Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Dan is currently leading one hundred thousand soldiers to go to Lantern Night. His men are all full with spirits and the march is especially grand and imposing

Newbies, Dan mused as he looked at his soldiers

Raina is leading another one hundred thousand.

Bradheim leads two hundred thousand men and many of them is the men from his old army. He would be Vice Commander of this campaign.

Prince James leads three hundred thousand men. Prince James is given the authority of the Supreme Commander with the Council of War under his control.

Not even the King has authority on him right now. In times of war he can even disobey a direct decree if that decree avoid him achieving win in the battlefield.

War with Niovar is beginning. Two superpower nation is the Eastern Continent will finally meet face to face in the battlefields.

This would determine and settle once and for all the question of who is the Overlord of the Eastern Continent

But Dan felt something is missing.

Because Aero is not here. He would love this and Dan would feel more reassured if he is the one leading the army.

The title that the people give him as Divine Strategist is not just for bragging purposes.

Any attempt to contact him has been futile. He wanted to ask for his opinion.

Little did he know that Aero at that time was running around the forest and even almost reaching the Karak border trying to make sure Helena is safe.

In such events, the messaging is prohibited since he needs to be in a safe zone to initiate contact with other players.

Now that Dan enters the war he also could not be counted by other players unless under some special circumstances.

'I guess he has turned off his chat window' Dan thought to himself.

'No' Dan shakes his head. He would be perfect for this.

He couldn't stop the war, Dan mused.

He did not want to get involved in another war to be honest. The first one was already hard enough

He was enjoying his life as the Duke.

He was respected and loved. Nobles came to him, invite him to grand feast, to beautiful plays, to balls.

He was approached by many people and has many connections among the other nobles.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

After Aero appoint him as the Duke he was granted a vast land to rule and he has been steadily increasing his level and encourage prosperity and development in his land

He also got an offer to appear on a TV show to talk about his adventure. Life was good

Suddenly, there is another war.

Story of his life

He thought after Aero convinced the Parliament not to go to Niovar the matter will end like that but in just one week he's not here suddenly war with Niovar happens.

'I guess the only one who really wanted peace was Aero. How ironic' Dan thought to himself. It is truly ironic

Because of the event that happens and the insistence of many in the Court and the King itself has decided, they are preparing for war.

Now the supplies have been stockpile, supply lines created and recruitment has begun. This time Vanheim is going all out.

And the might of Vanheim this time is starkly different than before. This is a behemoth that is about to collided with another behemoth

Many players join the war of course making it four hundred thousand more soldier and increasing by the day.

It helps increase the military might and these players doesn't cost much since they eat their own food and have their own supplies.

But the penalty of dying in aware still deter some people.

The Great Orc Gruk, Ruler of Forty Tribes also pledge his assistance though he will set up something first during his absence.

Does this mean Vanheim will have a quick and easy war?

No. Because while Vanheim is big, Niovar is not too shabby either.

And Niovar also have talented commanders.

After last night attack at Selassie Fort, one of Niovar Fort their commander quickly enlists the recruitment of their adventurers.

Six hundred thousand people volunteers for the war.

No wonder Niovar is one of the largest server in Brave World. By now six hundred thousand people have volunteered and many more might volunteer. Every one of them must want to rack contribution point.

Citing the attack on the Royal couple as the justification for the war, Prince James got the support of the people and the full control of the Council of War

He also sent letters to Duvar Kingdom and Karak Federation asking for their support. Though no representative of those kingdom sent their reply yet.

Greater Veranis on the other hand has their own war to focus on.

Tomorrow Vanheim will begin by attacking Ghibli. But now as soldiers lined in formations and cavalry rides and the dust rises, the soldiers march to the sound of the war drums.

By now only few Kingdom in the Eastern Continent that is not involved in a war. It is a chaotic time to be alive for the NPCs right now

War…envelop the Continent from the North, to the South, to the East and to the West. And the people suffers and perish under the yoke of oppression and slaughter

'This is a warring Kingdom period', Dan mused.

'Aero would love this 'he thought that again as he keeps riding his horse forward to the beating of the war drums.



As Vanheim is marching to fight Niovar, Veranis is also warring against one of its neighbors.


Prince Alexander of Greater Veranis began his war against Gerad Stratocracy after he defeated Tian Dynasty.

His approach is fast and lethal.

He was making steady progress with his campaign and General Theolonius has retreated back and even Alexander army is resting and replenishing their energy.

His spymaster reported to him in the dawn of morning after battle that Vanheim has wage a war against Niovar.

They are citing that Niovar attacked and murdered the Princess of Duvar, Helena

Nowadays, the only story you hear will be about war.

Vanheim is beginning to bare its fang to the Continent.

While that is big news, nothing more is in Alexander mind than the battle tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be a decisive battle that will either end this long war or make it even longer.

"Report, Commander" suddenly a scout rushed into the war tent bearing information.

General Theolonius has been defeated countless of times by Alexander yet he always manages to survive.

Any information would be useful

Alexander takes the piece of paper and began reading the information.

'It seems he is ready to meet me.' Alexander talk to himself as he nodded in satisfaction

Theolonius learns from his mistake at least.


"What, my lord?" One of his commander inquire. Alexander right now is in his war tent

"The Black Saber new tactic" Alexander grinned.

Theolonius is known as Black Saber because of his famous black curved saber that killed many of the General during his coup a couple of years ago.

This time the Black Saber makes sure his that the new battleground favored his army and its tactics particularly the use of his feared scythe-wheeled chariots.

"Look at this" Alexander sprawled the paper and show it to them. The map of the battleground.

"The ground here is flat, perfect for chariots. And from the report, Theolonius made it even flatter by ordering the terrain plowed and leveled."

He is trying to use his famed chariots to stop me. We'll see about that. Alexander thinks to himself.

"So, that what the scout saw a few days ago" the other captains muttered.

"Most probably" Alexander reply

"Tomorrow we will face them"

Five hundred thousand of Gerad Stratocracy soldiers facing off two hundred thousand of Alexander army.

This difference in soldier would break the heart of any commander but Alexander was confident of his victory.

Alexander smirked

'You think you are smart? I'm smarter'


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