Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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The words made her hesitate to attack him.

She is beginning to regain her composure after getting up. There is many small wound and scratches all over her body.

"Who are you?" she said while still holding the knife tightly. Her eyes were scanning Aero. Trying to decide whether he is an enemy or an ally.

Aero shakes his head and could not help but laugh at the situations he is in right now.

She must be the famed Helena.

Aero understood why people called her the most beautiful woman.

Even when her body is painted with blood and mud is in her face she still looks beautiful.

Even her fierce blue eyes look beautiful, her silky blonde hair waving around because of the wind look like some kind of heavenly silk, and her pale white complexion that only accentuates her beauty

The most beautiful woman. I guess that is an apt description. Aero mused

Then Aero began introducing himself.

"I'm Aero, Chancellor of Vanheim. I came to rescue you. I thought you were already dead" Aero said honestly.

She rolled her eyes.

"Do I look like I'm dead?" she said her tone commanding.

Even when half naked she could still stand there and act arrogant.

This woman is something.

"No, you most certainly are not" Aero replied calmly

"And I don't need your rescuing" she said puffing her chest.

"Of course not….Your Highness" She is a bit haughty.

Then suddenly an arrow string sound could be heard.

At least for Aero.

Aero realizes that when he is in an intense situation some of his senses can perceive things better than anyone. Probably because of the Curse.

And he guess this is one of the times.

Quickly Aero blocked the arrow using his body and shielded it from Helena.

"What are you---"

Aero spun her around to his chest so he could shield her from the barrage of arrows and she is buried on his chest

The arrows hit his body and the sound of metal clanging and the sound of things breaking could be heard

The arrow was broken into three parts like it ricocheted of something very powerful.

Finally, Helena who is smelling Aero chest realized what is happening.

And she also realized what Aero had done for her. She gulped and then realized the situation she is in.

Her cheek is red with embarrassment.

It's the first time she's being hugged by other man other than her family.

Even Prince Edward did not touch her along the way. Helena have always complained secretly in her heart about Prince Edward even as she was escorted to Vanheim.

To her, that man is a spineless bastard. Truth be told, she did not want to marry him at all. After all it is her father decision and nor hers.

Prince Edward have tried many times to touch her but she told him not to touch her until she reaches Vanheim Capital.

To other people eyes it will look like Aero is giving her a passionate hug.

The horse who was beside them heard the sound of the arrows, whinnied in fear and tried to run away.

Aero was just about to ride it with Helena when one of the archers in hiding realizing that the horse is the way they can get out of the forest immediately change their target to the horse.

Aero saw that Helena is about to jump towards the horse and hearing the sound of arrow whooshing through the air, immediately pull her back into his embrace.

The sound of the arrow rips the air as it struck the horse.

The horse is dead on the spot after being struck by twenty arrows. It looked like the horse is some archery practice target

Aero look at the surrounding with a smirk on his face.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

'Well, they sure are enthusiastic'. Aero mused. Then Aero remember that he was with Helena. While he might be invincible, this woman is not.

One wrong moves, and this woman might get shot in the head and die without knowing who the killer is.

Quickly Aero held Helena hand and ran for cover behind the trees. Aero did not notice it but Helena face blushed even more.

"We need to run" Aero said to Helena. But the first question that comes out of Helena mouth is.

"How come you're alright?" said Helena curiously.

She saw that he was being shot by hundreds of arrows as he runs through the woods yet none of it hurt him.

But she was sure of his flesh injury, when she stabbed him earlier.

"Does it matter?" he responded shortly while running around the bush.

"Hurry, we have no time to waste." He yelled offering his hand.

She took it and Aero jumped upwards as he punched one of the archer that is in front of him, hiding on top of one of the tall trees.

That archer head exploded like watermelons being smashed by a hammer. Helena did not close her eyes. There is only determination in her eyes.

She is Helena, the sister of Pollux and Castor.

They quickly run while the other archers in hiding are trying to pinpoint their position.

It was already night so it was hard for them to get a clear shot. But that is not the only reason why they kept surviving.

She is on Aero embrace as Aero practically hug her and brought her away while running and jumping all at the same time.

But Helena noticed that every time an arrow hit Aero body it is either broken or bounced off of him.

Helena look at Aero with shining eyes.

Who is he? What is he?

Curiosity filled her.

With the moonlight shining their way, they ran into the darkness of night.


The appearance of Princess Helena. Anyway hope you like the story.
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