Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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While Aero and Helena is running through the forest dodging assassins, archers and other dark forces, another event is happening in the Summer Dream Castle.

Summer Dream Castel was meant to be a relaxing castle for the King to spend when summer came.

But today, because of the emergency matter, the ministers and the officials of the court all came here to discuss the issue.

The atmosphere of the make shift court is tense. The King sitting in his throne is closing his eyes and frowning. He felt his head pulsing with anxiety and anxiousness.

But he does not show his worries externally. He is thinking. A young, tall valiant man stepped out into the forefront of the court, bowed and then raise his head up and said

"Royal Father, this is clearly a declaration of a war. This is provocation and a warning" he said first to the King and then he addresses the court with the same sentiment

But the King still did not say anything and his eyes is still closed. Prince James look at his father and there is some anger in his eyes but he quickly hides it

Duke Bradheim notices it but he just shakes his head. The misunderstanding between this pair of father and son is deep.

Then Prince James spoke.

 "Royal Father, little brother has told us he was being attacked by a group of people wearing Niovar uniforms. This is clearly an offensive action towards our country" Duke Bradheim nodded as a gesture of agreement

Gruk is also here in the court and he look at the minster and officers, his eyes seem to analyze these people.

In the Orc Lands, the one who rules is the most powerful and the most influential. There is no kind of intrigue in their courts. Only the loyalty towards the strong.

Hearing the news quickly Bradheim who was in Iron Lands and Gruk who was also there rushed to the Castle.

Gruk has pacified the region of the Orcs in Nairhell.

The other tribes in Nairhell is usually affiliated with him and do not want to anger him considering his territory is prosperous and has many supplies from Vanheim.

It also helps he has powerful military presence.

It is also because of Duke Bradheim that Gruk could pacify the region. Hearing that Vanheim has a crisis, Gruk quickly offered his help.

Nairhell and Vanheim now is on the same boat.

Vanheim King does not meddle in their region and gives them autonomy to rule and will forget past grievance as long as the Orcs respected the treaty and agreement between them

The reason why the court is so jittery and it is so tense today is none other than because of the event happening early in the day

Prince Edward has been attacked by Niovar agents. But not all ae eager to fight Niovar. One minister comes out form the fray and present his suggestion to the King

"How about we send emissaries to confirm this story?' Josh offered to the King.

King George is sitting on his throne opens his eyes but he wearing an expression of weariness.

Gloria shook her head.

"Niovar will continue to be a threat. In the end we have to face them eventually," Sayle, Anton and Hanson all nodded their heads in agreement.

"Is this what it comes to?" George said solemnly.

"Is war the only answer?" he asked and the entire court quieted.

No official's dares give an answer right now.

Some of it is because they fear the War faction, the other was because they do not have a solution that would not besmirch the reputation of the royal family and honor if they do not go to war

"Father" James said to King George

"Edward is my brother, and Princess Helena is your daughter in law. Now Niovar has attacked them both. Will you just stay your hands? Princess Helena by now must already gone to the Underworld. How could we account this matter to the people of Duvar and their royal family?"

His words were harsh but everyone in the court knows that sometimes truth had to be said.

King George must be urged.

"Maybe Princess Helena is still alive. Chancellor Aero has rushed to Erdanis forest to search for her"

"And by then, he will find her corpse." James replied

George has sent reinforcements to the forest after hearing Aero rushed to the forest. There is still no news.

"Father, let me lead seven hundred thousand soldier for me to attack Niovar. From Fort Lantern I will mount an attack to Niovar. Let me exact revenge for Princess Helena."

Hearing this the entire court gasp in shock. The Prince himself volunteer to lead the army and attack Niovar.

Bradheim on the other hand frowned. To other people it might seem like James is only volunteering for the sake of the honor of the kingdom.

But it could also mean that the Prince is asking military authority and he is taking it under the pretense of attacking a neighboring enemy.

The Prince, both of them does not have military authority as its authority is hold tightly by the King and the Chancellor.

Bradheim frowned and he take a long hard look at his nephew and sighed.

the Court following that explosive declaration began quarreling among themselves. They are all quarrelling whether to really go to war with Niovar right now.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

George however is thinking.

What would Aero do? Would he press for war or sue for peace? But how could he sue for peace at this juncture

Daryl Van Zur shows no respect for him.

He even sent people to attack his son and his daughter in law.

What would people think of him if he did not avenge his daughter in law? George contemplated this matter and think again and after that he finally regained enough bravery to voice out his decision.

Because his decision could change the geography of the Eastern Continent after this

"I have made my decision" George declared.

The quarrelling in the room stopped.

The hall quieted. George then pointed his finger at Prince James and said

"Prince James will lead the army and my order as King is for you to teach the Niovarians that our honor and might must not be challenged. This dishonor must be avenged. The control of the Council of War belongs to you now. Bring Vanheim and me everlasting glory" George announced.

The court is divided on the issue but since the King himself has declared it they all nodded and bowed to the King

'Your Majesty is wise!' They all said in unison

The Conservative faction cheered while the moderate faction clapped unenthusiastically.

Prince James however is smiling.

He was actually looking at the crowd and he thought to himself

'I guess my plot is not discovered' And there is a smirk on his face

Unknown to anyone it is Prince James that plotted the death of Helena.

He has ordered his assassins to pose as Niovar soldiers and kill Helena and let his brother off with an arrow.

His brother and the death of his wife will be the justification of war against Niovar.

The moment his brother said it was Niovar soldiers that attacked him, James knew that he would be able to persuade his father to wage war against Niovar.

It also helps that Chancellor Aero is not here to object to his father decision. If he is here and he is against pursuing war, then with Father trust on him, he might not pursue for war.

Who would have thought that Aero would volunteer to go the forest to search for Helena? It was like the Seven Gods is helping him

This was the opening act of the Great War between Vanheim and Niovar which will involve most of the Central and Southern Continent.

This will be the longest war that the Kingdom will ever have to face.


Anyway I have finished writing the Arc of Lord Shadow so I will have more time writing the story for this. Anyway, thsi si the end of the mass release
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