Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Then Aero look back at the King and continued speaking, explaining why he didn't tell George.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"That is why I didn't present this news to Your Majesty. I was waiting for the right time. If only you have waited, Your Majesty I would present this matter to you and at the same time I would even lead the armies if you so desire. I am not someone that would abandon a friend in time of need and so does Vanheim will not. But if we send army right now we would not help Veranis at all. Instead it would give chance for Gerad to launch an invasion or at least an exploratory team into Vanheim lands. We might be able to defend but the great cause will be delayed Your Majesty. We need to move bravely…but at the same time cautiously. Just because we are nots ending troops right now, doesn't mean we will not. Is Greater Veranis is that weak? We will send soldiers and we will help Greater Veranis. Only not now. It is fine to fight for our friends. But if our own citizens are neglected then I need to ask the ministers here…. whether they are the ministers of Vanheim or the ministers of Veranis?' 

Aero said admonishing George and at the same time the entire people who reprimanded him earlier.

King George was sitting uncomfortably in his throne. He sighed and then he said

"Forgive me, Chancellor" The King said before the entire throne room quieted.

Everyone in the court knows the King treated the Chancellor like his own teacher but that is in private.

In public however Aero and George both acted like King and subordinate. A King should never defer his thought and look so subservient to his own subordinates.

It would lead on people to think dark thoughts

The ministers gasped and one of them immediately said to the King

"It is unbecoming of a King to apologize" a minister said to the King and bowed to the King, the minister face looks at the ground, not daring to look at the King face as he tried to make the King to take back his words.

King George was red in embarrassment. And that embarrassment began turning into rage.

This is not good, Aero thought.

What if he kept today incident in his heart and later punishes me?

Maybe he himself would not want to punish him but the pressure of the minister might cause him to have no choice but to punish him

Quickly Aero determines to diffuse the situations. He then said, his voice overshadowed all the other and it echoes inside the room

'A country is governed well because it has a wise leader. A country is in ruin because it has a foolish leader. A wise leader will listen and gauge opinions from all sides, but a foolish leader will only listen to opinions that echo his own mind. So if a leader is broad-minded and able to accept suggestions from all parties, his sagacity will increase day by day. On the contrary, if he insists on listening to the one-sided, sly, and fawning remarks, his foolishness will also increase day by day'

Aero then look towards the minister present in the throne room and said

'If a King made mistake, we as ministers must help to correct him. Do not appear agreeable in front of Your Majesty but stir up bad thoughts behind his back. Effective medicine is bitter but it can cure sickness. Truthful words are not enticing but they can help people to correct their mistakes'

Then Aero look back at the King and said

'The faults of a superior person are analogous to the eclipses of the sun and the moon. When he is at fault, everyone can see his faults clearly. But when he corrects his faults, everyone will look up to him with respect. Woe to a King who never apologized when he has done wrong'

Then with a sigh Aero look to the entire room, his gaze rested on everyone for at least a moment before he said

'There are two things that individuals will find difficult to achieve in life—One is a willingness to accept and correct their own faults; another is the wisdom to know when to point out and correct the faults of others. The most serious blunder we can make is in knowing we have failings and yet we refuse to correct them until such failings harm and cost our life'

And Aero bowed reverently toward the King. His word is not only to extricate the King from his awkward words but also to remind the minister in the court.

The entire room quieted.

All the other minister hearing what the Chancellor said felt ashamed of themselves and instead believes what the Chancellor is saying.

Apologizing is not an act of humiliation instead it is an act of a wise and superior person of learning.

It is easy to deflect mistake but a sage King would accept remonstration and apologizes when they make a mistake.

The other minister also bowed reverently towards the King. Josh who wanted to say more also had no other way and follow the mass bowing.

Aero who is bowing in the center of room is looking at the ground but on his face there is a smirk


More of a lecture to the King this time. Anyway, this is it for today. It is a little short. I am preparing another mass release on the end of the month if my body dont break down first with two novels I am writing.
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