Age of Adventure
119 RANKS 2
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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119 RANKS 2

He read another report. He sighed as he read it. Greater Veranis on the other hand is asking for one hundred thousand reinforcement soldiers to help them take Gerad.

Gerad is still standing even after the furious assault of the Greater Veranis. Since Prince Alexander is not leading the army and had to rushed back to the Greater Veranis Capital, the soldiers did not exhibit the fierce power they had like in the Battle of Coro

Aero ponder in his mind.

To help or not to help? He then decided on a course of action. For now, he would reconsider the proposal. But he could not send military aid at this moment.

He sighs and sign something and put the document on the finished pile. He agrees to send monetary and food support to them.

But not soldiers. After all, Vanheim needs to prepare for the war with Niovar.

He took another report and his eyebrows frowned the moment he fished reading it. It is about the Northern Continent situation.

Veva has managed to conquered both Sol Queendom and Luna Kingdom.

Jhaka Kingdom on the other hand like a spineless old bastard quickly surrendered to Veva Kingdom.

From the rumors in the street, the twin sisters, Delilah and Morgana, the Queen that ruled the Queendom and her sister survived the slaughter and are hiding and running away from Vevaian soldiers.

On the other hand, Zeus seems to also learned from his previous mistake and is taking time to swallowed his food.

Zeus has established a Parliamentary system, and conferred his best friend Eric as his prime minister; Bart is his Commander In Chief and himself as the Head of State.

This must be Eric's idea, Aero mused. Probably to soften the players image of Zeus and win him brownie points with the NPCs officials

Zeus is known as a strong player.

That is his reputation but recently he is portrayed as a barbarian, bringing war and pain wherever he goes.

That surely must have hurt their image and not a good reputation to have when one is trying to unite the many kingdoms that exist in the Vilajeri Continent

Zeus also changed the name of his Kingdom.

Their dominion is now known as United Kingdom of Veva. He read the report and only sighed. Aero rubbed his forehead and then read other reports.

'As old kingdoms fall, a new kingdom rises' Aero said after he finished reading the report on the situation of Redat Kingdom.

Redat fell to Leo Clan. Now the Kingdom is under their control. The Leon called titled the Kingdom Leon Kingdom.

Aero only sigh at the shortsightedness of Leo clan.

They are not that far away from United Kingdom of Veva and knowing the appetite of Zeus, he would not let such a sumptuous prey get away.

In the end that kingdom will falls to Zeus.

 Leo Clan is stupid. After all their fighting, they must be exhausted and with lack of supplies after the war, the outcome of Zeus attacking them is easily predicted.

They surely would lose the battle.

Zeus will begin again his conquest after he is done swallowing what is in his mouth.

Maybe I need to address this with the King.

The Kingdom of Alfhaim, Grata and Loth on the other hand has joined their hand in an alliance to resist Zeus.

Aero put down the report for a while and rest his head. He is also reminded of the fact that there is news circulating on the official site for Brave World.

There is a new expansion pack for Brave World that is announced by the publisher. The Land of the Free Expansion.

From the announcement it is said that the expansion pack will put another Continent in the Brave World already large content

Aero could not plan anything regarding that for now. He could only wait until it is revealed. Only then can he make his plan

He took a parchment beside him and read it. After reaching the end of that document, he smiles widely.

He read that the new borders that Aero has suggested have been approved by the King. Now an overhaul of the Kingdom region is necessary.

Now there are nine states in Vanheim.

First, of course the capital state, Vanheim.

King George castles have been renamed Summer Dreams castles. The construction of Autumn Blues castle and Winter Dream castle have just begun.

The Temple of Seven Celestial has also been upgraded and enlarged for the players and the NPCs.

Then there is Dusksound state.

That state is now focusing on doubling their productivity of food and has allocated a great portion of their lands for agricultural purposes.

They also have constructed a port in Dusksound to facilitate the sea trades encouraging the NPCs and players to explore the land and the seas.

Dawnsmith on the other hand has focused on their smithing and with Artisan Institute gaining a foothold there their items would be in hot demand.

Because of that some smiths even erected a Temple for Hephaestus

Then there is the Lantern Night who has just started building a Fort to prepare if Niovar decides to invade.

The other states are Arborean, The Peak, and Shine Harbor,

There is also the Iron Lands that is ruled by Bradheim and Gold Rock ruled by Prince James.

For the other states rulers, Aero has chosen his candidate and will propose it to the King later.

Shine Harbor is ruled by Thornleaf after he agreed to turn his private army to Aero making Aero the proud owner of a one thousand private and trained soldiers.

Not to mention eight hundred thousand gold.

Thornleaf really wanted a title but Aero guess he also wanted to rule the Shine Harbor because of it's potential of becoming a merchant city thus he did not felt that much regret parting with his gold and his private army

Dusksound will be ruled by Raina, Lantern Night will be ruled by Sayle and Arborean will be ruled by Dan.

