Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Aero was preparing himself to meet the King after the breakfast.

As he checks his appearance in the mirror he was reminded of the matter of his own assassination and his conversation with Tatiana

'It's been a long time since I have such conversation in the morning' he muttered to himself.

He is always alone when he was talking his breakfast. Either in this world or the real world, there is no one beside him when he is at breakfast.

Only a ghost of her. However, today he got someone eating breakfast with him that is not his servants

It is refreshing to say the least. And Tatiana actually makes a good table companion.

She speaks her mind.

That is something Aero can respect.

Undoubtedly she has some flaws. It is the fact that, she did try to kill him.

The servants are busy preparing his clothes inside the wardrobe room.

Aero look at his appearance once again in the mirror and satisfied his servants to stop searching for other clothes.

'It is enough' he said and then he exited the room. The stable master is already outside waiting for him.

But Aero doesn't seem to be in a rush. He will take his time. He checks the tower and took his time talking with the guards and the servants

People wait for the Chancellor, but the Chancellor waits for no one. He thought to himself

Then after he was truly ready, he went outside. He noticed as he was walking towards the entrance that Tatiana is in the garden, lying under a peach blossom tree, muttering and cursing.

Aero looking at this chuckles.

'Hah, the girl conspires to kill me' he chuckled.

How would she do it? Hide in some dark place and wait for me to come? Aero shakes his head and put the thought on the back of his mind.

He waved a hand to Jayden. Jayden quickly approached the Chancellor

'I have some orders for you.'

Jayden nodded

Aero then told Jayden to give reports to him every hour of Tatiana movement. He left the raven bestowed to him by Athena at home with Jayden.

The raven still didn't talk. Aero doesn't know why.

But at least the raven is still useful things for him like fetching stuff, sending coded messages and using the raven to watch Tatiana's movement.

'I bet she doesn't know I could see her using the raven eyes' Aero thought to himself and chuckles at this thought

Then he enters the carriage and rode the carriage to the palace.

The road was bumpy but it was okay for Aero. He no longer felt such discomfort after many time going to the Kingdom Palace

He only thought that he needs to buy a new carriage, new and improved. In the carriage Aero continued to read about Niovar history.

To defeat your enemy, first you must know your enemy.

Truer words have never been said.

Then finally he reached the palace. The guards know who he so they just greet him, like they greet the King with reverence, respect, awe and fear

Aero when entering the Throne Room immediately bows and then he said to the King

'Today I brought great news for you Your Majesty'



Aero finally reported to George the success of his diplomatic mission. Then Aero waits for the notification windows to popped up.

Not even a second after he informed the King of his success the quest complete windows popped up.



Karakians will swear fealty to Vanheim when George declares himself emperor.


: Fame increase

: Reputation increase

: White Dragon Armor

: Intellect increase

: White Dragon Greaves

: White Dragon Boots

: 500 thousand gold

: Contribution towards the Kingdom increased

: Contribution status Nobleman

White Dragon Armor



: +100 STA

: +100 VIT

: -40 AGI

White Dragon Greaves



: +100 STA

: +100 VIT

: +140 AGI

White Dragon Boots



: +100 STA

: +140 AGI

Bonus if you could wear all parts of the Dragon Armor.

The white dragon boots are great. And the fact that it is a set is also good. But it is still the White Dragon Boots that takes Aero attention.

Now Aero can protect his weak spot, which is his ankle. It also wouldn't look suspicious if he was wearing a boot

The King is in a good mood after the report. He is smiling and his eyes seems to shine.

'This is the right moment' Aero thought to himself. Judging from the King mood, there is no better time to show him the laws that he had been working on to change.

Aero then ask for a request. He shows the King the parchment and explains the functions of the Eight Councils.

He pondered on the matter and then he approves it.

There is the fact that he trusts Aero but there is also the fact that the Eight Council will make the administration in his kingdom become smoother and pave the way for hegemony.

They need to settle the internal first before looking outward. Both of these thing does not need to be expressed directly between the king and the Chancellor.

They understand each other perfectly well.

The reason why Aero created the Eight Council is none other than to stabilize the government, making it efficient, maximizing output to the maximum.

All of this is to support the great cause of unification of the continent.

Aero look at George and notice that he had changed. In the first place it is not like that George is weak. He lacks confidence.

Overshadowed by his charismatic brother and disliked by the nobles in the early years of his reign with many nobles plotting rebellion, he needs someone he can rely on.

Someone he can trust.

And that is him. It is fortunate that Aero truly wished and dreams the same dream like him. To King George Aero is nothing short of a bosom friend

They share the same dream and they walk to that dream together. They look at the same direction and both of them helped each other.

King George is always thankful of the fact that Aero never disabuse his power which only make him like Aero more.

Aero on the other hand is not entirely unselfish in his reason for wanting to help the King

After helping the King solve his problem and even went to war for him, it's no wonder the King trust him so much

But it is not harmful to listen to him. It is not like he plans to destroy the Kingdom

After all what good it will do if this country is destroyed. If this county falls to ruin, then his positions have no meaning, his wealth, his power will all turns to dust.

Many people like the peasantry and the normal players do not know this, but everyone in the Court knows that the one really in charge of the country is the Chancellor.

The fact that he revised the law shows that Aero has great ambition. This is like founding a country. Aero wanted to reestablish Vanheim

This kingdom is not rotten enough that it couldn't be saved.

With Aero controlling the Court, Bradheim controlling the military and King George an enlightened sagely King at the helm of this kingdom, the kingdom could still be re-establishing.

He thought of Zeus and shakes his head.

Killing Kings?

Only idiots do that. Especially if the King is loved by his people. There are so many other ways to rise to a position of power than just killing.

To Aero It was almost like Zeus is a caveman.

Killing anything he doesn't like.

He also remembers his conversation with his mother yesterday when he logged out for a while.

His mother said not to worry about their expenses anymore since her employer will take care of it.

She seems busy with all those notes about LHC and he also sneaked a peek of a document titled Project Icarus.

He doesn't know what it means but his mother really works hard on the job she was assigned to. 

Daniel decided that he will support his mother decision. He has also told his mother that he chose to play Brave World to gain some money.

He thought his mother would disapprove but instead she was encouraging him to play the game.

That was weird and strange for him. But at least everything turned alright.

After that he called Michael to their usual hangout place. He met Michael and asked him to migrate to Vanheim.

Aero of course had to give him some incentive especially when Michael has already set up root in his kingdom

Because of that Aero promised him a title in the Council of Builders.

He immediately agreed and in a week he will arrive on Vanheim.

Amy on the other hand could not be located. For some reason instead of staying inside the Palace, she went elsewhere.

Her last sighting put her in around the vicinity of Veva. As he shakes his head he returns to his current situations.

After resolving few of the doubts of the King about the Laws and the council scope of power, Aero finally is about to go back to his residence

But then he remembered something. He sighed and his step halted outside the throne room

Then, Aero returned back to his office in the Palace.


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