Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Tatiana knows they misunderstand. Truth be told, she is the prisoner and the one holding her life and death is Aero

She knows if the chancellor wished for it he could end her, right here right now.

It was only because he found her amusing, for some reason, that she is still alive

She will not underestimate this man for the second time.

His strength is apparent even for her.

She has also heard what happened in the cell when she was unconscious from the rumor of the washer woman and the cook.

The Chancellor was in rage after he saw that Antilus was torturing his prisoner.

He was demoted but from the stories he was almost choked to death by the Chancellor.

And that surprised Tatiana.

Antilus was twice the size of the Chancellor.

But from the stories she heard, the Chancellor only used one hand to choke Antilus and lift him up.

This man is no ordinary man. To underestimate him, would akin to me signing my own death sentence. Tatiana even when she was eating is still thinking of this matter.

"Why do you want to kill me? What did you get by serving the Brotherhood? Money? A little fame? And all that for what?" Aero tried to determine the motive of this girl trying earnestly to kill him as he put down his book on the table in front of him

What did the Brotherhood offer that he could not? Loyalty? Though what loyalty to a killer means?

Aero was sincerely curious. Tatiana was about to answer. She reply

"I have…" Her voice trailed off.

What do she have exactly?

A life to live? What life?

Since she was a child, this is the only job she knew.

She has no job.

Though if killing is a job, she is excelling marvelously.

Aero was just staring at her, waiting for her to continue her words.

She stopped. What does she have? Aero mused.

Looking at the confused and complicated face expression on Tatiana face Aero thought that Tatiana have problem expressing her opinions and thoughts.

But then understanding dawned on Aero. So he answered for Tatiana.

"You have nothing" finished Aero solemnly and then looking at her face Aero is sure of it and continue with

"but we can change that" he quickly added.

Then like nothing happened, he took up his spoon and sipped a taste of the chicken soup.

"Delicious. We should do this again sometime"

Aero then finish his soup and then went out from the kitchen leaving his book and a perplexed assassin inside the kitchen.

Aero had many jobs to accomplished today. He prepared himself to present himself to the King

There is a lot of work to be done after his visit to Karak. He had no time to always spar verbally with Tatiana.

There is the new law, the Karak provisional agreement, Niovar matters, their grand cause and so many other things that he needs to address to the King.

He was delayed a few days because of the torture business.

Meanwhile as Aero prepare himself to meet the King in the Palace, there is a woman in the garden.

Though it doesn't seem that this woman is here in the garden to appreciate the flowers. She is sitting under peach blossom tree.

This tree is gifted to the Chancellor by a wandering merchant from a distant land. This woman is twirling her dagger on top of her fingernails.

This woman is none other than Tatiana. She sighed. She is thinking about the ways to kill that man.

One of her plans seems so funny that she scarped it from her list of plans. After a few hours she finally decided on a plan.

She decided she would surprise him when he returns from the Palace with an ambush.

She would stab him right in the heart, and this time she would use all of her energy to drive that dagger into his heart.

Beside her is a letter. It is the letter of pardon. Tatiana almost couldn't believe that the Chancellor always kept his word.

The letter of pardon has already been written for her. Even if she kills him, she would not be held accountable

Now the only thing she needs to do is kill the damn guy. The problem is, that man is not such an easy guy to kill.

His offer of rewards, and title is interesting. Very interesting. She would be lying if she said she is not tempted.

But she knows better. It was not her kind of life.

The lifestyle of Kings and nobles, she reminded herself.

She disdains them more than killers, or thieves.

Because all of her life, all; she could saw was nobles and kings that keep trampling on her weak self.

So how could she trust herself to become a noble when all she saw about nobles is all the evil things?

And she knows what she is.

A murderer. A Killer. A hired hand.

She is not Lord or noble. Not the ruler. She is the ruled.

And the moment she sighed up for this life she knows how her life will end.

Her life will end at the end of a blade or a knife stuck on her back.

Maybe if she is lucky somehow she would die by poisoning of the Black Mushrooms.

A little pain in the head, a slight discomfort in the stomach and then she will die.

Agnaris once told her the story of the black mushroom. It can only be found at Nero Republic where they make all kinds of potions and medicine.

And poisons, she added in her mind.

But at least, she wanted to die doing great things. She felt that this task is a trap by the Council of Blood. She realizes it but now it is too late.

Tatiana understand why she failed. It is not only because she lacks information but because she has lost all support in the Blood Brotherhood.

The Blood Council never intended for her to survive.

Even if she managed to kill the Chancellor she would be hunted by the entire force of Vanheim influence.

This is an influence that hold a tight grip on the Eastern Continent. Unless she has wings and could fly after killing Aero she would also die.

The Blood Brotherhood will gain fame and the Blood Council will remain pure. Her death and victory will help the Blood Brotherhood, but it will not help her.

But now she has a chance for greatness

Even if she succeeds in killing Aero she will not be punished. Then, she will return to the Blood Cave and she would exact revenge against her schemers.

There is also excitement in Tatiana heart. Killing Aero, the Hero and Chancellor of this great nation count as great things.

An assassin is as great as its target.

That what the Blood Brothers always say. She got up from the tree and went away as the wind blows and the leave blossom petals falls to the ground.


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