Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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'You're dead this time, Aero' Josh thought in his head as he looks at Aero reading the document

This might be his opportunity.

If Aero falls in favor from the King maybe, he will have an opportunity to insinuate himself with the King.

Who would have thought that Aero would hide such an important document from George?

Finished reading the documents Aero did not seem that shocked that his act of hiding the document was discovered by the King

"Yes, I've known about this" Aero said calmly while handing back the document to the attendant.

"SO, why didn't you tell me about it"?" George said his voice slightly raised.

The King got up from his throne and told to the people in the court about how Philip helped in the last war and he said

"Shouldn't we help them in their times of peril?"

Hanson, Amora and Anton with the King starting to rebuke the Chancellor all spoke in favor of rushing military aid to their ally.

They spoke of past deeds and virtues of honor while Aero only listen to their words like water being poured onto a yam plant.

All of it falls down to deaf ears

Even Josh also agreed and give his own arguments. Some of the ministers however decided to be neutral only speak when they are spoken to.

Aero might be rebuked and seems to have a downturn but the wise ministers and those who knows the Chancellor all know that one mistake will not shake the foundation of power the Chancellor has created.

He is too well connected and he dips his hand on everything that to remove him from his position without consideration would create chaos.

The King might have demoted him today, and promote him back the next day.

And some of the minister knows about this rise and fall in the court and how unpredictable the fates of a courtier and they do not want to be the one on the receiving end when the Chancellor rises up again…. if he even falls today

These kind of minister is a minister that knows how to read the room and at the same time knows that the King thoughts.

They all were more optimistic of the Chancellor fate compared to Josh faction who truly wanted to bury the Chancellor or at least banish him for a while from the court.

As long as the Chancellor exist in the Court of Vanheim it is like a rock holding them. Even Prince James prestige could not contend with the Chancellor.

One might even believe that if the Chancellor spoke one word about the succession matter to the King then all hell will break loose in the court.

As the debate raged in the throne room, some of the wise minister offer their opinion when asked but will not give any more or join in the crucifixion that some political factions in the courts wanted.

For some of the upstart politician they would feel good taking down Aero but some minister knows that taking Aero down at this point would create an instability and a power vacuum.

The chancellor title might be created for Aero but that doesn't mean the position could easily be abolished.

Especially not after the effectiveness of ruling the government through the use of Chancellor has been proven.

With it the King could focus on other matters and the Chancellor would help and even advise the King and the Chancellor is also representative of the existing political faction thoughts and opinion in the court and convey their voice to the King.

Even if Aero was removed from his position as the Chancellor, the scholars, the minister would not agree if the King wanted to abolish the title.

Aero just watched as the courtiers spoke in admonishing him.

Aero almost wanted to laugh. He knows George the best. Some of them even worried that the King would remove him.

But Aero was not worried at all.

He might be giving him a stern warning and trying to lecture him but the King would never replace him.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

It is not because of his feeling but because while the King look like an amiable man, George is not really a trusting man.

There is a reason why many of the highest position in the kingdom is populated with the people who follow him in his exile.

Because that is the only people he trusted and he would not risk to appoint someone he did not trust into the highest position in the land just below him.

Aero hold up his hand and suddenly the bickering stops when they realized the Chancellor raised up his hand. He is still smiling and calm while the entire room seems abuzz for no reason.

"Shouldn't you at least hear my explanation first, Your Majesty?" The room quieted.

How will he get out from this? Josh was thinking of this matter as he retreated to his standing spot

"Your Majesty should know I didn't make my decision lightly. Have none of you thought why Gerad still doesn't fall even after this long? After all the attack Greater Veranis throws at them, they are still standing firmly. Anyone?"

No one spoke a word. Instead they look at each other, like the answer is written in each other faces.

Aero hold up his desire to laugh

"Prince Alexander Veran conquered Tian Dynasty in such short time, but Gerad which is smaller than Tian Dynasty has hold out this long. Why is this?"

He asked again daring anyone to answer.

King George sat back down on his throne chair as he clams himself down and he began thinking

True, why does it take so long? He thought to himself.

"Why then?" George asked Aero, now his tone is calmer. Aero bowed and then he explains

"There is only one explanation. Niovar is supplying them with food, money and troops. That is the only logical explanation. After all, if Gerad falls wouldn't Niovar be even in more precarious position than ever? They have been supplying the Gerad Stratocracy since the beginning."

Aero has already read the reports of his spies and scouts.

After getting that private army from Thornleaf he has converted about two hundred of the one thousand troops to scouts and spies.

The ministers gasped. This means Niovar has actually started to move. Two giants of the Eastern content have moved. Vanheim and Niovar battle….is this the prelude?

Josh hearing this matter frowned. He did not know about this. If Aero knows his thoughts he would have laughed.

Of course he doesn't know. Instead of looking at the big picture, Josh muddle himself in the dirty politics of the court.

While that would make him get ahead of others, he would not be able to inspire mysteriousness and power like Aero does.

It is only by looking at the big picture that Aero could plans his moves perfectly and flawlessly.

If King George is a fatuous King, he would have liked people like Josh and the people who wanted to ingratiate themselves with him.

But King George have high ambition, a grand cause to accomplished and he is clearly not a fatuous King so such moves and mudslinging would not work that well in his court.

To approach someone, one first need to know who the person is.

"So, what should we do now?" The King asks.

"To intervene between two warring armies is like trying to divert a tidal wave by standing in its path. It would be better to wait until both armies have worn themselves out."

Aero said wisely. Some of the minister nodded. What Aero said is right. Anyone with experience in warfare could tell you that.

'What do you mean by that, Chancellor?' Josh asked. Aero looked at the young man and knows that Josh is a player.

He sighed and only said this words

'Besiege Wei to rescue Zhao' Josh hearing this finally understand and put his head down and said nothing as he retreated back

He mutters under his breath

'Besiege Wei to rescue Zhao'


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