Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Vanheim is in a festive mood today unlike any other day. People of all background lined up the streets of the Capital, craning their neck


Because today, the royal couple is coming home.

After getting the blessing from her father, Princess Helena and Prince Edward began their journey back to Vanheim.

They would arrive any day now.

Preparation is already underway for them to celebrate their union and at the same time the strengthening of relationship between Vanheim and Duvar.

King George is already eagerly waiting in the Palace to meet her daughter in-law.

The Kingdom is filled with festive mood. Everywhere you could see people preparing for the celebration, stalls opened selling candies and fried food and people selling their wares

The reason why the mood is festive is not only because there is a royal couple is coming home, it is also because their prince marries the most beautiful woman in the world.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The famed Princess Helena of Duvar

Of course they will celebrate this joyous occasion.

Their country is already powerful and now the added prestige of marrying one of the oldest bloodline of royalty since time immemorial is an occasion that needs to be celebrated.

Everyone get out of their houses to see for themselves the rumor of the famed Helena.

The most beautiful woman in the Continent, blessed by the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite…that is what is said about Princess Helena.

The palace is already decorated with beautiful paintings and works of art that is brought out form the archive and the servants are all busy decorating the entire Palace.

The reason why the servants is decorating the Palace with beautiful and priceless painting is because it is known that Helena is an ardent patron of art in her Kingdom.

In the corner of the palace dedicated for the works of art you could see someone enthusiastically painting.

A young artist is sitting by the table, and ready to paint a picture of the Royal couple. For now, he is painting the scenery outside the Palace.

His gig as a painter has landed the painter the opportunity to meet both Princess Helena and Prince Edward.

This is a famous person Aero hired, a player named Leonardo.

Well with a name like that no wonder he chose painter as his class.

I guess in real life he is an avid fan of Leonardo Da Vinci. Aero thought to himself. He even carries himself like the famous painter.

The painter meal is untouched, and he is completely absorbed by his work.

By now he has several paintings he has already painted each one with a different motif from the other.

Aero sighed and could not understand the obsession that guy have with paintings. Aero walk away as he is leading the workers to decorate the palace.

This is his task for today. He is to make sure that the celebration for the couple run smoothly and nothing bad would happen like an assassination attempt or people objecting to the wedding or something along that line.

It is not an absurd thoughts considering there were many powerful people that wanted Princess Helena hand.

It would not be surprising at all if some of them hold a grudge for not winning Princess Helena hand

Aero is tasked with making sure the celebration runs smoothly.

He was not ordered by the King but he volunteered.

To be honest, it is not because he wanted to see the celebration. He has more pressing issue to address.

There is a hidden current inside the court that is targeting him

Instead of Helena he wants to know more about Prince Edward. Aero believes that it is Prince James that hired the Blood Brotherhood.

Or at least participated in the helping for the Blood Brotherhood to enter the country.

While he is not entirely sure of the involvement of Prince James in the whole sordid affair, Aero knows that it was Prince James that is trying to oust him from the court.

For what reason? That is also a question by itself.

Of course he still doesn't have any proof but right now he is the most probable suspect.

And Aero also hates it when Prince James always find fault in his plans.

He could not admonish James openly of course. He is the Chancellor but still James is next on the line of the throne.

So he uses this celebration as a pretext to see whether Prince Edward can be his ally. For some reason, Prince James fills him with unease.

After all, after this celebration ends Prince James will also work in the castle assisting his father. Aero could not help but feel that prince James is about to do something big.

So, right now Aero is preparing many things in advance.

The decoration in the ceiling, the arrangement of the seats, the dishes that had to be served and many other varieties of things to consider.

'I'm busier than ever. Who would have thought planning a celebration take this much energy of mine?' Aero thought to himself.

Marquis Dan can be seen consoling the workers that dropped her plate a little while ago and reprimanded harshly by Aero.

Dan returned to the Capital first after being ordered back by Prince Edward. Aero met Dan when he just went out from the Underworld at that time.

However, at that time Dan was in Duvar helping prince Edward to win the hand of the Princess.

Of course when he got back he got reprimanded harshly by me, especially about that Parliament thing.

Aero just don't understand how he works or thinks. As Aero is walking suddenly with the sound of another plate breaking, something seems to be afoot.

Then suddenly the festive atmosphere is broken. Everyone heard it.

Aero look toward the distance as he heard a shrieking scream.

'What now?' Aero said. He rushed his feet as he went outside. He tries to find out what the commotion is all about

Passing the servants and the maids, Aero forehead frowned when he saw the scene. On the front gate there is a man

The man is on horseback, dripping with blood and a few arrows is stuck on his back. The man looks like he is about to breathe his last

'What the fuck happens?' Aero thought to himself as he jumps out from the crowd and rushed to the person quickly.

'Who is this person?' Aero thought to himself looking at the crowd, hoping someone would identify him

Dan who come a little bit late is also watching the scene and then quickly a look of realization came to him.

He quickly rushed through the crowd pushing anyone in the way.

 "Hurry, it's Prince Edward. HURRY! CALL THE ROYAL PHYSICIAN!" he screamed and there is exasperation and anxiousness in his voice while urging the nearby workers to help him call the Physician.

Prince Edward?

Aero quickly looked left and right. Because he notices something is wrong with this scene.

'If this is Prince Edward where is Helena? After all they are husband and wife.' Aero thought to himself.

"Helena, Helena" Prince Edward said weakly. Aero lean toward Prince Edward and heard his voice.

"Where is she? "

Aero asked.

If Helena is dead, then George path to the Holy Land may be much harder for him. Not to mention Vanheim will also get the blame.

Prince Edward whispered something to Aero. Aero nodded and whispered something back. Then he looked toward the crowd of workers and servants and yelled

"Bring me the fastest horse in the stable. Quickly" Aero yelled but his voice is calm and confident

The stable boy heard Aero order and quickly bring the hose to the front of the gate while Dan is trying to carry the Prince and is giving the Prince some potions.

Aero tried to get up to ride the horse.

Dan stopped Aero just right at the moment when Aero sir tying to ride the horse.

"What are you doing right now Aero?"

"I'm going to save Princess Helena" Dan widened his eyes and then he looks toward Edward and he finally understand.

He knows that Edward must have told Aero about the location of Helena. He sighed and then said

"Alone? That's crazy. You don't know how many enemies there will be" Dan said, worried. Aero only smiles and said

"It's fine" But Dan shakes his head and said

"Wait for reinforcement Aero." Dan insisted

"By then it will be too late" Quickly Aero pushed Dan and rode outside the Palace with the horse, looking extremely valiant.

"WAIT!" Dan screamed.

Seeing that Aero has already rushed outside the palace, Dan has no other choice but to be the one who will break the story to George.


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