Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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The Chancellor has returned! That is the news from the spies, the information broker told the many interested parties.

The news that the Chancellor has returned alarmed the entire court. Like an earthquake, the entire court feels uneasy

The reason is because the action the Chancellor takes after he returns home

He did not return to his office instead he went to the Palace almost immediately

The ministers of the court who was resting in their houses were alarmed hearing this news. This is because the Chancellor suddenly requested to meet the King in private.

Some of the ministers look toward the Palace and frowned in worry.

Some people dislike the influence of the Chancellor over the King but they also have to admit that the Chancellor has proven himself to be loyal to the Kingdom and the Throne.

And while they would relish in the personal destruction of the Chancellor career, any loyal minister does not want the King and the Chancellor to have a fall out at this critical moment for the Kingdom

Aero is not just the King personal advisor, teacher in private, a talented strategist and a brave general in the battlefield, he is more than that.

If the Chancellor and the King really has a row, the impact to the entire court would not be able to be ignored.

Aero set up a private meeting between him and King George and only they both are in the Private Library of the King.

They sit across each other and then Aero said as calmly as possible

"What were you thinking, Your Majesty" There is a trace of anger in his tone that could not be disguised.

Aero has already informed the King that Helena is safe and sound getting that out of the way. Hearing that news could not help to make King George contemplate his decision.

"I didn't know" King George said as he leaned on his chair and close his eyes like he regretted issuing the order.

Aero try not to blame the King.

After all, the entire court wished for it and knowing Prince James, his supporters must be at the vanguard of pushing the King to make such a decision.

It will be hard to go against the majority opinion especially when that opinion is the only thing he would hear when discussing the matter

But still he could not hide his frustration

"Your Majesty, should have waited…. if not for me…wait for more information and intelligence to be presented to the Court. And then, even then, Your Majesty should have investigated it thoroughly regardless of the opposition, and not to be rule by emotion in the grand undertaking. How many times have this humble subject advised Your Majesty? Emotions cloud reason"

The King opens his eyes and then he sighed and said

"What did you expect me to do, old friend? My son was attacked and nearly get killed and I was under the impression my daughter in law was killed by Daryl troops. If I do not handle it quickly then Duvar would accuse me of many things. One of them is dereliction of the protection of their Princes among other thing. I fear by that time, Niovar would not be my only enemy. If Duvar also enters the war, the consequences of such move would be disastrous to the Kingdom'

Aero nodded. He somewhat understands the King position and why he makes such a decision. But then he said

"Even so. War? After thinking and contemplating...That's Your Majesty answer?" Aero asked. He seems calm. He said it in a calm way and he acted calm.

Yet, the King notice his eyes. His old friend is angry. Right now the King felt angry at those people

If he could, he would summon all of the King Council and scold everyone Sayle, Bradheim, James, Thornleaf and all the reigning rulers of the Nine Lands in Vanheim.

They were spared because they are at war and recalling them back from the battlefield might violate military law which Aero has no power now.

King George transferred the control of The Council of War to Prince James leaving him powerless in military affairs.

Aero then sighed again. The King also sighed. They look at each other and they smile bitterly toward each other.

While what the King did is not in Aero plans, but he never expected a perfect plan from the beginning.

If people think that the King and him will have a fallout because of this, they underestimated the friendship between the Chancellor and the King.

The King then asked

"So, what happened with the Princess?"

Aero then told the King a lie.

A necessary lie. He only had to build up from the lie Prince James told to the Parliament

That it was Niovar soldiers that attacked them.

And he and Helena have suffered an injury and needs to recuperate.

He has brought her to his residence to receive treatment. He told King George of all this perfectly and flawlessly crafting a lie so believable that no one could find a hole to poke with.

The King hearing that Princess Helena is in Aero residence suggested.

"But wouldn't it be better if she was with her husband right now?" The King asked. Aero smiles but he did not say anything. If she is in the Palace right now, Prince James might be thinking of doing something else again.

And this time he might succeed. It is better if the Princess is inside his residence. He then replies to the King

"I have adventurer friends that can heal her faster. The injuries she suffers while not severe would require some care"

The King nodded, ands agreeing with Aero reasoning and then he change the subject

"Aero, now that you have returned how about I let you leading the troops. I can spare another one hundred thousand soldiers under your command to take down Niovar. What do you say?" The King offered a quest

Before the quest windows popped Aero shakes his head and saidFind authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"This humble subject politely refuses." This statement and refusal shocked the King

"What do you mean?" The King asked. Aero then said nonchalantly

"I have many other matters to attend. Prince James is already a capable commander. This is his war not mine" His tone is calm but the king knows it is anything but.

He is sulking, George mused and he grins

"Per chance, are you angry at me, Aero, old friend?" George said carefully choosing his words

Aero shakes his head and give a smile to the King. But both of them know that smile is a little bit fake, a smile of courtesy

Actually Aero did felt a little left out. But how could he not lead the army just because of that trifling feelings. There is another reason why.

The true reason is because if he joins the war, who knows what will Prince James plan for him in the army.

He could frame Aero as a traitor or worse.

Aero doesn't want to take such chances. It is better to take precautions.

He is high enough on Vanheim. If he falls, the fall would be very terrible. After all, the higher you are, the harder you fall


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