Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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She did move right and left on this bed.

'This is one a comfy bed' she internally thought.

Tatiana is now trying to sleep in the guest room. The bed on the guest room is large and most of all it is soft

It is the first time she has ever slept in such bed. It was like she is lying on top of a patch of clouds.

Beds of Kings and nobles, she reminded herself.

She still doesn't believe what happened last night as she looked at the ceiling

She made a bet with Chancellor and the Chancellor was pretty calm about it knowing that she will come for his life.

What is more important is that she is still alive. It is a miracle that he did not kill her.

She is still thinking about the bet. She is free to try to kill him but only if she stays here during that span of time.

If not, he would scour the entire Kingdom to find her, and when he does find her, he said he will not torture her, or give any offer, he would just end her.

That was written in the letter sent to her late last night. It is quite formal and all considering the language used in that letter,

The letter is embossed from the seal of the Kingdom. It was then Tatiana knew what kind of person she tried to assassinate

It is clear that the Chancellor can also use the Royal seal by himself.

It was then that Tatiana realized that maybe she underestimated the influence that the Chancellor holds in this Kingdom

She thinks and thinks and there is not right answer. So she closes her eyes and began to sleep.

Then, morning came. However, it is not the same usual morning for her.

Her morning was interrupted by a young girl servant who she nearly killed with her hidden dagger.

The servant was shocked and cried in her room.

It seems that the servant just wanted to wake her up and eat the breakfast. Tatiana is not used to people serving him.

Bu she complied. After all, if she wanted to assassinate the Chancellor she needs energy

So she headed to the kitchen. Last night she didn't really eat. And now she is hungry. As she is about to walk in the direction of the kitchen she had to pass the main hall first.

It was then that she saw guard posted around the kitchen. She enters and then she saw him

The Chancellor Aero

The Chancellor seems to be relaxing without a care in the world.

He is reclining on a padded couch in the kitchen reading books. The book was titled Niovar Kings and Prince, Comprehensive History of Niovar Royalty by Virgil.

Aero noticed her. He smiled to her, with a gesture offering her to sit.

"Come, sit my fearless assassin." Aero waved her closer with confidence in his tone that she will lose in their bet.

And that smile…it made her feel annoyed

Tatiana could not understand why the Chancellor is so confident.

She clambered up to the chair.

The chair was a cushioned throne originally intended to serve important dignitaries and ambassadors.

But in the Chancellor residence it is nothing but a seat for someone to eat at the dinner table.

Tatiana was used to eating whenever she wanted, wherever she wanted. However, in this residence, everything ordered.

In the house of the Chancellor, her sense of disproportion compared to the life she had, can obviously be felt.

She felt a dissonance.

'I am a mouse in a cat's house' she mused, though at least the cat bothered enough to fatten the mouse.

The Chancellor called for wine. This elicited a response from Tatiana

"Wine in the morning?" she asked.

"Why not, little cat?" he replied grinning

You're the cat, Chancellor. I'm the mouse. A mouse in a huge trap. She thought to herself

"As you wish, Chancellor" Tatiana said listlessly

"Aero" he offered "The name is Aero, little cat" Tatiana try to hide her displeasure but she is a bad actress

"Why do you call me little cat?" she said not liking that this man called her a little cat. He reminds her of her mentor, Agnaris. He always calls her a thieving cat.

"I thought it was pretty obvious. You're little. You move graceful like a cat. Little cat" Aero then laughed again like he found it really funny.

Little cat! I kill people that dare to call me little. I will enjoy killing you Aero. She thought to herself as she twirls her dagger on top of the kitchen table.

Aero saw this and shakes his head and said

'Manners' Tatiana sighed and stopped twirling the dagger

Aero clapped his hand together and servants came running.

With them was a variety of dishes.

They began eating with chicken soup. Then came the honey, lamb, ducks and all other variety of foods Tatiana has never seen or tasted.

The sight of it made Tatiana drool but she forced herself to remain taciturn.

The smell was making her hungrier and her stomach growled. Aero heard it but pretended that he didn't. He then sighed and said

"Eat it" Aero urged her. Tatiana pretending that she falls for the urging slowly raise her spoon

Tatiana tried a spoon of the soup.

The moment she tasted it she was lost in all the taste and flavor that exploded itself inside her mouth.

The cooks know their business.

'This is the most delicious soup I ever had' she thought

She never tasted such delicious soup not once in her life.

Then she began forgetting herself. Her hand was grabbing everywhere while Aero just watched her from his couch, book in his hand.

He flipped the pages of the book while Tatiana grab the food near her

She began trying the other food.

She dipped the lamb rib into the plum sauce, and ate it with her fingers.

I could learn to like this prison, she mused.

"Like the dish?" He asked curiously as he stopped at one page of the book.

"It was fine" Tatiana said regaining her composure, the plum sauce still dripping from her fingers.

Aero chuckled a little.

Fine? You look like you would even eat the plate. Aero chuckled internally

"Now, do you still want to kill me?"

"Yes, more than ever" she replied bravely.

The Chancellor laughed and he was calm. The servants in the kitchen was shocked but Aero just waved his hand and gesture them to act like nothing happens.

But Tatiana could still see the gaze that some of the people in the kitchen area directed towards her to be unfriendly


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