Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Her father shouted as the din of battles and the roars of men and the screams of women filled the village.
Her father is fighting the big Orc that came to ravish the surrounding village and raid their supplies.
The Orcs is bathing with the blood of her village people, ravaging and destroying things as it is their nature.
Bestial and warlike. That is the Orcs tribe characteristic. They come down with their warhorses that look like monstrosity itself and pillages and robbed the villages
The Orc is wearing a look of utter delight when he was killing the villagers, roaring and laughing joyfully
The Orc commander waved his club and smashed head as easy it was a hammer boke a watermelon.
And so did his raiders who were just as relentless and merciless as their commander
Blood flowed in her village like a rainy day as the flow of blood created a blood trails that flow to the calm river behind her house
The clear water of the river is tainted with blood as it turns red before washed away by the stream
The one who was seeing this horrific scene of carnage and murder and promising she will never forget was a young girl trembling in fear, with tears in her eyes and a lump on her throat.
Tatiana was a young girl at that time. Too young to see such scene. But in Vilajeri Continent, battle is normal and dying is even more so
It was just after her Fifth name day. She led an idyllic and happy life in her village. He house is beside a river streams.
Follow that stream to the end and one would see a beautiful waterfall.
She would play with her playmates around those edges of the waterfall and laugh when she saw the fish below trying to jump above
Today, however her idyllic and happy life was shattered.
The Orcs came with their killing intent and greed and they did hide their brutality and ravaged the village like it was the most natural thing to do.
No one was spared.
It was an indiscriminate killing.
A massacre.
The sounds of scream and yelling could be heard as they keep on killing and trampling people heads and bodies under the hooves of their gigantic warhorses.
Some were Pleading and praying to the Seven gods yet the God high up in their godly realms pays no heed to the prayers of the weak the downtrodden
The girl also prayed as she looks at this scene from the opening of the jar her mother hid her in. But prayer did her no good… Gods are listening to her.
Or maybe they did and they just don't care. As she saw the killings and the murders, she thought to herself
This is not fair, she screamed in her heart.
The Orc killed the men and raped the women.
The woman who was raped usually is left alive, but not many want to birth Orcs children so usually the survivors of such **** would kill themselves.
Her father was smashed to an unrecognizable meat as the Orcs took her father head and smash it into a boulder of rocks. There is nothing of his face.

She could no longer see the gentle smile of her father face. All she could see then was an empty spot where his father face used to be.
What was once his face, are now just a lump of meat. It was disgusting and revolting. Her mother tried to protect her father only to be smashed with a mace and her mother head turns into mashed meat.
Her kind father and her gentle mother is dead.
Everyone thought that the girl will also share the same fate as her father. But she remembers.
She remembers what her father said to her before when she went back into the house.
Run, her father said. Run, her mother said. So, she jumped out from the jar and with the will of wanting to live, of wanting to survive, she runs.
She told herself that she needs to survive. She needs to survive and avenge this hatred someday.
But she needs to survive first
So what did she do? She ran. And she ran like the wind. Ran like the horses on the steppes of the ancient tale of mounted barbarians in the past
Even when her feet felt like it will give out, she forces herself to run. She run and runs because her parents told her to run.
So she keeps running even as the vines wounds her so in the forest, she runs even when she felt like her knees is getting weaker. She pushes herself and ran never once stopping.
Run, she thought.
Run if you want to survive.
'Live. Run. Live. Run'
She muttered every time she wanted to stop running
And once again her father face flashed in her mind. And then her mother. Then her friends. Her neighbors, her cousins.
So she ran faster. Not caring about her cramp, not caring about the shortness of breath she felt.
'I do not want to be like that. I don't. I need to survive. I need to live' she thought to herself this, tormented with fear she never once learned before.
Until finally she reached her uncle residence in the Capital City of Vanheim, panting and dirty with mud and blood.
Her eyes bloodshot and her entire body is trembling. Her clothes are filled with leaves
Her Uncle was a wealthy merchant that sometimes visited her family when he passed by the area.
She did not pass out not until she reached the residence of her uncle. Her uncle bathed her, feeds her and nurse her back to safety.
Then she told her story.
Hearing her story her Uncle reported this matter to King's army. The Kingdom response was swift and decisive. The army of nobles moved out and vanquished the Orcs
In a week, those terrifying Orc were either driven out, killed or captured.
She returned to her village. She saw only ashes and dust. The aura of Death seems to pervades the entire village,
her beautiful and peaceful village was but ash. She could not help but feeling empty. There is sadness but there is also this emptiness she could never fully describe.
She tried to find her father remains among the ashes, among the rubbles of the broken village but nothing was left but more ash and more dust
She sobbed, she cried, she wailed and she cursed at the Three Fates and the Seven Gods. Her Uncle was beside her at the time
Seeing that she has no other place to go her Uncle offered her to stay with him.
Not having any place to go, she followed her Uncle.
Her Uncle was a nice and kind man. He taught her to read. Taught her swordsmanship, taught her about the herbs and animals and about life and doing good.
But misfortune struck her again. It was like the Fates is tormenting her with her life. Her uncle was accused of harboring treasonous thoughts towards the new King, George.
He was executed, his estates taken from him. He was a nice and kind man and nice and kind man usually is schemed against by unkind and evil men
And once again Tatiana run and once again she survives. She survives but she had no home. The other relatives did not want her, saying that she brought misfortune.
So, she was left to die alone.
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