Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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He thought he could rest at home. His residence is comfy, and he has servants to serve his every whim.

His life in this world when compared to his real life is world apart

But that is clearly not what his assassin thought of. Instead of a nice warm welcome when he got back he was greeted with an assassination attempt.

But Aero had already known Tatiana was hiding there.

He sees it through Hugin.

That is what he decides to call his raven.

Though sometimes Hugin disappears at some period of time. It puzzles Aero. Of course he also had his assumptions.

Aero believes that the raven disappeared to Olympus assisting Athena probably when that raven is not here with him.

As he sat in his carriage he also remembered a few news that is hot right now.

The Archpriest of the Grand Temple in Duvar has announced that the Gods have decided to change their names to ward of the misfortunes that they have been having.

Not all the Gods changed their names but some of the Gods changed their names

Probably, this relates to Zeus act of sacrilege or the Pope emerging power in the South.

The Oracles have said that the Lord of the Death, Hades has proposed the Gods to change their name, but the entry to Major God is not allowed.

So, only the Seven can make any real decision.

Of course, the players don't care that much, thinking it is just an event or some flavor text to make the world more immersive but Aero knows better.

The AI are the Gods and they're kicking.

Aero made it his business to know about this kind of thing especially about the Gods.

After all, the lack of information that leaded him into sprawling blubbering mess and bleeding from his stomach on an unknown island while an old guy was smirking with condescending attitude toward him still remains with him as one of the thing he does not want to experience ever again.

Now whenever he got any item he checks the flavor text.

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

Even as he walks to his office he could not help but be reminded of these news. Tatiana assassinations attempt however is put on the back of his mind.

Tatiana has wasted one attempt on him.

There is only two remaining shot for her to try to kill him

He wanted Tatiana to become the head of his Secret Squad. He needs someone to become his eyes and ears in places he could not go and considering she's an NPC she must know more than anyone about this world.

That night after once again writing his letter he went to sleep.

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Today, the Palace seems tense. The minister could be seen whispering to each other in some secluded corners of some courtyards before the meeting.

After a while they all went to the Throne Room as the time of meeting draws near.

They stand on the opposite side of the room looking at each other waiting for the main character to arrive of today drama.

The King is already waiting but that person still did not come.

The King is waiting with his eyes closed and there is a tense atmosphere in the room. Nobody said a word and they, like the King is also waiting and thought many things.

Then a voice broke through the silence.

"The Chancellor has come" some ministers announced to the King. As the door opened a tall man could be seen striding into the Throne Room

Some minister smiles. The main character has come.

Aero came into the palace with his attendants. The minister that noticed this quickly informed the King.

The Chancellor always comes late to the Palace but no one complains.

After all he is the Chancellor. But this matter is not a small matter. It is a matter of two countries.

No matter how the King wanted to protect him, if the Chancellor could not give a reasonable explanation today, people would surely protest him.

The palace was abuzz because of the Chancellor decision in certain matter.

Today, news reached the King ears about what Aero had done. It was not what George expected to hear.

The mood of the castle is gloomy because the person sitting in that throne is gloomy. Nowadays, it is clear there is no other ruler in Vanheim other than King George.

The powerful nobles also could no longer stop the ascent and the control that King George exercised in his realm.

By now, those very same nobles that pleaded King George to return to the throne is regretting that fact very much

It strengthens the nation and removes the threat but it also diminished their power as royal authority become stronger and stronger and now at this point it has become inviolable.

It was like they were rabbits inviting a tiger to chase a fox away only to now be ruled by that tiger instead.

Where once the nobles had a say in the governance of the kingdom, nowadays they are just some heads that have no speaking power in the court.

Instead the court is dominated with young blood with most of them did not come from the noble's class and was elected to their position by their abilities and talents instead of bloodlines and heritage.

The King sitting on his throne without opening his eyes seems calm but truthfully he is full of rage

He was informed by his son yesterday about some problem. Philip problem.

Philip has asked for troops to help the attack on Gerad yet Aero just sent food and money supplies.

How could the King not felt like he was stabbed in the back? Aero know how important the Vanheim Veranis alliance why would he jeopardizes the alliance with this kind of display?

This is his friend, his allies.

Where will he put his face if the other Kings hear about this?

Philip sent his troops to aid Vanheim when he asked but when Philip asked he didn't send his troops.

How will anyone respect him and trust him if he treats his friend like this? This might even cause the alliance to break.

It is because of this alliance between these two nations that they are unhindered and moves without restriction in the Eastern Continent.

They are gobbling up the enemies around them while maintaining an alliance that could strike in any places around the Eastern continent.

Hearing this news King George wanted to hear the Chancellor explanation. George summoned him into the Palace and conduct a meeting

Josh, Andrew and Liam were already in the Throne Room waiting for the Chancellor to arrive since morning.

Gloria, Hanson, Amora, and Anton are also here.

Duke Bradheim on the other hand has returned to the Iron Land, while Sayle has assumed control in Lantern Night.

They are all waiting for the Chancellor to come since the morning and everyone have their thoughts on the matter. Nervous air filled the room.

The Chancellor entered into the throne room with the attendants beside him carrying his documents.

He is calm and seems unconcerned even with all the piercing glares directed to him. He bowed to the person on the throne and said calmly

"Your Grace, I'm here" He said to the King. The King slowly opens his eyes and he look at Aero. His eyes are wavering.

It was not anger.

It is complicated to describe what George is feeling right now.

Out of all the officials in the kingdom, Aero is the one that knows his ambition the most and the one that supported him the most even when he was just a weak King.

Aero knows his ambition and his ambition is also Aero ambition. They have always been looking at the same direction and walking on the same path so he could not understand why Aero would do such things.

There is a reason why his gaze t Aero is so complicated

It's just that George doesn't know how to handle these issues.

On the one hand Aero has hid this matter from his knowledge on the other hand, Aero has also done many great deeds for the Kingdom.

How could he bear to punish his most loyal advisor and one who contributed so much to him and this kingdom?

Then as calmly as he could muster he said,

"What is the meaning of this Aero?" George said while waving the document. He did not call him Chancellor instead calling him directly with his name.

The other minister wanted to rebuke the King but some other minister shakes their head to the other minister.

They know that the King and the Chancellor is more than just minister and monarch.

They are also close friend and the King saying the Chancellor name directly is like an old friend reprimanding his friend.

An attendant came and brought the document to Aero.

Aero looked at the document and studied it intensely.


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