Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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It is another day on the run for Aero and Helena. It is the second night that this valley is experiencing rain.

The rain pours down heavily in the afternoon and now it slowly slowed down

Last night it was raining heavily and today it is raining again. Fog has set in as night is approaching.

In the darkness of the night, the leaves rustles, and dark silhouettes move cautiously around the valley, surrounding this cave that is not so hidden anymore.

This is a formation to ambush someone.

And there is no doubt that the reason why they are even bothering to do these kind of formation is because of the man that keep protecting the target they were supposed to kill.

Under cover of the rain and fog, the pack had stalked in, unseen, converging from three directions, like wolves waiting for the right moment

Meanwhile on the cave, on a slightly elevated point of the cave Aero is sitting beside a fire place he made.

Outside, the mist is gathering and the rain is slowing down.

He is thinking about a lot of things. He had been thinking of this matter since he saved Helena. But now he truly could gather his thoughts.

By now, Aero had made a deduction

Those people that are chasing them...they are Vanheim people.

There is no doubt. By now, Aero has made his own hypothesis.

This must be the work of the Conservative Faction. Who is to gain the most with Helena being dead?

It surely is not Niovar. Niovar too is preparing their army but they are still not attacking because they too have their own considerations.

Unlike Vanheim Niovar has many internal problems.

That is why Aero wanted to wait. He wanted to use their internal problem to weaken them from the inside before truly attacking them

He lay it all out in the Grand Plan he written. Of course, there is still many not written in his Grand plan and he did not present it to the King, but that is because he is still planning.

A war right wasteful in Aero opinion. But someone wanted to incite war between Vanheim and Niovar.

Someone must be doing this to gain something.

No matter who wins and who loses the battle between Niovar and Vanheim, the fallout of the victory would be high.

Both of these nation is super power nation with large territory and large armies. If one handled it unwisely, it could create a wave of chaos even after winning.

It would take a lot of lives and waste a lot of resources to win for either side. Aero try to avoid that route precisely because it would delay the grand cause.

If Vanheim never desire to expand themselves to the entire continent, then there is no problem to fight Niovar and survive these chaotic eras.

But since he and George wanted to unify the Vilajeri continent, then one has to move cautiously and wisely.

Conserve resources, attack when the opportunity comes and be patient. The most important thing is to be patient. They are playing the long game now.

And there is no turning back. With Zeus in the North, Vanheim need to take the Eastern Continent without wasting too much resources.

It is only by conserving resources and using them only when it is necessary that Vanheim could contend with Zeus in the North.

Niovar had nothing to gain by trying to assassinate Princess Helena. Instead they have more to lose.

And King George has even less to gained from planning this. There is also the fact that the assassin is too familiar with the area around Vanheim.

It was almost like they lived there. There is also the fact they keep shouting that they are from Niovar

One rule of assassination is that assassin would never reveal their identity. If Niovar really wanted to kill Helena, they would find another way.

Another more foolproof way.

By doing this, they essentially make Duvar, which is the seat for the Emperors of Old hostile to them

They lose more than they would gain

But there is someone who would gain something from this. If this people are really Vanheim people, then the Court has something to do with this.

Then there is only one faction in the court that stand to gain something from this.

The Conservative faction

But who?

Who is the mastermind?

As he was thinking, he heard sound as his ears twitched and Aero only smirks. The sound is like a wave as it hits Aero ears.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

He heard footsteps amidst the pattering of the rain that drops down to the leaves and the ground.

If this is any other person, the sound of the rain and the wind would have masked the sound of their footsteps.

But unfortunately they meet Aero.

'Come out, come out!' Aero shouted, his shout reverberates until it reaches the ears of the assassin and chasers.

One of the leaders of these people nodded and then they no longer maintain their stealth.

The footsteps multiplied and Aero could see from the distance people entering the cave, no longer hiding themselves as they stride powerfully into the cave

Then many more people emerged as the people who were waiting on the trees outside the caves, jumped down and follow the group.

They are carrying knives, axes, blades, swords, halberds and clubs and chains and variety of weapons.

These are hired assassins not soldiers.

