Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Someone is running through the forest as the sound of leaves rustling and the sound of metal ripping the wind could be heard.

A pair of young man and a woman is running while being chased by dark forces. These chasers are determined but their numbers are dwindling.

Arrows were loosened and swords and blades were draw but the person they are chasing is still alive.

None of the chasers could understand the event that is happening towards them right now. There never have been such cases before where the hunted could survive these long before

The person being chased is none other than Aero and Helena. They are holding hands as they dodged the chasers.

They hide in branches, on the corner of the bush, on unsuspecting holes and even abandoned caves. The entire forest seems to be a trap to make sure Helena is dead

"Behind you!" Helena shouted while her hands were holding Aero.

Aero saw them as they slashed down toward Helena.

Fuck!' Aero cursed in his heart as he slaps the assassin with his hand.

With one slap, that assassin neck dislocated and he died in an instant, dropping instantly in the ground with his eye opened, not understanding how he died.

He held Helena hand tighter and he spun her around as an arrow passed her by. She is once again in his embrace.

But just as she is about to take a breath another arrow whizzed by and Aero push her body away but his hand is still holding hers.

The arrow passed by through the gap between the distance of Aero body and Helena body. Then he spun her back to his body.

The archers and the assassin hidden in the forest look at this scene and could not help but think that these two is not dodging arrows and deflecting g weapons.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Instead they were dancing in the forest.

If one did not see the arrows and the blades directed towards them, they might mistake Aero and Helena is dancing inside the forest.

They were fast in approaching him because they have no other way. Aero is like an unbreakable shield. They just wanted to kill the girl and then came this person.

Because of this person the already fatigued and almost captured target is saved. At first, they just decided to kill the man with the woman.

But now, they only hope that this man just went away so they could complete their assigned task of killing the woman

This man, whoever he is, is a great warrior.

Aero pull Helena as he run forward while deflecting any of the arrows that come near her and if there is an assassin that jumped out from their hidden spot trying to stab or slash her, Aero would dispatch them with one movement of his hand

'These bastards. They never give us time to rest' She cursed. Aero is maintaining his silence as he deflected another arrow.

One arrow whizzed him by and his eyes catch the silhouette of a person hiding in a tall tree.

He took the flying arrow and then quickly throws it back to that silhouette and as he runs way with Helena around him, he could hear the sound of something falling behind him

Then he could see in the distance something moved in the large bush in front of him

'Shit. More of them' Aero thought to himself.

These assassin is scuttling towards him with their blades, swords, and some are even using spears.

'They are prepared. Too prepared' even in this intense situations, Aero could still remain calm. Considering, he has invincibility, he could of course be calm. It is Helena he is worried about.

They wore Niovar uniform but Aero felt something off. He felt like there is a scheme here. Someone wanted Helena dead.

And this is not Niovar kind of schemes.

Aero thought to himself as one of the assassin try to stab him with a spear.

He pulls Helena to his back as he used his armpit to lock the spear. With one swing of his upper body the metal spear cracked and broke.

Then Aero kick the assassin in the stomach and the assassin flew to the nearby tree, as all of his internal organs ruptured.

Another assassin slash toward Helena that is on Aero back. Aero move his feet and changed position with Helena.

The sword falls onto Aero shoulder and exploded into hundreds of metal fragment that scattered on the ground.

Aero punch one of the assassin face as that person face exploded and slowly his body falls down.

Another come to him with a stabbing motion. Aero did not dodge it. Because behind him is Helena. He would be fine getting stabbed but not that woman.

But just because he couldn't dodge it doesn't mean he would just stand still. He kicks the top of that sword with high precision.

For that one moment Aero could see the world in slow motion.

It was not that the world slowed down for him. But his perception become so fast that everything seems to be slowed down.

The sword flew from the assassin hand and stuck itself to the ground behind the assassin. Aero took this chance to stab his hand onto that assassin chest.

With one stabbing motion, Aero hand penetrate that assassin chest.

Aero then grab something from that man heart cavity and pull out his hand. On his hand is that assassin beating hearts.

He threw that heart to the ground as that assassin look in disbelief before falling to the ground, bleeding profusely from the hole in his chest before he breathed his last

Aero then took Helena hand as Helena was shocked to see the thick blood around Aero hand as they keep on running amidst the rains of arrows and the flying axes that is hurled towards them from hidden places.

Helena look behind her and saw the terrible death of those assassins.

It has only been a few second and Aero could easily kill those people like he is fighting not elite assassins but kids that just got born yesterday

On the other hand, Aero is thinking of something else. He didn't even notice the blood dripping from his hand

'I mean, if they are really Niovar soldiers why advertise it? If you want to assassinate a person why the hell would you wear something that could identify you especially if this is really ordered by Niovar?' Aero thought to himself.

No doubt he found all of this setup suspicious. Someone wanted to blame Niovar with the death of Helena and plunge Vanheim into a war with Niovar.

While Aero knows Vanheim is capable enough to fight with Niovar, this would delay the grand cause. There are other ways of fighting a war other than sending armies.

There is a conspiracy here, Aero thought

'Aero!' Helena shouted again while her hand was pointing at the trees. Aero look at the direction and he scoffed.

Then he nodded toward Helena and then he said

 "Those people don't give up do they?"

"Yeah, one could hope they already find us boring enough" Helena replied grinning.

Aero look at the area around them and he could feel the killing intent that is surrounding this forest.

These assassins are out for blood. This is a forest filled with wolves.

More followed them, slipping from the bushes and the trees, looking at them and trying to kill them.

They were running together these past few days together further and further away from Vanheim.

They created a blockade on the way to Vanheim. Aero could guarantee his own safety but he could not guarantee Helena safety.

And it is her safety that is more important right now.

Her death could start a complicated political issue that would span nations and kingdoms of the Vilajeri continent.

There is the fate of Duvar, Vanheim, and Niovar interlinked with this woman.

Last night they both took refuge in a hidden cave.

Helena is wearing the tunic of the assassin they killed yesterday.

Heeding Helena advice, Aero decided to take refuge in Karak. He has more allies there and he needs to gather his thoughts of whoever orchestrating this plot.

Aero have shared his theories with Helena telling her there is a conspiracy here that is targeting her life.

Because of that Aero fear for the safety of the Princess urged the princess to go someplace else until Aero could determine who is responsible.

He did not contact Dan yet. He was too busy running to initiate contact. You could only initiate contact in a safe environment.

And even that would be abolished in the next update of the game to enhance realistic feeling.

After a few hours of running they finally shakes off their pursuers. They arrived at a valley and as they were about to pass the valley, Helena saw something and pointed to Aero.

Aero looked toward the direction and he smiles.

He nodded and said

'I guess we could rest here for a while' The nodded and they climb down to the valley as they enter a cave hidden from view by the tall trees and the natural formed mist around the valley.

They decided to rest here and replenish their energy.


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