Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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And like he said, this is his war not his.

James started this war. And this war will end badly. Long stories of bloodshed will be spoken of this war.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

There is no need for him to interfere right now. Win or lose… is not his problem right now. Politics is sometimes about choosing sides.

And James side is not appealing to him

If he has to lead an army, it will be at the time of his choosing.

He will choose the place and the time. Not anyone else. With his position, he could even reject the quest issued by the King.

He notices this too. If this was before, the quest would be forced on him. But the higher his level is and the higher his position, the more flexibility he has in this world.

The King look at Aero and ask again

'Old friend, tell me' Aero shakes his hand and then he replied

"No, it is nothing like that, Your Grace"

George smiles bitterly

He only calls me Your Grace when he is angry at me, George thought silently. Aero then sighed and got up from his seat.

'It has been enlightening to speak with Your Majesty. Now, may I be excuse, Your Grace? I also need to take a little vacation to settle some personal matters" Aero said politely.

King George shakes his head as he thinks to himself.

This means he is really angry.

It is when Aero is like this that George worries.

He is planning something. Even though Aero is his strategist he sometimes felt fear of Aero.

His cold logic and calculating precision and the way how he acts marvel George and he tries to keep Aero by his side and as close as possible to him.

"Yes, you may be excused" Aero bowed slightly and began walking out from the private library. The King is still sitting in that dark library. Aero look back and sighed as he looks at that figure.

He then walked forward.

Aero has many plans that he need to execute

First, it is necessary now to check on his private army. He has told Justinian and another of his commanders to train the one thousand soldiers he got from Thornleaf.

He did not check his level for a long time and he need to check it now.

He also shut the notification settings when he was running away with Helena in the forest.

Well, when your HP doesn't really decrease, you tend not to pay attention to the small stuff.

By now, his level must be really high.

After all they trained the army under his direct order. Even though he doesn't have many skills like others classes, but his skill is really overpowered if used wisely.

He also need to checks on Demonic Devil Energy Drain

Probably it has reached a mastery level.

In the journey back to Vanheim and while he is escaping with Helena on tow, he used it often, draining the life of his enemies.

He also needs to log off for a while.

In the cave he logged off for a while to eat mostly and then he logged back in.

And he notices something very weird.

Even though he eats inside the VR it feels like he is already full when he logged off from the game.

Aero notices little changes that are happening in Brave World.

Aero walked away from the private library not knowing that news will reach his ear that day and change his plan.


There was a mistake about this chapter. I cut it at the wrong part. Sorry you guys. Anyway, at least this one is low on SS right? Next chapter in five minutes
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