Age of Adventure
118 RANKS 1
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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118 RANKS 1

He enters his office with a look of dissatisfaction. He sat at his cushioned chair and waved the attendant to come near.

"Bring me the latest news" the attendants immediately understood what the Chancellor is talking about

Quickly the attendant went to the backroom and brought out the documents from Vanheim spies and scouts.

Any reports from other nations will be read by Aero first before he decide what to tell the King.

He took the documents and he saw the seals and the code. This is from Zun kingdom. Aero opens the documents and read it.

He then sighed.

the situation at the Zun Kingdom is chaotic.

The Pope with Ariana help has conquered the Pruvar Council.

Not only that, the Temple of Zeus which is one of the holy sites of the worship of Gods and Goddesses where it featured all the Seven Celestial in one temple also have been conquered by them

And they also conquered Vanan Federation.

Aero read a report about her.

Ariana of Zun.

She has entranced many peasants and other people and players to rebel against the Seven Celestials.

But she did not post any of her adventures on the web or boasted about her achievement. She held the flag that is the new religion of Light and become the symbol of that religion

She is also known by another name nowadays.

Arianna of the South.

'Hah' Aero smirked.

Zeus of the North, Aero of the East and now Arianna of the South? Aero was thinking about it in his head and smile.

It was like the intro to a game where the main character of the era appears in a cool pose.

It reminded him the Three Kingdoms game where the figure of Liu Bei, Sun Jian and Cao Cao would surely appear on the intro film.

He also saw the edited video on the net.

He checks it out before and he was shocked at the thought and quality made by the person channel.

There seems to be many people that praise the videos. Brave World is not a historical simulation series but the video clearly look like it was.

It portrays Aero, Zeus and Ariana like some kind of towering figures that lead the era and the main character of Brave World

The video started with fires ravaging the map of the Vilajeri continent from the Eastern continent to the southern and that fire spread to the north

A hawk fly over the ravaged land as it flies towards the East.

A sound of marching theme soundtrack started.

Then it shows his image that stand above the map of the Eastern Continent. He seems to be fanning his face with his feather fan with a cunning smile on his face.

He was standing on top of a high fort, his eyes seem to be looking down on the world. Arrows fly over him and the din of battles and death sounded behind him with fires ravaging the lands.

Standing on the fort, Aero image seems to cast a large shadow over the battlefield.

As an arrow fly by the hawk, the hawk fly away from the ravages of the battlefield with the Vanheim flag rises high as the hawk leave the scene of the Eastern continent and it fly through the land to rest on top of a ruins of a great temple of the Seven Gods.

The hawk is at the Northern map.

The videos show an image of Zeus sitting horseback on his horse, holding a large broadsword and swinging it as he laughs proudly toward the sky.

Behind him numerous soldiers waited for his orders. His flag is raised high and his eyes seems to be looking covetously at the world.

Then a hawk fly through the land it reached the Southern Continent where it shows a scene of peasants stabbing pitchforks and butcher knife unto nobles and kings.

Behind them is the broken statue of the Seven Gods and people chanting the Hymn of the Church of Light

Leading them into battle with a flag in her hand and light halo on her back, is a full white armored woman.

Aero of the East. Zeus of the North. Arianna of the South! Then their image seems to overlap each other and a text appear after the introduction of the three figures.

Then a voice narrating the events.

'The world in chaos. Kingdoms falls' as the narration said kingdoms falls, it shows the desolation of war and scenes from the battle of Coro and the burning of Temples in Asgaro

"Who will unify the Continent! Who will forge a new imperial dynasty! Who will survive in this brave new world!"

Then a fire flashed and the video ended

Aero still remembers the feeling he felt after seeing the video. Even he felt pumped. In the video Aero was described as a master of grand political intrigue.

Zeus is portrayed as an unbeatable warrior. Ariana was portrayed as some kind of hero for the people. Seeing the video, it truly reminded him of the Three Kingdom vibe.

In his defense, his feeling is not wrong.

The poster of the video and his channel once made videos from the Three Kingdom series.

But when the VR game started appearing the game tanked in many places all over the world since people prefer living in Brave World more than playing the preprogrammed of Three Kingdoms games.

In other words, the one who made the video treat Aero as Cao Cao, Zeus like Sun Jian and Ariana like Liu Bei.

The terrible thing is that in the game the players will always try to take down those figure that is regarded as the main character in the game.

For example, even him in the game of Three Kingdom played as Lu Bu and take down the Three Kingdom and those three characters.

Only then would player find satisfaction after beating the one that the game developer touted as the main character.

Of course it was a personal computer game at the time and to save time he uses cheats. But now in VR, it is even more so. People would do anything to defeat the one on the top.

Aero only sighed

Right now Ariana is moving unstoppable with her peasant army that keep getting stronger and stronger.

She has set her eyes upon Nero Republic calling it a Holy War against infidels.

The Pope on the other hand, the one who shelters Ariana and the grand cause of Ariana rebellion has also started to move and put out his chess pieces in this large game.

In the place that used to be Temple of Zeus, now the place is called The Papacy.

There exist a cathedral bigger than any Temple ever constructed in the continent, filled with beautiful work of arts and you can hear people praying and singing praises to the Lord of Light.

Aero eyes narrowed at this report. There seems to be something that he is thinking

Both of them will be a threat someday. But not yet. At this point of time he need not worry about enemies a million miles away.

Settle the surrounding enemies first. It is not wise to deliberately make enemies. Aero thought, his eyes analyzing the news and report.

The players also seem to like this event, and it also helps that the King that they crowned, "they" referred to Ariana and the Pope is one of the faithful of their new religion.

Puppet King, Aero grinned as he thinks of this move by Ariana and the Pope. It is a wise move and a brilliant move.

Not only that the Zun Kingdom now is known as Holy Zun Empire they also declared their King as Emperor not by the proper channel.

They said they do not need to go to the Holy Land to declare themselves because they do not need to make an oath towards false gods.

Smart. But only on this matter. If they win it will be no big deal. But if they lost the gamble then their desire to control the Continent would end up in ashes.

Aero only smiles reading the report.

The reason why he had to do so much for Duvar is of course for legitimacy of King George crowning. The majority of the population still believes in the Seven Gods.

It is not like Vanheim need the approval of Duvar to claim themselves as Emperor. It is legitimacy.

 It is to set apart their dynasty from the other claiming it to be so. When the religion has embedded so long in the fabric of the life of the peasantry and the nobility, it is not only a religion it has become a culture of itself.

Aero is borrowing that power of culture and the faith of that religion to legitimize King George claim to the Imperial Throne.

When King George crowned himself at Duvar, his legitimacy in the future would never be questioned.

The Holy Zun Empire. Aero could see just in a glance that Ariana wanted to create a new Holy Roman Empire in this world.

As long as Aero is still here in Vanheim, he will not those two do whatever they wanted.


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