Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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From what Aero gathered the place is not that far from here. From what the Prince told him, they were ambushed at Erdanis forest.

They must have decided to go there to greet Dan not knowing Dan returned to the Capital City. I know Prince Edward is good friends with Dan so probably that is what happened.

Then in the forest they were ambushed. That is my guess.

By whom? Who would dare attack a Royal Couple and risking anger of the combined force of Duvar and Vanheim? Everyone knows that King Vrandeus of Duvar dotes on his daughter.

And everyone knows that the Vanheim King is treating this marriage as the marriage of the century

Even if they do not fear Duvar retaliation will they not fear the retaliation of Vanheim?

Who would be that stupid?

Aero sighed.

This could turn into an international incident if not handled well.

Aero knows his history. And he knows how this kind of event could affect history. Assassination and kidnappings of royals could incite a war.

In fact, Aero fears a World War would happen in this world because of this matter. It might seem like a simple matter but war sometimes is started because of simple matter.

After all, in World War One it is because of the assassination of Duke Franz Ferdinand that prompted the World War and the loss of Germany and the Treaty of Versailles become the seed of the World War II.

Aero is riding the horse without stopping but he was not anxious. It is better to enter into an unknown situation calmly instead of being anxious.

This must be handled well. Aero thought to himself

Vanheim could not afford to go to another war right now. It might seem like powerful but overtaxing the treasury and the army would delay the Great Cause.

Aero only stopped riding to feed the horse and give it a drink.

For three days he did this until finally he arrived at Erdanis forest. Of course he sometimes logged off but the impending feeling of disaster causes him to take only slight nap before entering the game back.

He tied the horse to one of the trees and there is a regret on his face.

'By now surely the Princess is dead' Aero said to himself

'But at least I should find her corpse. That way, I can at least give some excuse to the King of Duvar or blame someone else'

He camped in the forest that night.

He was looking at the moon when he suddenly thought of Amy again.

Where is she?

Dan doesn't know where she is. So does Raina. That is quite weird. She left him with a kiss and stir his heart and then disappeared.

So Aero told them to check on Amy in real life considering that they are friends in real life.

But Dan said she is being secretive.

Then there is Sarah. Aero heard from the rumors she is going around the kingdom while forming a Druid Squad.

They usually help the Builders in their construction project and pay handsomely for their contributions.

'Yeah, when you think about it their abilities complement nicely with a Builder type player' Aero mused

They raise wood or earth then the Builder can easily construct thing with the risen terrain.

Aero even started thinking to invite Sarah to the court to help him form a more stable power base in the court.

And then there is Tatiana

Aero is also thinking about Tatiana and what to do with her.

He has been gone for a few days now.

Would she already have been gone from his mansion or is she still waiting?

Or is she really like what she said?

An honest killer? She insisted that she has this code. Once she gives her word she would stick to it.

Aero would like very much Tatiana to be the Head of his own assassin squad.

Aero knows what Tatiana is thinking.

She fears that he would kill her.

On the other hand, Aero fear she would run away.

'Now, I'm not there, who can stop her from running away?' Aero sighed as he thinks of this. He is just hoping that Tatiana is true to her own code.

She might not be as strong as Aero, but Aero knows she is more agile than he is.

If not for the protection of the Styx, he would already die two times in her hands.

Surprise attack, poison, that girl always surprises me.

Aero was entertaining this thought when he heard rushing footsteps. Aero ears perked up and he stands at the ready.

Someone is running here, Aero thought.

He waves his hand and the fire he just started went out as the wind generated from his waving arms are stronger and snuff out the fire.

He looked to the direction of the sound. Coming out a bush is a woman. And Aero felt a little shocked and embarrassed when he is looking at that woman.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Out of the bush is a half-naked woman with a shining blade who is running towards him. If Aero does not know where he is he might have thought, he has transported in some kind of porn fantasy land.

And the woman...She looked fierce. And she doesn't look like she going to stop.

Oi, you're going to run to me, Aero mused. Their eyes locked.

Oh, wait is she pointing that knife towards me? Aero confirmed it again and he nodded to his assessment.

Oh, yeah she did. And then without surprise she stabbed him. Aero only thought at the time is only this.

'Cold blooded girl. She didn't even bother to ask me to move away'

Aero is fine and he only sighed. He was betting on his vulnerability to save him but then suddenly he felt a searing hot pain.

'Wait, what is this?'

Aero looked at the blood in his hands.


Aero slowly fell to the ground and as he was about to fall he could see what she is about to do. She is about to stab him again.

Aero eyes become focused.

'Fuck this. This time I will not let her just stab me' Aero thought and his hand moves. He pushed her with his strength and because of his overwhelming strength she flew to the nearest tree.

As she was flung to the tree, Aero look back at himself. He is bleeding as droplets of blood si dripping down from his wound

Now that is a sensation he didn't quite feel for a long time

Aero put his hand on his wound and press it to his wound. But then Aero also felt something else. It felt like something is wriggling under his skin as his wound began closing up by itself.

Aero smirks. And he had another thought.

'I guess if I'm not attacked at the ankle I really would not die. But, how could that knife wound me?'

Then Aero noticed something.

A necklace on the neck of that half naked woman

That's Vanheim symbol. And understanding dawn on Aero mind.

"Princess Helena?" The woman is just about to get up and once again tries to stab him but this time hearing her name made her stop for a beat.


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