Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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The sound of trumpets, horns and the sensation of ground shaking could be felt the moment that both of the sides of the battlefield yelled

"Charge" both of the officers from each side yelled to their troops with voice as loud as a lion roars.

Like being awakened, the look on the troops changed.

They all knew at this moment; the battle has begun.

The begin charging at each other with their swords drawn and their spears stretched. With magic that blinds the eye and burns its enemies.

With arrows that looks like it was raining from the Heavens.

It is a land of death and its scene reminded people what hell on earth looks like

The moment both of their commander yelled charge they quickly and brutally clashed. Sounds of shield broken, of swords shattered, of screams and yelling were drowned by the sound of slashing.

Hundreds of men fall down, their head squashed by the feet of soldiers, some of those stomping comes from their comrades, some their enemies.

Their meat melded with the mushy and smooth soil

The other falls down from their horses and accidentally get their head smashed by the hooves of their horses.

Some were stabbed and died instantly, their body stuck to the weapons of their enemies and they keep killing each other trying to reduce the numbers of opposing sides.

The smell of blood can be smell from afar.

But the armies are in bloodlust.

One wanted to fulfill and Old Dream as long as time, another tries to protect their countries.

Which is the righteous cause?

The strong one, Alexander would say.

The armies on all wings drew near each other closer and closer. Each step closer to their battle and death and glory and defeat.

General Theolonius is being observed by Alexander and his commanders. General Theolonius is with his cavalry division.

He is Sitting proudly and dignified on horseback, watching over the battlefield without any ounce of sympathy for his soldiers that is dying

Though not for long, Alexander mused.

Then Alexander himself enter the battlefield. The war drums began pounding harder and harder, faster and faster with each beat.

He enters. He kills. He slaughters.

His prowess is unmatched in the battlefield. It is like unleashing a starving wolf upon a fat crowd of sheep.

He is a talented commander and an even more talented swordsman.

Alexander gives his troop his signal. Suddenly Alexander led his own army more towards the right, and the Geradians marched parallel along with him, far outflanking him upon their left.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Now, the chariots" yelled one of the commanders of Gerad.

The Geradian cavalry rode along the line and came into conflict with the front men of Alexander's army.

The clash is brutal. It was bloodshed for Alexander army. Limbs were flying because of the chariot overwhelming power.

Some are smart enough to pile up the corpse and make it as a shield.

"Right, Right!" Alexander yelled.

He knows what he is doing

Nevertheless, Alexander still continued to march towards the right, and almost entirely got beyond the ground that had been cleared and leveled by General Theolonius

"Ride round the right wing of the Veranisian" General Theolonius yelled from his horseback to the other commander.

The commander nodded and follows his order in unison.

General Theolonius fear that his chariots would become useless if Alexander advanced upon the uneven ground, and that is why he ordered his commander to ride around the right wing, where Alexander was commanding, to prevent him from marching his wing any further.

This led to countermoves by Alexander and precipitated a general cavalry engagement.

This time the Veranis army suffered severely but Alexander was fanning their morale and sustain the assault.

"Let us claim Alexander head" some of the general on Gerad side roared.

This time they launched the scythed-chariots against Alexander himself, to throw his phalanx into confusion.

Good, this is what I was waiting for, Alexander smirked as he saw everything is according to plan

The javelins, the magician, the expert archer, and the pikemen who had been posted in front of the Alexander cavalry, hurled their javelins, their fireballs and Rock bullet, their arrows coated with poison and stab them with their spears at the chariot horses, others they seized by the reins and pulled the drivers off, and standing round the horses killed them.

The Druid squad is also there making the terrain uneven, thus making the chariots useless.

Adventurers that are Druid are little in quantity. Not many Adventurers choose the class of Druid. A lot of them are warriors.

Alexander employs Druid adventurers after reading the war report of Aero. That time Alexander realize how useful Druids can be.

His troops have already known this might happen so they did not stand apart, and opened their ranks, as they had been taught, wherever the chariots attacked.

They endured the initial crash and then they began to attack the chariots.

This gives them opportunity to attack ferociously toward the chariot.

Many chariots destroyed, their drivers slaughtered.

"Aretes come here!" Alexander yelled while slashing some stray soldier that manages to slip through the defense.

Aretes quickly came to Alexander side in horseback. His gray shield is red with blood. His right arm is gashed with wounds and cuts.

Another one tries to attack Alexander while jumping. Aretes quickly blocked the attack and kill the troop. The troops brain sticks to Aretes big club.

"Yes, Prince. What is your order?" His voice still energetic. Excited even.

"Attack those who were riding clear around my right wing. We need to decimate or at least slowed them down for me to execute the plan" Alexander ordered.

Aretes nodded and quickly assemble his troops and began moving to the right wing.

General Theolonius began setting his whole battle line in motion, and up to that time Alexander himself is leading his men in column.

General Theolonius finally realized Aretes is slaughtering the men in the right wing.

With his big club, he looks awfully similar like an Orc, bringing destruction and death whenever he swings that club.

The other commander felt compelled to help their brethren.

"Let us help our brother!" you could hear them yelling orders to go to the right wing to stop Aretes rampage.

The Geradian made a break in the front line of their army in an intention to aid the right wing.

Big mistake, Gerad soldiers. Big mistake.

Gerad cavalry charged to aid those executing the flanking movement with their horses galloping strongly.

 Alexander wheeled towards the gap, and forming a wedge as it was of his cavalry and of the part of the phalanx which was posted there.


"HARRRRR" the soldier cheered.

He led them with a quick charge, and a loud battle cry straight towards General Theolonius.

Even General Theolonius was shocked by this sudden turn of pace.

Alexander himself, pressed on vigorously, thrusting himself against the Gerad army and striking their faces with his blade, shouts and curses were thrown at him, while Gerad bowmen try to shoot him down, yet he moves forward with incredible speed.

"HERE I COME, MY PRINCE" you could hear a hoarse voice yelling from afar.

Long pikes with uniform formation joined in the battle.

Guillermo in charge of the Veranis phalanx in dense array, bristling with long pikes, had joined in the attack.

Terror crept General Theolonius heart, whose courage already had been shaken; so seeing that this battle is turning awry he quickly the first to turn and flee.

'HARRRRR' the Veranis soldier cheered

"Look at him, running" Valermo, a commander in Alexander army is laughing heartily seeing the figure of Theolonius running from the battlefield.

Likewise, the Geradians who were trying to outflank, panic-stricken at the vigorous attack of Aretes, took to flight.

"Chase them! Don't let them escape from us!" Arêtes shouted to his troops as they began their chase.

The cavalry horses ride through the battlefield and the Veranisian soldiers began slashing the enemy with their sword, stabbing with their spears on the running soldiers like a reaper cutting through wheat.

"Kill them all. Let them know the might of Veranis" he shouted again.

Hearing their commander give them the orders, they chased after them and slaughtered the retreating soldiers.

In this part, the battle has already decided.

But the war rages on.

Alexander sit on horseback, looking at the entire battlefield and his eye is like as a hawk looking at the entire battlefield.

His eyes are determined and there is a smile on his face.

Victory is at hand.

And this is just only the beginning


Last part of the chapter. Anyway, tomorrrow I woudl porbably post a mass release. Anyway, hope you like the story and leave some comments and vote
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