Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Another man tried to jump from the trees and stab Aero.

Aero skillfully evaded and split the man body in two without much effort. Another body is added to the pile of corpses in the cave.

By now they went deeper and deeper into the cave until there is only dead end behind them

They need to broke their defense and charge out.

The other assassins just watched the scene of Aero slicing tow people in half with utter shock.

"Fine! Let's charge!" she said grinning. She is now drenched in the blood of her enemies.

Finally, Helena brought out her shining knife.

Aero looked at the knife with reverence. That is the Gods crafted weapon.

He heard the story from Helena a couple of days ago when they were hiding in a large tree. Thankfully the hole in the tree gave them a hiding place.

Helena said to Aero that the gift was from the Goddess of Love, crafted by the Cyclops who loved Aphrodite.

That is the reason why that weapon is able to wound him.

At least that mystery is solved.

Helena then shouted and charged forward.

She started killing the assassins up close. Moving agilely and lethally slipping in and out of the range of killing of the assassins.

It is a game of parry and stabbing. When she spotted the chance she will grab the knife on her hips and throw it to the attackers.

She is a knife wielding badass.

Aero used the last knife he took from Helena and threw it to the assassin lurking on the darkness waiting for the right moment to strike.

With a wind ripping sound it accurately The body fell to the ground almost instantly as the knife stuck itself inside the mouth of that assassin.

 'Did he think I could not see him?' Aero thought to himself.

It is funny if they think like that. His eyes are looking at the entire battlefield. The advantages of being in a cave is that it restricted a lot of movement which is advantageous for his side.

He just needs to throw the knife weakly and even that would equal the force of someone throwing it with their full power.

'Two point for the Styx' Aero thought to himself.

Then he realized many more are in front of him.

He forced his mind to read the patterns of their attack on whether is there anyone else hiding behind the others and tries to do a sneak attack on Helena or him.

Aero also tried to determine who the leader is.

Kill the leader and the others might scatter.

Aero charged the attackers with his sword slashing with a force that is akin to the world descending down on them

His movement looks like he is dancing gracefully in the battlefield to cut a path ahead with the Howling Blade.

Along the battle, he throws the blade he got from Helena and started using his Howling Blade. It is not as powerful like the Sword of Mars but it is acceptable.

Combined with his strength and the sharpness of the blade, the attackers were like twigs easily sliced and easily broken.

Helena was too far in the front. No way to get her to safety now.

Aero began think to himself.

'Don't die on me, Helena. I guess the battles we had these past few days helps her in spotting enemy blind spot.'

Her attacks were precise. A far cry from the first time they fought together. She did kill the people but it took her time, and sometimes her precision was off.

By now, Aero guess he didn't have to worry about her.

Aero then began paying attention to his enemies.

Blades and knives passed him by, sometimes glancing his cheeks which only created a sound like it clashed against metal while he dodged around.

He closed his distance with one of the attackers and drove his blade to the assassin heart.

Then he palms strike his blade and the blade pierced the attacker's heart and the blade was gone off like a bullet piercing anyone behind the man he just killed.

It was like the blade is a bullet.

Aero smirked.

It's a new trick he developed. Using his strength, he could shoot his own blade like it's a bullet. Though that will leave him without a blade.

At least for a while.

But, hey, invulnerability.

Aero then proceeded by just punching. Every time he punched the head was smashed like a pumpkin.

He lets the blade for a while. After the battle he could just pick it up. The assassins began to feel fear.

This is the first time they met someone who has such domineering strength.

Then another man screaming rushed forwards. Aero just pierced the man's heart using his bare hand.

For an instant they stood locked, face to face, with the man he had just killed--a thickset red-head with pale skin and vicious, gleeful, mad blue eyes.

Outrage and disbelief pulsed out at him . . . and drained away.

The eyes went blank.

'That will teach you. I already give you all the chance to surrender' Aero said as the assassin body slide down and no longer breathing

The others began hesitating.

Helena on the other hand is fighting two skillful knife wielding masters. When she dodges one the other tries to attack her blind spot.

This could not do

"Aero!" she shouted

"I may need some help here if you're done" She said glancing on Aero. She could see Aero has already finished.

He took a lot more people than she did, but he finished first.

Helena has always wondered this about him.

How could he be so strong? No matter how many opponents he fights nothing fazes him.

Aero nodded.

