Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Recently Aero also used his authority to order the construction of a castle for him.

It is mostly to store his supplies and hide his private army.

Usually to construct a castle you should need at least nine hundred thousand gold for construction and material alone.

That is of course not including other expenses.

Of course if Aero used his money he would still be able to do such feat.

But it would leave him almost penniless.

That's why many players who are rich would rather live in a big house or a manor than wasting their money constructing a castle.

But Aero on the other hand did not use his money.

He uses the Kingdom money to construct it.

Of course he had taken the precaution of changing the ledger so that his transaction is not detected.

SO, he didn't even use even a coin of his gold.

When George asked of course he answered in a way that pleased the King.

He cited the importance of himself having a castle so that he could protect himself from many assassins that wished to kill him.

The story of his assassination no, repeated attempted assassination has spread in the castle wall.

That is a blessing in disguise actually. Hearing about his life in danger, George without hesitation gave him the permission to construct the castle using the Kingdom treasury

Thanks, Tatiana. Aero used to think that each time he saw her in his mansion

After the debacle in the court he returned to his office. Then without even time to rest the documents, parchments, letters reached his desk.

He must be the only players in this game that have to come to work like someone working on an office job.

He sometimes even wonders if they are other people that have work like he does as a player.

As he reads the report on his desk he notices one particular news.

One of the important thing that would happen tomorrow is the return of Prince Edward to the Royal Capital with his new bride.

Aero knows that he need to prepare for the return with glamorous feast and decorations that will awe the people and make people happy

After all a joyous event need to be celebrated and this would strengthen the relationship between Duvar and Vanheim

He also got a message from Michael that he will arrive in Vanheim soon. Aero could not wait to see his friend

Aero also made some preparations for him so that his friend could settle in Vanheim without worry.

As the Chancellor he has quite the influence and power in Vanhiem so it will not be hard for him to help his friend.

Aero have told Mike about his appointment as one of the people in the Council of Builders and one of his tasks is constructing his castle.

Aero wanted to fill the Eight Council with people he trusts and people he could count on. Today event strengthen his resolve to make some preparations

Other than that Countess Raina and Marquis Dan will also come to Royal Capital tomorrow.

It seems tomorrow will be a day of reunion. 

Aero smiled.

'It's been a long time since I saw Raina. Is she doing fine?' Aero smiles as he thinks of these people.

From what Aero heard she is having a blast feasting with her soldiers in her estate. He sits there on his chair reminiscing all this and then he sighed.

Aero dove back to the mountains of documents, anticipating is what going to happen tomorrow with the reports while also be at the ready with Tatiana second attempt towards his life today.

This time he smiled again. He found it quite interesting that the little cat is still not giving up even after he foiled so many of her assassination attempt.

That evening he went back to his residence. This time he was not ambushed by Tatiana again.

Aero was not surprised. Any capable person would rarely use the same trick twice. And not to mention Aero already used the raven eyes to determine she is not hiding outside.

Then Aero thought to himself.

So how will she try to kill me today?

He waited until dinner as he dines like usual yet no assassination attempt came for him.

Tatiana was just walking around the castle minding her own business like she had no thought of killing him

So, Aero prepared himself for dinner and do not try to guess his assassin feeling

Like always the dishes is prepared with absolute perfection.

There is the lamb, the honeyed chicken, the red wine that gives a little sweet sour taste, the soy sauce that is the perfect balance of sweet and salty.

Aero of course, like usual invites Tatiana to eat with him

He thought Tatiana would reject like always, but this time she said she will join him for dinner.

Aero narrowed his eyes. He felt like something is quite strange but he let that suspicion pass.

This time she does not object to having dinner with him so strongly like before.

During dinner, she would ask him what is happening outside the walls of this mansion.

So, of course the gentleman he is Aero tell her of the current events while at the same time being cautious.

Who knows if she suddenly decides to throw a knife toward him or an attack in the middle of him slurping some soup?

Then they talked about normal things. If the servants could hear them talking, they would have think that Tatiana and Aero are friends.

No one would think that she is trying in her earnest to kill the Chancellor.

Then after the pleasant conversation Aero began eating. Aero today start his menu with the honeyed chicken and the watermelon juice.

Aero like watermelon juice the most.

He wonders why the food in Brave World felt so real. He even felt like sometime when he returns back to the real world after eating, that he felt like he is feeling full.

Then suddenly she is looking at him when he is eating. Aero of course noticed she is watching him when he is trying to slurp the goat soup.

Why? Aero thought to himself.

He then tasted the soup.

'Wait, this feels a little weird' Aero quickly notices something is wrong with the soup.

It felt rotten.

Then suddenly a window popped up

-Because of the Curse of the Styx, the poison has been neutralized. -


Poison? Aero repeated in his mind.

'Did my cook try to poison me?' Aero thought to himself as he tries to deduce who the culprit is.

'No, No. That is not logical. She has no grudge towards me' Aero thinks again

Then suddenly Aero realized that Tatiana is grinning.

So, it's you! Aero thought internally and all the pieces fall into places.

So, you thought you could kill me with poison? Aero smirk as he thought of this in his mind.

Fine, I'll prove you wrong.

Aero then took a bowl of the soup and gulped it down in front of Tatiana. Her grin slowly turned livid as she saw that Aero is fine.

Her expression is becoming pale.

I guess this is not what she expected. Aero mused as he look at the dumbfounded expression on Tatiana face.

Then suddenly she rose up from her chair.

"Why aren't you dead?" She asked, like it was the most normal question one would ask someone that they have dinner with. The confusion clearly could be seen from her face.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Aero was contemplating what to say.

"I guess" he paused for a while savoring the moment then he said mockingly "dumb luck" and he grinned towards Tatiana.

"Hmph" she snorted.

"I'm done" she said curtly and then she stormed off from the dining room.

Hah, one day and one try remain Aero thought to himself as he chuckles alone inside the kitchen


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