Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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It is hours since the Chancellor went out from his residence. Tatiana has already taken her place.

She is waiting beside the gate in stealth.

Undetected, she looks around her, covering up her breathing and then after making sure no one would prove to be an obstacle to her plan she waited.

She waited without moving., It was like she was one with her surroundings. In the evening the Chancellor faintly return to the residence.

In the distance she could see the silhouette of a carriage. She moves a bit and out of the corner of her eye she saw him in the carriage.

He looked confident, dignified and slightly bored. She has already positioned herself at the top of the gate.

She uses her special skill stealth to not get undetected

The carriage come s closer and closer to her. Ten feet. Nine feet. Eight feet, Seven feet, Six feet.

Closer and closer it came. And then the moment arrived

The moment the carriage passed through beneath her, with silence as only the sound of the wind blowing that could be heard, she jumped with a new blade in her hand ready to stab Aero's heart.

She landed at the carriage top.

She then quickly slide into the carriage through the window of the carriage. The carriage rider was shocked and nearly let loose of his reins of the horse.

Aero however shouted

'Be calm. Ride forward calmly' he said with calmness that instantly calms the driver.

Tatiana expected a chaos. Especially from Aero. But, Aero is just looking at Tatiana with a slight bored expression like he already knew that Tatiana would attack him from the top.

"You here to finish me off, little cat?" He said boringly while still sitting in the couch like nothing happened.

He even lean back on his cushioned seat

His calm expression only served to anger Tatiana more.

Quickly she tried to stab Aero in the heart. Aero only smile. Her action looked so slow in Aero eyes.

Aero parried with his hand and quickly locked her arms using some maneuver.

Tatiana was lying on his lap trying to break free from Aero.

Her eyes are looking at the face of the person she is trying to kill. Aero only laughed as he noticed that Tatiana is blushing

She is on his lap and the position she is trapped now is quite erotic

She is embarrassed.

Aero on the other hand is feeling amused as he chuckles and giggle. Then he shakes his head and said

"In the future, Tatiana," he said, "it might be wise not to try attacking me by jumping from the gate door. It gives me a lot of time to escape" He said while his hands are still holding Tatiana at that position.

Then looking at Tatiana position he smiles a little and added

"That way we can avoid such tedious situations." He finished.

As he finished talking, the driver finally arrived at his destination. The driver was pretty nervous but its seems the matter has settled inside the carriage

The driver knew working in the residence of a noble personage one must know when to be deaf, when to be blind and when to be mute.

The carriage stopped and someone rushed to the carriage. The carriage door is quickly opened by Holt.

"Are you alright, Chancellor?" He said worry reflected clearly in his voice.

Then he saw Tatiana on the Chancellor lap and he quickly averted his gaze away which only make Tatiana even more embarrassed.

"I'm alright as ever" Aero said while throwing her to Holt.

Then Aero quickly brushed away the dust on his robe.

Holt quickly received Tatiana with his strength but even he could not endure the throw and was forced ten steps backwards and had to drag the ground underneath his feet

He is stronger than I thought Tatiana thought internally when she felt the force of that throw.

Aero then looked at Tatiana and said

"Little cat. One try has been wasted" He reminded her and then he put two of his fingers and said.

"Two tries remain. Please do your best" he said mockingly.

He dismounts himself from the carriage, and then walk calmly into his residence and one could hear him laugh as his servant open the gate for him

Tatiana gritted her teeth

'I'll kill you, Aero and I will be doing my best to make sure that you will die'

She thought that in her head, though it is no longer just because of the bet. Now, it is because she hates him.

She just doesn't like his arrogant attitude.

She also doesn't like that he is so confident. He should fear me, she thought.

But then she heard from the window of the second floor a yell. It is unmistakable that the yell come from the Chancellor.

The yell is only about two sentence.

'Two days remain, little cat!' And then a laughter

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