Age of Adventure
137 THE LIE 2
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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137 THE LIE 2

In front of the white marble gate, Aero opened the gate expecting to smell the scent of either roasted chicken or the aromatic chicken sandwich which his cook always prepares for the guards at this time of day.

Yet, the smell was revolting. And it is a smell that Aero too much familiar with. Aero face turned dark.

He enters and the first question that came out from Helena mouth

'What happened here?

Blood is everywhere

Helena b rings out her dagger, and her eyes shines. She no longer trembles. Now, in her mind there is only one determination.

It is the determination that help her in the forest. The determination to survive. She gripped her blade tighter as she enters the residence ground

"What's this?" She asked me. Aero just said

"We're about to find that out, won't we?"

They moved forward.

Their steps cautious and silent.

Then, the scenery they saw shocked them both.

On the wall of the mansion, blood was splattered, and Aero could swear he could see some flesh sticking at the stone wall, in the fountain, a corpse is turning the water red like wine, in the gardens the corpse of his gardener is hanging on the big oak tree overlooking my bedroom window, and another corpse of one of his attendants impaled in the center of his residence and blood flowing down to the drainage.

"Someone made a terrible mess in your house, Aero" Helena said impressed

"Yeah." Aero look around his residence and he frowned

Aero walk further forward and then he saw a familiar face. But his presence startled them

Aero could see Antilus, Holt and Jayden and a few other servants in his residence cleaning up, lifting the corpses and cleaning the blood with water in the center atrium of his residence.

The sound of his footsteps make them all jumpy as they are all startled.

They were startled. Jayden was so nervous she unsheathes her sword and pointed it at him, her hands are sticky with blood and his nerves are frayed

Holt was calmer and managed to only hold the handle of his sword while Antilus flinched. The moment they see the person they immediately heaved a sigh of relief.

"Chancellor" they bowed slightly.

"What happened here?" Aero asked them. Helena stand beside him also curios of the answer.

But they all seem in a daze. Aero sighed and then he asks

"What happened here?" Aero repeated the question with a slightly higher tone and these people are all broken from their daze.

Holt look at the Chancellor and then reply

"Tatiana, Your Excellency. Tatiana happened" Aero creased his eyebrows and then he said.

"What do you mean, Holt?"

Then Holt told Aero exactly what happened during his absence. It is only about a week but a lot of thing happen in the week that he was gone

After three days he was gone, Tatiana successfully escaped but not without leaving a message for him.

Aero almost laughed when he heard the story.

She said she will be back.

'Heh' Aero smirked.

'I guess so much for an assassin pride' he said to himself.

Then Antilus bowed and then said

"Chancellor, there is also a man that claims to know you. He is waiting for you in the guest room at the right wing"

Aero shows no expression but his mind is quickly thinking

"Who is it?" he asked.

Aero don't have that many people that would be so familiar with him to come visit him in his Chancellor residence other than George, Dan, Raina and Amy.

Raina and Dan is in Lantern Night while Amy whereabouts is unknown. And George would surely be recognized by his people

Could it be Amy?

For some unknown reason, Aero heart beats faster when he thinks of the possibilities

"Ehem" a cough brought him back.

Helena was gesturing him to introduce her to his guards. Aero finally remembers that Helena is beside him

"Oh, let me introduce you. This is Helena. Princess Helena" Aero introduced them to the woman emphasizing that she is a Princess.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

But Aero guess he didn't have to.

Antilus and Holt both were ogling Helena while Jayden seems angry at Holt. It is the reason why they seem to be in a daze before.

Looking at Jayden and Holt Aero could not help but grin. It is easy to see the relationship dynamic between these people.

'Are they an item? Huh, I didn't know that' Aero thought to himself before shaking his head

Then Aero said to the servants that has finished cleaning the area

"Prepare Princess Helena our largest and cleanest room and serve her our greatest dish. Assign one of the attendants to take care of her needs" he ordered.

Holt nodded as he began barking orders to the servants

Holt gave the cleaning duty to the other workers while he escorted Helena to her room. But Helena didn't immediately go with Holt.

Instead she looks at Aero and with a little blush on her face she asks

"Where are you going, Aero?" Helena asked. Aero only smiles and said

"I have some business to handle." Aero looked at Helena and she seems tired and exhausted.

"Go, rest, bathe, eat. Replenish your energy' Then he leaned onto Helena and he did not notice it but Helena is flushed red and her hand is grip tight like she is restraining something in her heart.

Aero leaned in and whisper to her ears

'A war is coming" Aero said solemnly.

Hearing this, the flush expression is gone and her hand is relaxed again. Helena expression turned fierce.

She nodded without asking anything.

Aero walk to the right wing. He wanted to know who is the one waiting for him. His walk is calm amidst the blood and the carnage. He is unfurled and the wind and rain couldn't move him.

Now that he is back on Vanheim, that prestige and dignity of the second most powerful person in the kingdom emanated out of him.

He only smiles as he thought to himself

'Surprises after surprises.'


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