat sometimes. Now that I have money, I should really repay all the money I owed him."

'Yeah, maybe I'll do that.' He said it to himself

He also checked his email and it seems they are a few emails from ETV3 asking for his appearance in their Brave World Special Bulletin segment.

"Well, for an appearance I would get pay three thousand dollars." He reads the documents and the agreement form again.

Isn't this kind of much? But then again, he is quite famous in Brave World.

It doesn't sound like a bad deal to him

For now, he will just reply yes.

He also emailed back the production team to forward the contract to his email. Today is a happy day for him.

He closes the internet and whistle and then he thinks he should share this happiness with someone and one person comes to mind.

His mother. He called his mother and after a few second, his mother answered the call

"Mom. How are you doing?"

"I'm good." The voice from the end of the call sound weak but she does seem a little excited

"Still busy on the project?" Daniel asked

"Yes. How are you son? Have you eaten dinner already?" Daniel smiles and reply

"Yeah. Just did. Fried rice with eggs."

"Sound delicious"

"Ok, if you're fine that's ok. I'm just checking up on you, Mom. Don't overwork yourself, alright?"

"I know, Dear."

"Goodnight, Mom"

"Goodnight, Dear"

Daniel then ended the call. He looks at the celling and he want to sleep. Yet, he is not tired. He already sleeps in the Brave World.

But does that give any effects in the real world?

But since he has so much energy, he went to his capsule and then he just logged back in.



It was a bright morning that day. It is a good day despite the circumstances of war surrounding the entire nation.

The sunlight shines the garden and the butterflies fly around. The birds were chirping outside cheerily.

The wind blows gently to the windows and moves the curtains. The smell of the morning air refreshes Aero body.

There is no longer the smell of blood that is pungent when Aero first returned to his residence

The corpses and the blood that is around the residence were all cleaned by the cleaning crew when he logged out.

Then as he opened his eyes and is ready to went out from the room, someone knock the door. They declare themselves and Aero allowed them to enter.

It was his attendants. They entered the room because they wanted to ask something

His attendants entered the room.

"Your Excellency, should I wake your guests?" one of his attendant asked hesitantly.

Right now the residence has two guests. And both of these guest are no ordinary people.

One is a Princess; another is a demigod.

'I'm in a company of great man and woman' Aero thought to himself and he almost chuckles at the fact

Aero nodded and reply

"Yes. Ask them to join me in the dining room. Prepare the best dishes. Bring out the best wine, cook the best meat, serve them great foods and clean the dining room like you're serving Kings and Queens." Aero ordered.

The attendants nodded and quickly exited the room. Aero only smiles. He could understand the nervousness of the attendants.

They all know that Helena is a Princess so they felt a little awe and fear and the same could be apply to the man

Nobody knows who that man was but someone the Chancellor called his brother could not be an ordinary man.

The attendant was afraid that they could offend those two people which is why they came to him first asking for permission.

At least his attendants are smart. Aero went out of his room, walk through the gardens, greets his people and then he arrived at the dining roomFind authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Aero is the first person that arrived in the dining room.

Then he could hear footsteps approaching. Someone enter the dining room and Aero smiles.


Part one of the chapter. Hope you like it. The title is kinda a forehsadowing if you think about it
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