Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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The King seems overjoyed with the praise. His red face began turning to normal and he smiles and said

'Raise your head' Aero raises his face first and the other minister followed. The one task on writing the King history quickly writes this in his notes.

The tension in the room dissipated.

"That is done" he announced then he continued. "When would you think the opportune moment would come?" George asked Aero.

"This humble servant has many reports coming in from the scouts. Maybe a week or two the time will be ripe for attacking Your Majesty but nothing is certain as of now"

Aero knew what is happening in Niovar right now.

They have mustered many of their own troops in the Gerad Stratocracy and lie waiting there.

So most of Niovar troops are actually in Gerad fighting with Alexander stalling them and hoping for Vanheim to enter the fray.

Fortunately, Alexander is talented in warfare.

It also helps that many players in Greater Veranis has also joined the war.

From what Aero heard about seven hundred thousand troops is engaging in battle in Gerad.

That is a large number.

This would be an arduous battle for Greater Veranis.

But there is no reason to deplete our military strength just to help Greater Veranis right now. For now, they have to endure.

Help will come.

It will only come a little late.

And even if Alexander loses, it's not like Gerad would pursue the troops to Greater Veranis, considering that Niovar will not take the risk of overextending themselves.

So in other words it's not Gerad that Alexander is fighting, it's Niovar.

Niovar contributed about four hundred thousand soldiers to Gerad to repel Alexander invasion.

That still leaves many troops in the Niovar capital.

George was satisfied with Aero explanation. The other ministers were also nodding and speak no more about trying to take down the Chancellor.

They are also wise enough to retract back their statement.

It also helped that Aero glared at them like he wanted to choke them to their death.

After a while, George disbanded the Court meeting.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Everyone exited.

Except Aero who was standing there in the middle of the room.

George was just about to rise from his throne when he realized Aero is still in the room.

"Aero, why are you still here?"

"Your Majesty, I wanted a favor from you.'

'Speak it' the King said. Now that no one is here they talked a little bit casually

'I want to bring some soldiers to guard me"


In order to buy soldiers, you will use up your contribution. Are you sure?

Yes/ No

Aero press yes.

Then a new menu popped out.

Weak soldier Level 1-60- Contribution Point 10

Normal soldier Level 60-160- Contribution Point 100

Extraordinary soldier Level 160-200- Contribution Point 1000

Elite soldier Level 200-280- Contribution Point 5000

Veteran Soldier 280-350- Contribution Point 15000

Aero intend to create his own private army that is completely loyal to him

Who knows if my position in court is unfavorable I might have to resort to rebellion.

Though this is just for extreme measures. Because he knows it is not George that wanted to harm him.

Aero could see a dark hand guiding today events. He felt chilled when he deduces the one who is targeting him.

Aero is not worried about the King; He is worried about the next King that would surely come along.

First he buys 2 elite soldiers.

Kaching! The noise does not seem pleasant to Aero ears.


It then suddenly decrease


Then Aero buy twenty Extraordinary soldiers and five normal soldiers.

Now his contribution point is zero but that is not too worrying.

As the Chancellor he will surely get many missions that involves the Kingdom and surely he can rack up contribution points during that time.

First he got the normal soldiers under Thornleaf that amounts to one thousand troops.

Now he bought twenty-seven more.

So right now his private soldiers are one thousand and twenty-seven troops.

The one thousand NPCs troops he got from Thornleaf are weak.

Most of them are level 10 and need more training.

Aero had to send them training on some low level dungeon and helping the novice and newbie player along the way.

Aero hope that by using those elite troops he can use them to train the other one thousand troops.

Then Aero opened his skill window.

 Recruit [6] Advanced

Enables you to recruit NPCs. This ability enables you to convert NPCs that is recruited by you to become Spy, Scout, Tracker, Healer and Bard. More job option will be unlocked when proficiency increase.

+ 10 points to CHM

+ Unique skill for your class

This has risen by leaps and bound after he convert many of his private soldiers to spy and Scout.

Disguise [7] Advanced

Can disguise yourself to be monster and d NPCs. As the proficiency increase you can learn to disguise to other thing. Can also disguise to be a shadow. Learn Stealth. Learn Shadow Step.

Restriction: Must defeat the monster that you want to disguise. Helps if you can focus the feature of the thing you want to disguise.

Shadow Step makes Aero footstep hard to detect and his presence also become harder to detect.

It is a passive skill that is activated every time Aero use stealth.

Taunt [1] Master

Active skill. This skill helps you to attract monster and people to attack you. While the enemies are affected by this, their defense will decrease by 55%. Last for 35 minutes. Stronger enemies may not be affected.

Mana consumption: 90

+ Can confuse monsters and NPCs

+ Attacks become slower by 25%

+ Morale of enemies will drop by 25%

+ Defense of enemies decrease by 35%

Because of the frequent use in his battles finally Aero have reached Master proficiency in taunting.

Ok, that sounded wrong.

He thought to himself in his mind. There is a reason why he bought two elite soldiers.

He wants the two Elite soldiers to assume command as a 500-man unit.

Aero is also worrying about something else.

His level.

But using this troop to fight for him in dungeon will enable him to rack up level.


Because of this.

Demonic Devil Energy Drain [1] Master

The consumption of mana decreases. Can drain life force of monsters and people. You can also receive about 55% of your soldier's experience. Enables you to also drain mana by 40% of enemy's mana. Can also receive soldiers experience even though you're not there with them in the battle.

Restriction: Must however have your own private army and it must be by your order that they fight.

No wonder, Lizhu was so strong.

If this is one of his technique, then no wonder no one ever beat him.

Not that he needs to become any stronger. After all Aero vitality has already reached max.

So does his strength. But not his mana.

And there is a lot of Secret Art of Lizhu Gerard he did not learn.

That much is obvious after he poured his time in researching about the Secret Art. Lizhu Gerard is one of a kind genius in this world

The Royal Library is accessible to him, now that he is Chancellor.

Then after the transaction is done, he is introduced to two of Elite soldier called Alexius and Justinian.

They followed him to his residence.


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