Age of Adventure
136 THE LIE 1
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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136 THE LIE 1

Aero and Helena finally reached Vanheim. They enter the Capital City and Aero contacted one of his intelligence agents.

The intelligence agents then were tasked to bring all the security measures in the Spymaster and protect Helena.

Now that he is in a safe territory he accessed his messaging function.

The first person he called is Dan. Dan was clearly exhilarated hearing from Aero again.

Aero decided to trust Dan. In the end, he must be so paranoid that he thinks this person would betray the kingdom.

He asks Dan what happen during his absence. It is then he learned that in his absence Prince James has begun his plan.

He heard the event intently and then Aero sighed. He now kind of understand a bit. War has broken out between Niovar and Vanheim.

But that is not his objective. The war was not his true objective. It never was. Aero could guess what his endgame was.

That prince is aiming for something else. He is aiming for military authority. Which would put him in a more advantageous position then his younger brother Edward for the throne.

Aero smirks

Dan however after listening that Aero has returned back quickly send an order to his knights that is in the Capital city to escort him back to the Chancellor Residence.

Dan of course could not help but ask about Helena

'Is she alive? Or is she dead? He asked

 Aero smiles and said

'The Princess is very much alive.'

What?' Hearing this Dan could not help but broke his calm. After all the war waged against Niovar is because of the death of the Princess.

'Then, couldn't we end this war and send these people back?' Dan naively ask.

'I could inform the King and let the two Kings negotiate some kind of peace' Dan excitedly said.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Aero on the other side of the kingdom just shake his head receiving Dan message

'While it is true she did not die; it is true that it is Niovar that attempted to assassinate Helena' he said. Of course Aero did not say that it was the First Prince that orchestrated the attempt.

There are many reasons why he didn't say it.

Dan believes that finding Helena alive means the end of the war. That is just a simplistic way of thinking about war. War is easy to start but hard to end.

History has proven that a war could be started for most trifling reasons but to end it could take years and even decades.

And whether Helena is alive or not, by this point this war has been ongoing and blood has bene spilled.

George couldn't just return without anything to show it, while Niovar couldn't just let George kill his people and then return without having any scratch.

If Aero was a little faster, then he could have stopped the war. But now, the water has been spilled.

Now, he needs to make a new plan.

Like it or not, even Aero could no longer stop this war anymore.

An ember has turned into a spark and now it is burning wildly, engulfing anything that is on its path.

That is how war always started and that is how it always begins

As Aero closed his messaging, someone tugged the sleeve of his robe. Beside Aero is a woman, a few inches shorter than him.

Aero ask


"Is it here?" The woman asked. The woman has a fierce blue eyes and a perfect silky blonde hair that would wave back and forth when the winds blows over.

Her face is pale white and the symmetry of her face could be considered perfect. It is not symmetrically perfect which only added to the perfection of her face.

A face without flaws instead would look artificial. But with one flaw, it only accentuates the perfection

This woman is none other than Aero companions for many days in the Forests of Vanheim and the valley of death near the Karak border, Princess Helena

She looks left and right, half expecting for a killer to jump out from the windows of the tall building and aim their dagger at her or the stall in across from her would be bursting with killer to end her.

She would not admit it but the closer she came to the Royal palace the more she becomes nervous.

They were in the outskirt of the Royal Capital waiting for the carriage. Across them are stalls and people selling their wares to players and NPC alike.

Helena seems bored by this and by the hour she became more and more impatient. She began asking when will they come like a child sometimes.

If anyone dares do this around n Aero, he would probably be annoyed. But when a beautiful woman does that, it looks cute.

God…really isn't fair

"No, they will come here in a little bit" Aero said as stand closer to Helena. He could see she is still nervous.

"Do I need to go to the Palace?" she asked as she once again hold his sleeve. Aero smiles looking at this.

Aero could see she is still afraid though she did not say it. But Aero could hear the trembling in her voice and the way her eyes that seems to be shaking the closer they came.

"No, change of plans" he finally decided. There is no need for her to suffer so much for now. Helena eyes brightened.

"We're going to my residence" Hearing that she almost clapped her hands.

They waited with each other standing there on the middle of nowhere while some of the intelligence agents that Aero has contacted have come and hidden themselves around the outskirt of the Royal Capital.

Aero notices them but Helena didn't notice them.

It is their job after all to remain invisible

In an hour finally a carriage that Dan send has come to pick them up.

Aero and Helena enter. Aero asked for the driver name but the driver said

'Nobody' the driver said. These people are weird, strange and bizarre. they are hooded and they speak in monotone.

"Are you the Package?" the driver asked

"Yes" Aero handed him one thousand gold. Aero know the rules.

"The Payment has been made. From now on, you're under our care" the hooded driver said.

And Aero nodded and lean back on his seat. Helena on the other hand looked uncertain and slowly sit closer to him

The driver started driving the carriage.

The Courier.

It is an organization set up by a man as mysterious as the organization itself.

They will escort or send anything as long as you make the payment.

In a way, they're like the Blood Brotherhood minus the killing part. They send items, escort products and packages.

But they always do their job perfectly and without flaw

Their persistence is what makes them so trustworthy among players and NPCs to send confidential items and secret packages.

It is said that they have many high level players that are a part of that organization. They didn't talk all the way to Aero destination.

In the evening finally Aero returned to my residence.

Aero looked at his residence and then open his arms and said

'It has been a long time' he said while smiling


Part one of the chapter. Will be releasing mass chapter on the 30th. So, wait for that day. There will proabbly about seven or eight chapter or maybe even ten depending on how much I fisnihed during this span of time

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