Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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By VPlaye

-Have you joined? The war has started. Anybody joining? Give some tips, you guys-

By Meto

-I have already joined. I joined the First War against Vetten under Dan. Now I'm posted under Raina. She looked fierce. And don't try to sweet talk her. I almost got an arrow on my head –

By Troll89


By Treoldogy

-Anyone seen the new vids and news about the new update? -

By Amy Fan

-Does Lady Amy did not join? I want to see her again. The last time she healed me, I fell in love. Where is she? Anyone got vids? I'm going to give award to anyone that could help me -

By TrueFan

-No, I love her more-

By Coultier

Link Below

-I compile a video of Amy being cute. You can see it in Mytube. And please click like and subscribe. I also have an Outgram account so you could follow me-

By SensVo

-What the hell you're all talking about. Who cares about the girl? This is war. What important is did Aero participate in the war? Is Aero of the East will lead again?-

By Repor

-I heard rumors from one reputable source in the Vanheim Court that he will not be participating. That would be unfortunate. I totally wanted to be posted under him. My friends were posted once under him and they said that Aero was a good leader and most of all my friends racked a lot of contribution points. Now he is a Baron with lands while I have nothing. Life isn't fair-

By Troll89


By Zenla

-Stop trolling, Troll89-

By Troll89


By AngryNio

-You Vanheim players are fucking liars. You called us a murderer but Princess Helena has been reported alive-

By VPlaye

-Yeah, no thanks to your nations. -

By Angry Nio

-Your justification are null-

By Meto

-What null? Your country still attempted to kill Princess Helena. Vanheim Glory-

By AnotherNio

-Fuck you, you piss guzzler. No, Niovar will win this war. Just because you defeated Vetten you think you can topple us the same way. Dream on.-

By Meto

-No, fuck you, bastard of fourth generation incest that home aborted sonuva castrated hermaphrodite-

By KinkyNiceGuy

-Wow, calm down, you all-

By ShadowLightWolf

- Wow, that escalated quickly. By the way, Aero rules. Vanheim FTW-

By RageV

-Well, talk big as much as you want. We will crush you in the coming war. Vanheim Glory-

The forum is full with the debate about the war of Niovar and Vanheim. And curses…..there is a lot of cursing one would never read from social media.

The war seems to intensify all people emotion

ETV3 Broadcasting Station and VMS are already beginning to contact people that have anything to do with the war to buy their videos and set up interviews.

Before VMS was focusing on Zeus war but now the war between Niovar and Vanheim is beginning to take center stage in all of the news.

In the forums, in the news of trending items, the war between Vanheim and Niovar is the largest thing that is happening right now in Brave World

They are many players and partcipatsnt of the war that agree to interview. But one player in parctualr is different. Wheil Niovar and Vanheim is oen of the hottest news in Viljaeir OCntinet right, there is noathe rthing that is also considered dimproatnt news.

And that was Ariana of Zun.

But she is not like any other player.

Ariana of Zun on the other hand refuses any solicitations for contracts or appearance on television, the net or appearance on some Mytube channels.

Which only increases her mystery

The billboards were filled with the advertisement from both TV stations about the upcoming war footage. Some reporters have also been reporting from inside the game participating in the war at the same time.

ETV3 is also contacting Daniel/Aero asking him to appear as a guest appearance to discuss the ongoing war. Daniel still didn't give them his answer.

Brave World has its war.

And the TV stations are also at war with each other.

Who will get the best footage?

Who will get the latest scoop?

Who will get the most correct information?

Because that is what the viewers and players want.

Information about the war and the players that fight in the war. The excitement, the thrills, the things they could learned and use to better their experience in playing the game.

They expected all of this and they would gravitate to any TV station that have better report or story.

In the TV Sarah is reporting

"The Warring Kingdoms has begun in the Vilajeri Continent. In the aftermath of the Vetten War King George rules the Vanheim Kingdom stronger than ever, with the famed Aero of the East by his side.

In the North Continent, Zeus, King of Veva rules his Kingdoms with strength, a Kingdom built on blood and death. In the South Continent, Ariana of Zun began moving to Nero Republic bringing with her strange culture to the continent and with her strange God, with the peasant rallying to her cause as her army moved unchallenged.

The Great Pillars has dictated the game of war. Peace is broken. Kingdoms are falling and rising. Eastern Continent began its war to decide the fate of two great superpower nations. Powerful foes and allies stir.

In this period of war and unrest, the tides of destiny and politics lead a grand cast of players into the battlefield of war, of Kings and Queens, of Prince and Princess, of nobles and peasants, of faith and love to the greatest battle of all. A song of swords and blood begins."

And the scene changes with the image of the Three Great Figures of Brave World seems to be looking down at the world.

Zeus of the North. Aero of the East. Ariana of the South. Their gigantic image seems to view the entire map of Vilajeri Continent as their chessboard.

She reports the news with as much flair and dramatic as she can.

Who will emerge victorious?

She guess everyone is thinking about that

Sarah ended her report.

The report stirred everyone curiosity and burns their desire anew to make a name for themselves in this period known to the players as the Warring Kingdoms Period.

The South and North players are interested in the war probably because Aero did not participate in the war.

Some players speculate that Aero felt that Vanheim stands no chance so he did not enter the war.

Others speculate he is waiting for something and planning in the background.

Some of Vanheim players are also excited to join the war. Now that Aero did not participate, probably a new legend would emerge in the battlefield.

Zeus of the North, Arianna of the South and Aero of the East.

Many players want to be regarded as the Great Pillars, to have their names sing in songs and told in taverns. They want to carve their names in the history of Brave World.

The players and the NPCs have regarded these three players that wield huge influence in their own respective Kingdom as the representatives of their Continent dubbing them as The Great Pillars because without them their country could not stand as they are today.

Aero installed a wise King and elevated and revitalize the sleeping giant of the East that is Vanheim. Now he is the advisor of the King and hold almost an unchecked authority in Vanheim.

Zeus has long been regarded the strongest warrior of Brave World. People even make some saying about him that is related to the real world.

Among warrior, Zeus, Among horses, Thunderbolt. It was a famous meme before he becomes the King of Veva.

He ruled in the battlefield and no one could stand under his might and he wins every war he participated in.

He is skilled in leading armies and military strategy. He is a ruthless leader and often ordering the massacres of entire cities even after they surrender peacefully.

To many people, Zeus possess great courage and great power but lacked wisdom.

While he is still lacking in administration he is without a doubt a great warrior and he has Eric by his side.

Then there is Ariana of the South. This woman that comes out of nowhere, raises a banner of faith and started conquering and demolishing Temples of the Seven Gods, unstoppable and undefeated.

She created a path for herself and free the peasant from the yoke of their oppressors. She is more of a liberator than she is a conqueror.

These are the three people that the reporters are referring to when they said the Great Pillars.

The Pillars that hold up their Continent

Even in Vanheim many are proud of Aero but they are also jealous of the attention and praise directed at Aero.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

This war might be their chance for greatness and fame and carved their name beside the Three Great Pillars.

The Song begins.


Reaction of internet or the bluedit. This Earth is not our Earth. Those who reads Lord Shadow knwos what I am talking about. Anyweay, it is kind of summary of the conflcit that is happening in Brave World right now.

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