Quickly Aero rushed to Helena's side.

Helena then suddenly got hit in the head. She fell and rolled away.

She had to get up.

She was on her feet, shaking her head, trying to see through a black haze.

Her vision was blurry.

They hit me good, Helena mused.

Helena was stretched between two men, being dragged away.

She struggled of course. But their strength is deterring her.

Aero jumped in front of her

"Handle him" the man with the scar on his face spoke

He must be the leader

"As you say"

He then charged at Aero with such incredible speed that Helena almost could not see him.

My God, he is going to get stabbed, Helena thought.

Then a shattered noise could be heard.

The man is in front of Aero with a shattered knife.

Aero just looked at the man and grabbed his face.

'Oh…. I guess you don't know?' Aero said as he smiles.

The man is pale on the face and fear is reflected in his ears the moment that knife shattered. He tries to struggle away but nothing he is doing could even shake one finger of Aero grip on his head.

'Go and meet Hades' Aero said

Then he squeezed the man's face and the man's face slowly turns blue and then purple and then one could saw that the man veins are all expanded before it burst and then his head exploded.

Blood and flesh is everywhere. Some of them even stick onto the cave wall.

The man with the scar is shocked.

Then Aero said, his voice loud and commanding

"Release her or a more terrible fate awaits"

The man quickly let Helena loose.

Slowly Aero stepped in front of the man with the scar.

"Who is your master?"

Stuttering, he said

"Prince James"

Aero looked calm. He smiles. Maybe he was expecting this answer.

Then he looks at the man with the scar. He titled his head and then shakes his head and then sighed.

 "I guess that pride means nothing after all" Then without warning he pierced the man's heart with his bare hand.

The disbelief and shock in the face of the man with the scar is clearly reflected in his eyes. Aero only click his tongue as he crushed that man heart as he digs deep down into that man lung cavity.

Helena just stood there watching the man with the scar taking his last breath.

Even though she just heard a pretty big revelation, her mind was filled with other questions. Especially the question about Aero

What is he really?

Weapons don't work on him.

He has a strength Helena has never seen and that is saying something considering her brother Castor and Pollux both are strong men.

She slumped to the dirty mud after being released from such intense situations.

The smell of death, or stench of meat and flesh is still permeating inside the cave but Helena have no time to care about it now.

She is panting, as she tries to calm her breathing and she is exhausted.

But Aero was not even panting.

He didn't even look like he has to take a breath.

Then Helena looked back.

All the other attackers have died.

Some have their faces smashed, some have holes in their heart, and some were like something massive opened up their chest.

"You" Aero shouted to one of the surviving attackers.

"Bring me that sword"

The sword was stuck in a man's chest. The guy tries to take the sword from the dead man's chest but it took him a couple of minutes before he was able to.

He brought the sword to Aero.

His hand was trembling when he presented the sword to Aero.

He must fear that he too would have been killed.

The other that survived are already fleeing, limping, dragging their wounded with them, the attackers retreated.

Aero let the man go.

Then he sat on the ground besides her.

"Are you alright"?" Aero asked

"Could have been better" she replies

"Exhausted?" he asked


"Want to use my shoulder as a sleeping pillow?" Aero offered

"With all this blood?" Helena pointed to her clothes.

"The rain would clean you up" Aero smiled.

The droplets of water are still trickling from the sky. She looked at Aero's eyes.

That dazzling hazel eyes. He is worried about me.

She laid on Aero's shoulders side by side, and huddled as if she is sleeping, covered with blood and mud, her new dress torn halfway off her.

Aero strokes her hair gently, like he always does.

The first time was when she was trembling nonstop the first day they were sleeping together in that dark cave.

'I could not stop my trembling so he strokes my hair. And right now my hand is trembling. I try to hide it, but he notices.' This is her thoughts as she put her head on his shoulders

Aero just let her as he is gathering his thought after listening to the confession of the leader of this group

He did not know what Helena is thinking

'He knows I'm afraid of this. He knows I'm just pretending' and she smiles a bit as she snuggles up closer.

Aero realized Helena has wound on other parts of her body so he askedFind authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"How about now? Are you alright?" He whispered to her ear. It was dark so Aero could not see how red her face is.

It is quite fortunate for Helena.

"Hmm, better" she replied.

Her hand laid up curled, opening to the falling rain.

Water cleanses, she mused

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