Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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The rain subsided and the corpse has already been thrown down on the ravine near the valley. With Aero strength he easily transported those bodies outside.

Aero thought of many things in the dark and the more he thinks the darker his thoughts became.

Aero did not inform Dan of the information he learned. He could not trust Dan not to blab it around.

Aero need time to gather his thoughts and plan his move. He is also suspicious of Dan.

Sometimes the quiet ones are the most bold

'Or am I just being paranoid?' he thought to himself.

What should he do with this information? This is big. The Prince of the kingdom incited a war and Aero could guess what Prince James wanted

The fire place crackle as Aero throw another branch of trees onto the fire as the flames lives again.

After the rain they needed to warm themselves up so they are still in the cave

The cave was damp and dark, and the ground was muddy because of the rain. Helena is shuddering in cold beside Aero.

"Aero, let's go to Duvar" Helena suggest suddenly. Her hand rubbed each other because of the cold.

They are resting in the cave after they killed their attackers. They just ate a rabbit.

'It looks so delicious. Even though it's cute Helena has no problem killing the rabbit. I guess if you're hungry anything will do' Aero thought to himself.

They have already cleaned themselves with the rain. None of them have that trace of blood on their body anymore.

Though it is a bad decision for Helena. Now she is feeling the cold more intensely. Aero doesn't feel cold, he only experience refreshing coolness.

Aero look at Helena and his eyes ask the question. Helena grab his sleeve and tugged it twice.

'Let's go to Duvar. Together'

"Why?" Aero ask. He felt touched that Helena is thinking of him. But Helena doesn't truly know what power he held in Vanheim.

"If we go to Duvar I can ask for my family protection. We'll be safe there" Aero only smiles. And then he asked

"You mean ask your father, King Vrandeus to shelter us? Then what?"

"Then I will ask my father to brought Prince James to justice" she said simply, her eyes are determined and her hand is balled into a fist.

Aero only chuckles

She is too naïve. Aero then said

"And risk a war? Is that what you want? Why do you think your father marry you off to Vanheim family? It is to avoid war that he marries you to that family? Think again….and decide wisely" Aero said slightly annoyed

"I don't need a family that tries to kill me" she said curtly.

Aero shakes his head.

People don't know and mistakenly believed that they control their own life when instead they were controlled by the events around them.

Strong people espouses event and only the strong could control their life.

"This is bigger than just you, Helena. This involves three kingdoms, of their rise and fall. Unfortunately, you are in the middle of it"

"So? I just have to endure this?" Aero looked upwards and then sighed. Then he looked back at Helena and said

"Yes, Princess. Endure. You have to," Aero said sternly.

"Why?" she said her tone challenging

"Why? Because if war breaks out how many you think will get involved in that? How many would die just because you want one simple petty revenge. Kingdoms will fall and millions would lose their lives"

"Is that what it seems to you? A simple petty revenge? Is my life means that little?" Aero sighed and then said

"You know that is not what I mean" Aero said slightly regretting what he said.

"Then what do you mean?"

"Your life is precious Helena but how about the life of other people? The people of the world. Do they not mean anything to you?"

"Hah, don't pretend like you care about our lives. You're an adventurer. No matter how many times you die you will revive back"

Aero sighed. Then he looks at Helena and thought to himself.

Fine. That is true. At least…that was true before

Maybe he couldn't care less before about these NPCs. But now at least he cares a little.


Because Aero have seen many things and experience many things when playing this game

Even though it seems hard for him to believe, the more he plays this game the more it feels like the NPC and AI have their own personality and it seems like they felt pain, anger, sadness, joy and various other emotion.

It is quite weird, strange and bizarre.

They felt too real to treat them just like they are pixels in games.

Aero in the game met Tatiana, Kreon, Deria, The Gods and many other people and lives that all moved not according to some patterns but moved by their desire and motivation.

They all each have their goal living their life to the fullest.

'How human of them' Aero once thought

Aero couldn't help but respect that. Or maybe he is just addicted to this game and taking it way too seriously

Then Aero said to Helena

"I do care, Helen. That's why I'm saying this" Aero said Helen. And Helena pursed her lips. Aero when he is serious called Helena, Helen

Helena then ask

"Then what do you suggest, Aero?" Aero then said

"Let's go back to Vanheim. Then we could think of a strategy"

"Back to Vanheim? You mean to the place where that bastard prince lives? You mean the place where that bastard prince that tried to kill me? That place?" She said sarcastically

Aero laugh faintly and then shakes his head. Then he said

"He's not a bastard prince, Helen"

"Anyone who tries to kill me is a bastard in my eyes." She said countering

Aero just shakes his head.

"Yes, that place" Aero just relent

"Why? Do you really want to see me get kill that badly Aero?"

"Let me explain, Helen"

'We now know who is the enemy. And he is still in the dark'

Then Aero explain to her that now he knows who the enemy is he can protect her better.

He may not be a Prince like James but he is more influential than James. So much more influential compared to some Prince

He also outlined a few benefits if they returned. It also helps that they can monitor James more closely and at the same time avoids war with Duvar.

And Aero don't think Helena wanted that too.

If Vanheim declares war against Niovar because of the death of Helena, Duvar whether they like it or not must enter the war to reclaim their honor and avenge the death of their Princes.

Castor and Pollux would surely ride to Niovar and join the soldier if Vanheim declared war based on the death of Helena.

Worst case scenario, Duvar would end up blaming Vanheim for the death of the Princess

If Vanheim is at war with Duvar and at the same time Niovar other country may also take this as a chance to ganged up on Vanheim.

If Duvar allow for example United Kingdom of Veva to pass through to attack Vanheim, they are doomed.

With the full might of Veva and with the possibility of Niovar that would surely also join such a coalition, it could create a chain effect that would be disastrous for Vanheim.

In worst case scenario it could lead Karak to break away from their agreement.

Aero had already secure the agreement of the Four Houses but if the circumstances changes and Vanheim is no longer the strong Vanheim that they fear then everything changesFind authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

War with Duvar could spell annihilation for Vanheim. Duvar seems like a small Kingdom but its importance is grand.

Especially now that the North is united under one rule and the Eastern is also united under one monarch.

Now the importance of Duvar as the Central Kingdom is magnified. Anyone who wished to rule this continent may need to get Duvar on their side.

But then why United Kingdom of Veva doesn't just attack Duvar if it's so important?

Because it is a Holy site for all the people in the continent.

Even Zeus is not that stupid.

Do that and whole Kingdom will turn on him. Even rebellion will occur in his Kingdom.

Never underestimate religions. Many have and many have failed.

Aero hold Helena hand and give her a promise.

"I promise on my life Helen; I never will let anything happen to you" Aero said sincerely.

Helena looked at Aero eyes gauging his sincerity

"You promise?"

"Yes, I give you my word. Let us return to Vanheim and speak none of it that you know of James involvement." Aero advises

"Why?" Aero smiles and it is the same smiles that shakes the hearts of his enemies.

"Because now Helen, you have some dirt on him. And that's very important. Now you have a hold on him"

Finally, Helena agreed.

It took them two days to make sure that there is no longer any assassin that is after them before they double back and instead going to Karak or Duvar they returned back to Vanheim.

The hardest part was to convince Helena to return back to Vanheim instead of returning to Duvar and escalate tensions and embroil the entire Eastern continent into a great war

After making sure no one followed them anymore they began walking back to Vanheim.

"Hold my hand, Aero" Helena said suddenly on the way down a steep slope


"I'm cold"

"Fine" Aero hold her hand.

Her grip tightens.

With new determination they started walking.


I will not say much but you coudl see the relationship between Aero and helena is changing right?
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