Dawnsmith will be ruled by Deria when he met him later. For now, Duke Derka will act as a temporary regent for the state.

Nine states of Vanheim.

Vanheim ruled by King George. Dusksound state will be ruled by Countess Raina. Lantern Night is ruled by Sayle because of his association with the Prince James

Dawnsmith will be ruled by Deria later. It is the logical and most reasonable appointment. Deria is the son of the Smith God himself.

There is no other suitable person to lead a state where it is focused on smithing and producing war weapons for the Kingdom. That is Aero plans.

For now, it is temporarily ruled by Duke Derka.

The state of Arborean will be ruled by Marquis Dan. Iron Lands is ruled by Duke Bradheim and Gold Rock is ruled any Prince James.

Shine Harbor is ruled by Thornleaf

The Peak however had no one ruling it yet and is still under the King. Out of the nine states Aero had indirect control on three states.

There is Arborean which is ruled by his friend Dan

Then there is Dawnsmith which will be ruled by Deria. And then there is the Dusksound state ruled by Countess Raina who is also his friend.

The First Prince faction also have his control in three states.

There is the state of Iron Lands that is ruled by his Uncle, his own state the Gold Rock and Lantern Night that is ruled by Sayle. Those three states are all ruled by people who supported the First Prince faction

Thornleaf on the other hand would not dare enter in any of the factions especially when it involves the royal family and Aero massive influence in the court.

Aero sighed. It is clear the First Prince is worried about the succession. When his father was without power, he shows no interest in being King.

But now his father is rising to become a King that would probably unite the Eastern Continent, his ambitions flared up.

Aero sighed and decided to himself.

Their titles will also be revised in an another time.

Aero brought out another pen and grind the ink by himself. Then he took an empty parchment and put his pen on the empty parchment

He is writing about titles.


Kings: He is the sovereign, officially outranking all other individuals in the realm. A King may exercise the most and highest authority in the state or others may wield that power on behalf of the monarch by his express permission

Archduke: It denotes a rank within Vanheim below that of King and above that of Duke. Territory ruled by an archduke or archduchess is called an archduchy.

Grand Duke: Grand duke ranks in order of precedence below a king but higher than a sovereign duke. The feminine form of grand duke is grand duchess. To denote a particularly mighty duke, as the title duke had through the course of the development and state seceding from the Old Empire been deflated to belong to rulers of relatively small fiefs (such as a city state or a district), instead of the big provinces it once was attached to.

Prince: A prince is a male ruler, monarch, or member of a monarch's or former monarch's family. Prince is a hereditary title in the nobility states. The feminine equivalent is a princess. A prince is a ruler of a territory which is sovereign, or quasi-sovereign, i.e., exercising substantial (though not all) prerogatives associated with monarchs of independent nations, as was common, for instance, within the historical boundaries of the Vanheim. In this sense, "prince" is used of any and all rulers, regardless of actual title or precise rank.

Duke: A duke (male) or duchess (female) can either be a monarch ruling over a duchy or a member of the nobility, historically of highest rank below the monarch. The leading military commander of a province. Dukes are the rulers of the provinces and the superiors of the counts in the cities and the highest-ranking peers of the king. Duke remains the highest hereditary title. By the new law, members of the Royal Family are given a personal dukedom at birth but the title can be revoked if proved incapable of maintaining such lands or power by the authority of the King. A woman who holds in her own right the title to such duchy or dukedom, or is the wife of a duke, is normally styled duchess.

Marquis: A marquess is a nobleman of hereditary rank. The title ranks below a duke and above an earl. A Marquis is trusted to defend and fortify against potentially hostile neighbors.

Count: Count (male) or countess (female) is a title deemed to convey an approximate rank intermediate between the highest and lowest titles of nobility

Viscount: A viscount is a title used for a noble of varying status, but historically in the Old Empire is deemed to convey a lower-middling rank. A 'viscount', and its historical equivalents, is a non-hereditary, administrative or judicial position.

Baron: Baron is a title of honour, often hereditary, and ranks as one of the lowest titles in the various nobility systems. The female equivalent is Baroness.

Knight: A knight is a person granted an honorary title of knighthood by a monarch or other political leader for service to the Monarch or country, especially in a military capacity.

Aero look at the parchment he just writes and added a few other words and stipulation on the titles and the prerequisite of bestowing such titles.

Aero look at the parchment and nodded.

'For now, this is good enough' he thought to himself.

Dan will be given a letter promoting him to a Duke. So will Raina.

Shine Harbor on the other hand will have Thornleaf as a Marquis.

Aero knows that he need to use his money if he wants to wage war against Niovar. Giving him too high of a title will only be like putting a sword at his own neck.

A man that only knows interest have its pros and cons when using them

For now, Aero will rest for a while and then get back to his residence.


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