Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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"Helen, I am the Chancellor and my job is to counsel the King. Here is an advice to you. And this advice is free"

Helena listened intently. Aero smiles and he come closer to her. Their faces are only inches away.

Then he said with a smirk on his face

"Trust no one, Princess. Not your attendants, not your supposed In-Laws, not the countless brave men and brave Knights who offered to die for you, and not those who claim to be your friend'

Then his smile grew larger and he continued

'Especially, those that claim themselves to be your friend. All that mistrust will make you feel uncomfortable and tired, but it's better than being killed by a stab of knife on your back or the shooting of an arrow in a dark alley or the sip of a poison in your dish"

Helena gulped. Then she asked him

"How about you?" Helena asked

"Can I trust you?"

Aero chuckled and then he touched her chin with his two finger and raise her face up, so that her eyes stares at him and his eyes staring at her.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

There is mischievousness in his eyes but more than that, it seems infinitely full of wisdom. Then he said with a grin on his face like he found something to be very funny

"Above all Princess. do not trust me. I have many titles that are heroic and inspire awe but in the Palace I'm known by many different titles. Some of them called me the snake. That is not a title someone would give to people they could trust'

"But your promise!" Helena almost shouted. Aero move his finger and he smiles looking at Helena face. She looks hurt, betrayed even

She remembered Aero promised her on the steep hill, in the drizzling rain with her eyes looking at his and feeling that everything will be alright. She felt safe and warm.

"I promise on my life Helen; I will never let anything happen to you" She recalled that moment

"Yes, I did. And know this, Helen" He inched his face closer to Helena face. They could feel each other breath and Helena could feel the drumming heartbeat of her heart

Her face flushed red.

"I have lied to dozens of people, I have tricked hundreds of them and betrayed a hundred more but know this, if there is one promise that I would keep, it would be that promise towards you. I'll protect you"

She could feel his breath at her neck.

Her heart beginning to beat faster than before. It almost felt like it would burst.

"How do I know your words are true?" she said almost whispering. Her face inches closer to Aero.

Aero whispers to her

"You don't. That is what trust is all about. You must first take that leap of faith." Aero said their eyes locked with each other.

Then he inched backward and he said

"Helen, that's is why it's so scary. It's easier to lie, trick and betray. But trust? That takes courage. The possibility of being hurt because of that trust or be rewarded for it. And it will always be your choice"

And for a moment there is silence between them. Aero think it is now a good time to go out.

Slowly Aero retreated back to the door.

Then Aero began walking to the door and he was about to open the door and exited the room. It was then a voice from his back speaks

"Then, you're a coward?" Helena asked suddenly realizing something from the conversation

She recalled what Aero said.

'I have lied to dozens of people, I have tricked hundreds of them and betrayed a hundred more' He couldn't trust.

For some reason, Helena felt like she saw a part of Aero that he never shows to anyone else.

That this invincible warrior that doesn't seems to be able to die is somewhat pitiful

Aero turned his head back. He contemplated the question.

He smiled a knowing smile and said

"I've been saying that for a long time but no one seems to believe me"

And she understands. He could not trust because trust requires courage. But he is willing to try.

Saying that, he exited the door.


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