They use knives and blades and they move with agility and strike with deadly precision.

Aero looked at Helena.

He can hold them off alone but he fears about Helena safety. And if he fought them alone, his secret will not be revealed.

"Run from me." Aero let her hands loose.

"Run fast." He told Helena

But she backed away, wide eyed, breathing hard.

"How did they find us?" Aero shook his head. He doesn't know how either. Aero think he underestimated these people too much

Most assassins are talented trackers. Thinking about it Tatiana, the assassin that tried to kill him has variety of skills and they are talented in many masteries of the weapon.

Aero look at Helena and notice the expression on her face. He felt a little pity for her.

'I don't blame her for looking distraught. We were running nonstop. I was fine because of the curse but I forgot about her' Aero thought internally

There was shock in her voice and fear.

Probably this is the largest group that she has seen since she escaped from them.

"I won't leave you behind, Aero. You should know that" Helena said adamantly. By now, she already addresses him casually.

Well, when you are together trying to outrun an army of assassins, you tend to open up a bit.

Aero just smiled.

She turned in a circle, looking for a gap in the net closing around them.

She is scanning the environment, looking left and right, wearing a fierce expression with the shining knife hold tightly in her hands.

And he knew she was not an ordinary woman. And he smiles despite of himself.

Even when in such situation she tries to remain calm and strong.

Aero could see why Dan speaks so highly of her.

'Not only external beauty, she has this inner beauty that mesmerizes you.' Dan said these words to him before.

He always thought that was just a compliment derived because of her beauty. But it seems it is not entirely false.

Aero eyes and ears suddenly became more aware.

He realized many more are coming. He quickly informed Helena.

"More of them are down that way. Probably another ten or twenty men." Aero said.

There is no other choice. She does not want to run anymore so I guess we have to fight. Aero thought to himself as he looked at the determined face of Helena.


Aero taking the left signaled Helena to take the right.

Aero knew enough not to treat this woman like any other woman.

She does not need his protection at this moment.

Since she can help, he will let her help.

After all, as a strategist, his most polished ability is the ability to outsource resources and distribute it.

She can save herself.

But that doesn't mean he didn't worry about her. Running together and living together in caves and hiding in bushes and trees has a way of making people intimate.

They were two against that many.

'Long odds' Aero said to himself. Then he smirked.

'Odds are we'll die.'

At least that must be what the attackers think of us. But Aero only smiles.

'But I'm invincible. I would love to see how they would kill me' Aero thought to himself and he almost laughed.

Helena has picked a target--one in front, targeting him for an intimidation act a place where the rest of his friends would see him die—

Then without hesitation she threw a throwing knife she got from yesterday killers and it landed perfectly where she targeted.

The man collapsed with a sucking, bubbling neck wound that keep spurting out from the puncture in his neck.

The knife is stuck in his throat.

He tried to speak, buy the blood flow to his lung and before long he took his last breath.

The familiar stink of death rose in the valley. The sound of the birds at night and the howling of the wolves in the distance only add the tragedy that will occur tonight.

Helena pulled her second knife.

'One down, many to go. I will let them meet the Unseen One. Lord Hades would be happy' Helena muttered.

Aero just grinned.

"Do I need to watch your back, Helena?" Aero asked out of courtesy.

"Mind your own targets, Aero" Helena said smiling.

They always began their killing with this kind of banter.

Aero and Helena both are used to this kind of conversation.

Well, when your only other choice is not to speak nothing, even banter is good enough for us to alleviate the boredom of the tension that we might die at any moment.

Aero play along with it because he could see that she is always nervous. NPCs…when they die…they die permanently.

Meanwhile, as Aero and Helena is bantering, the act that Helena did shows it effect.

That act made the assassins hesitated.

They're sending glances back and forth, fingering blades and cudgels.

Attack or retreat.

That must be what is on their mind.

They have been hunting them for how many days now.

Aero could see the hesitation in the group of killers and brutes and he smiles. He then shouted again, the volume of his voice is like a lion roaring in the savannah.

"How about this?" Aero shouted suddenly opening his hand like he is ready to give a grand announcement.


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